Travis Post 76 Newsletters 1980s

May 1980

Commanders Message
My tenure as Commander of Travis Post 76 is about to end and for that reason, I wish to make a few comments.
One of the bright spots of our accomplishments this year has been our support of Boys State and Girls State. We have sponsored and paid for 12 high school boys to attend Boys State at the State Capitol. They are taught the various procedures of state government including the principles of Americanism. Many of our state leaders, as young men, attended Boys State and from that experience, have made great contributions as state leaders. In addition to supporting Boys State, we have sponsored Cub Scout Troops. Ken Williams, our 1st Vice Commander, is coordinator for this group.

June 1980

Commanders Message
Memorial Day has been set aside by our government in observance and memory of the sacrifice of our military personnel who have given their lives for their country. It is a special occasion to remember our honored dead who gave so much that we might live in the land of the free. It is reported that in Vietnam more than 52,000 young Americans gave their lives for you and me. They paid the ultimate price in discharging their duty. Sometimes I wonder if we as survivors are worthy of their sacrifice. I remember driving down Congress Avenue on Memorial Day and seeing few flags flying in memory of our deceased comrades at arm. Most of the stores were open and doing business as usual, but there was a time when this was not the case. I remember after WWII that on this auspicious occasion every store on Congress Avenue had a flag flying and were closed in honor of the men who had given their lives. The public schools also set aside a moment in honor of our dead.

July 1980

At our July dinner meeting Senator Ralph Yarborough spoke on his armed forces experiences with emphasis on preparedness of our armed forces today.

November 1980

The annual Past Comanders Breakfast will be held at the Post Home on Veterans Day. A continental type breakfast of coffee, rolls, juice, jelly and butter will be available.

January 1981

Post 83 in South Austin will hold a chicken and dumplings cookoff at the end of this month.

March 1981

Our guest at our march social meeting will be Mayor Carol McClellan with coverage from Channel 36 News. Other guests from Posts 83 and 447 will be present.Entertainment will be by Joe Picciando and the River city Quartet.

September 1981

Adolph Hohertz was sponsored into Post 76 membership by Major Horace Shelton in 1946. Within two years, Adolph had proven his worth to the post and was awarded the Buddy 1st Class Designation. Since that time he has held every office the Post has to offer, some of them several times. He has served on, or commanded well over 700 funeral details in the name of the Post, for our fallen comrades. Adolph has attended every District and Department Convention, save one, since 1946 and has served as Department Sergeant at Arms in 1954-55. Adolph joined the 40&8 in 1947 and has held every local office in Voiture 175, Grand Chef de Train of the 3rd Div. and has been Chairman of the Merci Boxcar since 1973. It is only because of the unswerving devotion to the Legion of comrades like Adolph Hohertz that Post 76 has been so successful all these many years.
At our August monthly covered dish supper the ladies outdid themselves. the tables were covered with white table cloths and red,white and blue bunting ran lengthwise down each table. We had 54 members and guest in attendance and as usual the supper was enjoyed by all. After the meal and introductions were completed we all filed upstairs for the installation ceremonies. The ladies installed their officers first, then District Judge Thomas Blackwell installed the Post officers using the Legions formal ceremony. Acting Sergeant at Arms, Adolph Hohertz, lined up the new officers at the back of the room and then gave the orders and marched them smartly to the front for installation. The spectators greatly enjoyed these formalities.

October 1981

Albert Caster entered the Legion at Kingsville in 1926 and was immediately made Post Adjutant. He attended the National Convention in San Antonio in 1928. He moved his membership to Alice and then in 1940 to Austin Post 316 which later merged with Post 76. Albert has been a worker the whole time he's been with Post 76, having served on many committees, delegates to conventions and held most of the Posts offices, including that of Commander and Buddy First Class. He has been our Finance officer, off and on for 12 years and is still serving ably in that office. In 1931 Albert became a Charter Member of the Alice Voiture of the Forty and Eight. In 1940 he transferred membership to Voiture 175. He has served as Chef de Gare, Grand Commissaire Intendant and was endorsed for Grand Chef de Gare of the Grand Voiture du Texas.
The evening of September 10th found a cool breeze gently flowing across about 60 Red Blooded Americans, joined together on the front lawn of the Post to celebrate an old fashioned Americanism Rally. We were there to honor a great contemporary American Hero, MSG Roy Benavidez, who won a Congressional Medal of Honor while serving in Vietnam in 1968.
Post 76 awarded Sergeant Benavidez a LIFE MEMBERSHIP in our Post and he was delighted with it. Senator Ralph Yarborough gave the Sergeant a book of histories of all the Congressional Medal of Honor recipients since 1863. Before Sgt. Benavidez arrived, we were thrilled by stirring talks by Senator Yarborough, Hardy Hollers and Joe Dacy. Louis Hollers and Adolph Hohertz acted as our color bearers and Emmett Shelton, Sr. was our bugler. The event was covered by Channel 24 TV very ably and it was shown on the news just after the football game.

November 1981

Askel Hansen joined Post 76 in 1945. At his very first meeting he was pressed into service as the Legion flag bearer. He was nominated this same year as 2nd Vice President and House and Grounds Chairman by Paul Bowman and he served in that capacity for one year. In 1949 he went back to Denmark for an extended visit with his relatives. Returning to Austin he was again elected 2nd Vice President and served in that office from 1950 to 1956. Then Eric Anderson retired from his barber shop downtown and dropped out as Post Service Officer and Askel was elected to this office and served in 1957-58. He was elected Commander in 1959 and then back to 2nd Vice President from 1961 to 1974. Askel was elected Adjutant and served from 1975 to 1978. He has held an office on the Executive Committee ever since. Askel Hansen has served ably as an officer of this Post for a total of 33 years and if that's not a record, it ought to be.
City Councilman John Trevino is helping us gain approval to hold memorial services for the 800 Veterans buried at the Austin Memorial Park Cemetary. He is also helping us find a flagpole for the Huston-Tillotson ROTC unit, which we found out, had no pole.
The speaker at our November supper meeting will be Col. H.L.Saunders, USAF RET. During WWII he flew many missions over Europe several of which were of historic value. Just prior to his retirement, he spent a great deal of time in the Middle East.
On Veterans Day Post 76 will observe our Past Commanders Breakfast. We will then go to the State Capitol Building for the formal Veterans Day ceremony. Help us honor the Veterans on their day.

Long time Legionnaire Walter Kindle died Sunday at the age of 81. Post Everlasting services will be held for our comrade who has been called from our midst at the November meeting.

December 1981

In December we will have our monthly supper meeting. Come prepared for an inspirational talk by Chaplain Robert Whitesides who will tell us what it is to be a military man away from home at Christmas.
Col. Jim Lamar was our speaker at the Past Commanders Breakfast and his talk was on how he and his fellow POWS were able to force the guards at their camp to let them hold church services. It is amazing what faith can do. One of our Posts members Paul Pederson was the very able chef on this occasion and really made an enjoyable meal. The decorations were done the night before by the Schlueters and the Hansens.
For our November supper meeting Clara Hohertz designed and made a horn of plenty as a center piece for the head table and Leonora Schluter put up some real nice decorations., Our new member H.L.Saunders was our speaker and he told us of being the pilot of the lead plane in the raid that destroyed the German jet airplane factories and most of their jets on the ground.Had they ever gotten these planes in the air, the wars outcome might have been different. The food was good, the speaker was interesting and a good time was had by all.

January 1982

A young veteran who has a wife and two small girls was unemployed, had his natural gas to his house cut off, no food in the house was brought to our attention just prior to Christmas. After a little investigating we gave him $50 and helped him get a job.
Another veteran was moving to Austin from the east and on the way here he had lots of car troubles, using all his money. He arrived in Austin with just $2.00. He called us and we loaned him $50 to get established, get a room and a few meals until he gets a job.
Post Life Member, Roy Benavidez again answered this Posts call and went with your Commander to the Olin Teague Veterans Center in Temple in December. Our hope to bring a little light into the lives of these men who are still paying for their service to our country was realized much greater than we had expected. Would that you could have seen these mens eyes light up and the gratitude expressed to Roy, both for what he did for our country and for coming to visit them. The center is far too large to visit everyone on such a short trip, so we asked to visit the patients who would not be going home for Christmas. At the Olin Teague Veterans Center, we visited patients in the Orthopedic and intensive care wards, along with others that we met in the halls, etc. I feel we did as much good with this visit as with any of our other Americanism activities. Thank you,fellow Legionnaires for supporting this.
In December we had a very special speaker. We were fortunate to have Chaplain Robert Whiteside and his lovely wife as guests and Bill gave us a talk that we will long remember. His inspirational talk held us spellbound. This mans experiences, both as a Chaplain and as an Airman in the Army Air Corps in WWII are very interesting and his way of telling it put us right there with him. As usual the ladies did an excellent job with the food and decorations.
Our dinner supper in January will feature a talk by Special Agent in charge Greg Rampton of the Austin office of the FBI.
Outstanding Auxillary Member
Lois Hansen has served the Unit well over the years. She joined the Auxillary in 1941, in Bowie,Texas through her first husband, Cecil Daniel who was a WWI veteran. She served as President two years in Bowie before moving to Austin in 1943 where she and Cecil transferred into Travis 76. Lois has served where she has been needed, in many different standing committees. Several years running she worked as House Chairman, which made her responsible for planning joint activities with the men and seeing to the kitchen. Lois was Poppy Chairman for many years. She is one of our best promoters of the Poppy. She feels this is the greatest service she can do for the veteran. She also has made many trips to the VA Hospital in Temple to assist in any way she could. One year she worked soliciting advertising, and collecting recipes for a Unit cookbook which was a money making project for the Unit. Lois even met her second husband, Askel, at the Post Home! She has always done her part when called upon. Thank you, Lois, for unselfishly giving of yourself.
Marie King, Leonora Schlueter, Lois Hansen, and Elizabeth Frey wrapped gifts at the VA hospital gift shop in Temple in December. We had a day of fun, work, and fellowship. With us we took a variety of toilet articles for the veterans purchased with money we recieved from our Poppy Promotion. We also took 71 paper back books, 41 hard back books and 109 magazines donated by many of our members. The hospital is always in need of books and magazines. If anyone has items to donate to the VA Hospital please bring them to the business or social meetings or contact one of your officers.

Sick Call
A.O.Willman is very ill and confined at home.
Walter Loewe has been ill for some time.
T.M.Uzzell is ill and has had two operations.
Joe Lundell is back home after a stay in the hospital.


Our comrade, Foster Wier passed away Christmas Eve. Foster was Post Commander in 1972 and has been a loyal supporter of this Post for many years.

February 1982

Those men who have held the reins as Commander of our Post will be permantly honored hereafter by having their names enshrined on a display at the Post. This attractive Red,White and Blue display was unveiled by Commander Shelton at the February meeting.
The State President of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Al Fickel, answered our invitation to speak to the students at Bedichek JHS in February. When Al told them what he saw on December 7,1941, he had their undivided attention. It is good for these young adults to hear what some Americans have done for our Country. These are our future leaders, so we must instill in them a patriotism that will last.
In February, Post Life Member Roy Benavidez was in Austin and spoke to 250 children at Becker School on behalf of our Posts Americanism program. He had come to town to speak at a Savings Bond Rally and very graciously agreed to help us again.
The Southwest Optimist Club has set up a perpetual trophy in the name of Roy Benavidez to be awarded to the top cadet each year at the National guard at Camp Mabry.
Each time Roy speaks he gets lots of letters to answer. His budget would be strained to pay for all of this so BAIRS here in Austin had some real nice stationary designed and printed for him.Thanks goes out to Ed over at BAIRS for this.
Scrappy King, who is a former member of our Post is now a Commander of Post 177 in Luling. Scrappy heard what we are doing with Americanism and he decided to start a similar program in Luling. Roy will be at Luling to talk at both the schools and their Post in February. Keep up the good work, Scrappy.
Outstanding Auxillary Member
Clara Hohertz joined Travis Unit 76 in 1950. It didn't take her long to become a behind the scenes worker, which she still continues today. In 1964 she was Sgt at Arms. Clara and Adolph left Travis 76 and transferred to round Rock 447, where she served as President, Vice President, and Historian. She and Adolph returned to Travis 76 where they have both worked as a team, dedicated to God and Country. She has served as Historian of the Unit. For the past 5 years she has served as 1st Vice President which in our Unit is the Chairman of the Membership Committee. Besides being active on the Unit level she has served on various committees on the District, Division, and Department levels.She served as 10th District Chaplain for six years. Since joining the Auxillary she with Adolph, "the team" have attended every Department Convention except one. For the last 20 years she has been a delegate to every District, Division, and Department Convention. This is a dedicated American! Over and above her Auxillary work she is active in her church, and the State Hospital. She is retired from UT after 30 years service. Claras devotion to the Auxillary has helped make Travis Unit 76 successful all these years.Thank you Clara for your work.
The Unit is planning an initiation of new members at our March social meeting. There may even be some ladies out there that have been members for a while, yet have not been initiated. Mary Libert, a new member will be contacting those newer members. The dress will be street dresses. Do not be shy, it's painless!

Our comrade, Bill Coates, passed away in January. Bill will be remembered for always being ready to do his share and help everywhere he was needed. A Post Everlasting Resolution will be presented to Mrs Coates.

March 1982

The February social meeting saw Avadne Montandon, who is a member of the Austin Chapter of the Freedoms Foundation, give us a talk and slide show on the Foundations home in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. These folks are doing an excellent job of encouraging Americanism, free enterprise and rewarding persons who do a good job of promoting these things. The slides made us all want to visit this beautiful place. The decorations were commemorative of both Lincoln and Washington and the food was even better than usual.
Post Commander Emmett Shelton, Jr. was glad he attended the Department Leadership College at the Austin Marriot Hotel In February because he won the door prize of a Paid-Up-For-Life Legion Membership. Attending with Shelton was Adolph Hohertz.
Post Life Member Roy Benavidez has been notified by the Freedoms Foundation that he has been selected as this years recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal. This award is due to his work in Americanism, of which our Posts program played a big part. Congratulations go out to Roy from all his buddies here at Post 76. We're proud of you!
Our speakers Cadre has recently received a big boost, when John Henry Faulk agreed to speak in our program in the schools.Mr. Faulk will be able to tell our young American listeners how you can lose your freedom and never even know it until it's too late. We must be forever watchful.
Our Commander has contacted several schools about setting up speaking engagements for Mr. Faulk and they are excited.
Our Post Auxillary Secretary, Jeanette Shelton picked up about 200 mismatched new boots that can be put to use be Veteran amputees. Packy Young at the Temple Veterans Center will set up a network among these disabled Veterans to distribute these nice boots. Thanks to David Bowles. Manager of the boot department and Sheplers, lots of very worthy disabled Veterans will have new boots.
In February, Roy Benavidez and our Post Commander met in Luling to help Post 177 put on their first Americanism program. Their program is modeled after ours and was presented to some 500 local High School students. As usual, Roy held their undivided attention. The big difference came after Roys talk when the Principal made a brief speech telling the students that none of them had earned the right to even sit at this mans feet. When they were dismissed, more than half the people present surrounded Roy to get autographs, touch him, see the medal, shake his hand, or thank him for what he has done for our country. Until you have attended one of these programs it's difficult to believe the effect Roy has on our young Americans. In March Roy and Emmett went back and talked at Lockhart High School and Prairie Lea High School.
About forty members of the Forty and Eight were welcomed to our post by our Post Commander and Adolph and Clara Hohertz in February for their annual pilgimage to visit the Merci Boxcar housed on our premises. It was a beautiful day and the boxcar was all decorated with the plaques in place. Lots of pictures were snapped and old friendships renewed. We certainly enjoy having these fine Americans here each year.

Our comrade, Emil Wenzel, passed away in February. Emil had been a loyal member of our Post for 62 years. He will be missed. A Post Everlasting Resolution was presented to Mrs Wenzel.

April 1982

Post 76 and its member have sponsored and paid for four boys to attend Boys State in 1982. Eleven other boys were co-sponsored by our Post and other entities. Boys State will be one of the highlights of these boys lives and will be long remembered by each.
Humorist John Henry Faulk was gracious enough to speak in our Americanism Program at the flag raising ceremony at Fulmore JHS in March. John Henry is a native of South Austin and a former Fulmore student. He started off with several humorous stories about his youth in South Austin and then went into his patriotic theme. He recited part of the Declaration of Independence and said that "our forefathers passed this amazing concept of freedom for redress, freedom of speech...on to us. What they could not pass on, however, was the courage to make these things real. this remains for you to do. You are what America is all about, and when you get that placed in your heart good and understand that patriotism is loyalty to those ideals and principles upon which this government is founded, tomorrow is assured, it's guaranteed."The student body rose as one and cheered! After the assembly was quieted back down, Principal Bill Armentrout awarded John Henry a framed copy of his report card from when he was a student at Fulmore in 1920-26. Mr. Faulk was nearly overcome with this piece of memorabilia which will be treasured for many years to come. His speech on Americanism was one of the most moving we've ever heard and we are quite fortunate to be able to prevail on speakers like John Henry to give our Americanism Program a very positive momentum.
The initiation of 10 new members at our March social meeting was a great success.
We currently have 5 girls going to Bluebonnet Girls State.The Unit has voted to donate $100 to the VA Hospital in Temple to buy sports equipment for the men. We have had an applicant for the National Presidents Scholarship. We have had another applicant for the Department Presidents Scholarship. We voted to send $25 to the Department Scholarship Fund to help with this scholarship. This month is Children and Youth month. Our Unit and Post have worked hard to educate the children and youth at local schools about Americanism and the freedoms they have. We are proud of our Commander for securing wonderful speakers to speak for America in our schools. This month at our social meeting we are continuing our children and youth program. We will have Sgt. Jennings with the Austin Police Department to talk with us about drug abuse in the local schools.
Lammes Candies donated candy to the Unit to be taken to Temple VA Hospital to be given out to the men for Easter.We certainly appreciate their donation.

Long time member Adolph Burstyn passed away in March.

May 1982

We award gold medals for Scholarship and Military Excellence to the top ROTC cadet in his senior year in each category and the same in silver medals to the top two junior students. We also make the award of two Bronze medals to the Junior ROTC units in our area. This year we awarded 21 such medals including one Medal of Valor. These cadets must excel and compete all year long to qualify for these awards. You would be proud to see the thrill these fine young Americans and our future leaders get from winning these medals.
Your Post held an essay contest entered by more than 1000 Austin area students. This contest was titled "America, What it means to Me".We had 3 winners who were awarded beautifully framed 4 color certificates which they will treasure for many years to come. The winning essays will be exhibited in the lobby of our Co-Sponsor, The American National Bank.
This month we sponsored very successful Americanism programs in our schools. Your Commander joined with Tom Kowalski from Senator John Towers office to award the Daniel Ortega Elementary School a set of medals won by the schools namesake. These medals will be put on permanent display in their school. The Ortega family was there as well as Austin School Board member Gordon Bailey. The students of Ortega School will have a lasting reminder of what their school stands for.
Our Post Judge Advocate, Hardy Hollers, told 1,200 students at Bedichek HS of his experiences at the Nurenberg war trials. War trials and mass murder are hard for these young folks to comprehend, but Hardy did a very admirable job of making them understand.
At our covered dish supper in May we will hear from Retired Colonel Charlie Beckwith. He was the leader of the raid in Iran to rescue the hostages. We are certainly lucky to have a chance to hear about the raid first hand.

Legionnaire Stuart Watt passed away in May. Stuart will be missed by his friends here at Post 76. A Post Everlasting Resolution was passed and a copy given to Mrs. Watt.

June 1982

The Posts newly purchased American flag was dedicated to our fallen buddies at a ceremony at the Post flag pole in June. Adolph Hohertz gave a dedication prayer in which he stated "This flag we honor today is the emblem of our country, our power, our thoughts and purpose as a nation. It has no other character than that which we gave it from generation to generation, the choice is ours. It floats in majestic silence above the hosts and executes those choices whether in peace or in war." Emmett Shelton, Sr. blew To The Colors on his Marine Corps bugle. Bob Proctor and Ben Knight raised the flag to its zenith on our pole and all Post and Auxillary members present saluted.
The Posts Essay contest titled "America, What it means to me" was culminated with a very impressive display of the winning essays in the lobby of our co-sponsor, The American National Bank. This display was continued for a 3 week period and was a great way to recognize these fine winners.
Emmett Shelton, Sr., long time Austin Attorney, former Marine Captain and Post member was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Marine Corps in a flag raising ceremony at his home in May. The Marine Corps was represented by the Marine Reserve Color Guard, First Lt. Dale Dye and former Marine Gordon Fowler. the flag was raised by the color guard while Shelton blew "To the Colors" on his bugle. In a brief ceremony, Sandy Dochen from Rep. Jake Pickles office awarded Shelton a flag that had flown over the nations capital. Lt. Dye, on behalf of the Marine Corps presented Shelton with a certificate which in part stated "After release from active duty at the end of WWII, Captain Shelton continued to demonstrate his love for the Corps, acting as patriot, source of inspiration and friend to all Marines who came to know him. By his courage and selfless devotion to the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps, Captain Shelton has demonstrated the true meaning and spirit of our motto, Semper Fidelis---Always Faithful".

July 1982

Post 76 has awarded two patriotic certificates to persons for proudly flying their American flag. They were awarded to Emmett Shelton,Sr. and John Musselman. Both of these fine people go to a lot of trouble to show their patriotism. We are happy to be able to recognize them in this way.
Ken Wallingford who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam was our speaker at our meeting In June. Ken was representing the MIA Association. One incident that Ken related was that of a small group of Swedish people who were in Vietnam putting in a factory. One Sunday afternoon they were bicycling through the countryside when they came upon a group of men chained together. One of these men shouted "Tell America we are still here". Evidence seems to lead us to believe that there are still prisoners of war in Vietnam.
At our July meeting we will honor our Boys State delegates and ask them to say a few words about the program. A brief installation of Post officers will preceed these talks.

Post member W.K.Jennings passed away in June. Our fallen comrade will be missed.

August 1982

One of the finest meetings we have had in a long while was held in July. All those present were very favorably impressed by the young Americans who spoke to us. Each of them represented our Post or Auxillary at Boys or Girls State. They put on a very interesting and informative program about their experiences. At our supper meeting in August Brian Jackson, one of the Boys state delegates we sponsored, who later attended Boys Nation, will speak. Brian is really going out of his way to be with us as on that day he also begins his two-a-day football workouts.
Commander Shelton made up a history book of our Post activities over the past year and entered it in the State competition. Post 76 took home second place in the state wide competition.

Long time Post member C.L. Christy passed away in May. We will miss him.

September 1982

Boys Stater Senator Brian Jackson, a senior at McCallum High School, addressed your Post supper meeting in August. Brian is a very poised and eloquent speaker and we all enjoyed his report on what he did while in Washington,DC. as well as taking part in the legislative process, including one bill that endorsed the draft registration, they were allowed to visit their Senators and Representatives offices.Many doors were opened to them by the American Legion, including the FBI HQ and parts of the White House not usually on the tour. Brian assures us that his experiences will be with him for many years to come and has volunteered to speak where needed.

New Members
The new members that we welcome this month are: V.E.Roberts, Tom Jones, Wilmer Frost, James Scales, George Herrera, Joe Reyes, Dennis Wilson, William Allen.

Sick Call
W.R.Bird broke his leg and is recovering at home.
N.L.Gault had a heart attack but is doing well at home.
L.H.Wand who is 94 years old fell and was badly bruised. He is recovering at Westminister Manor.
A.O.Willman fell while making a new flag pole and broke his arm. He is recovering at home.

Dr. Carl Wieland passed away in Kerrville.

October 1982

In September your Post had its first annual Awards Ceremony. Present were many of those fine persons who lent their support to our various programs throughout the year.

Lester Wand,long time Post member and World War One veteran has passed on.

November 1982

Once each year we set aside one day on which we honor the Veterans of all wars. This day is November 11th. Your post will start this observance several days early this year as we help our friends at Bedichek JHS with their ceremony on November 8. Col. James Lamar a good friend of all patriotic Americans will deliver an address. Then on November 10 we will be with our friends over at Porter JHS with another great American, Col. Charlie Beckwith. When the big day comes, your Commander will observe a sunrise service with the Vietnam Veterans at their memorial in Waterloo Park. Then on to our Posts annual Past Commanders Breakfast. This year we have another excellent program planned with Captain G.L.Vandewater, USN as our speaker. He is the Commanding Officer of the NROTC program at UT and has promised to bring us up to date on how our Navy and Marine Officers are trained. Then Ben Knight will leave us and go to San Marcos to represent our Post at the Army ROTC units inauguration of their program at SWTSU. Your Commander and his entourage will join with other patriotic organizations and individuals in front of the State Capitol Building for a Memorial Service honoring our fallen comrades.
Recently, Ben Knight, our Service Officer, received an urgent request for help from a severely disabled Vietnam Veteran. He and his pregnant wife had been forced to move from their rented home into a motel and were now out of money until their next disability check came in. We helped. This is what the Legion is all about.

December 1982

Tim McCoy, who was held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese during WWII will speak at our Posts supper meeting in December. He will include his recollection of what it was like to be a POW at Christmas time.

January 1983

David Hamill and his lovely wife Helen Weicker were present at our December meeting to be honored for Davids heroism on the night of November 18 when he helped thwart a burglary of a neighbors home.Both David and Helen have wonderful personalities and we all enjoyed their company. When queried about his actions on November 18 David said that any of his neighbors would have done the same thing.In fact ten of them called the Police as he followed the suspect. Davids neighborhood had instigated the Neighborhood Watch program.Your Commander highly recommends this excellent program because if it were in use all over Austin, burglaries would be greatly reduced, because most of the burglars would be quickly jailed.Your Post awarded a four color certificate to David Hamill for his heroism.Thanks to the American-Statesman for sending Joe Vargo and photographer Larry Kolvoord to our Post to cover this event and printing a nice article on it. Thanks, David Hamill for takng the neighborhood watch very seriously.
This last month we had invited Julio Santos to our Post to recieve a certificate, but he was unable to attend. We are trying to get him here in January for the award.
Another young man, MSG John Ogden, who chased a bank robber, forcing him to drop his loot, will be with us to be honored. The Austin Police Department, Crime Prevention Division will furnish our program.
Tim McCoys talk at our December meeting was extremely inspirational. He said that each of us has a moment of glory sometime in his life and then goes back to the routine of everyday life. But what if we each endeavored to have a moment of glory, each and every day, think how much more we would get done. Tims moment for glory came when he returned from WWII as an ex-POW of the Japanese and was asked to speak all over the country. Fame is fleeting, however, and his moment of glory soon faded. We are extremely proud to attract speakers of Tims caliber to speak at our Post. Tim is the President of the Austin Chapter of the Ex Pow Association. thanks, Tim!

February 1983

On January 17 your Post had some very special guests for our monthly supper meeting. The very special guest of honor was John Ogden, MSG USAF and his family. Msgt. Ogden is the young man who, while doing business at a local bank noticed a robber run out of the bank with the loot in his hand. Your Post is proud to award MSGT Ogden The American Legion Valor Medal. We were indeed happy that Col. Charles Sloan, Commander 67th TRW and Col. Jon Davis Commander 67th Maintenance TRW at Bergstrom AFB and their wives were in attendance to witness the presentation. Col. Davis told us that Msgt Ogden had been singled out as an exceptional Airman and promoted ahead of many others. We feel that the Air Force is very perceptive in spotting his talents and dedication.
Department Commander Waggoner Carr was another very special guest at this meeting. Waggoner made a nice talk in which he commended Post 76 for its community involvement.
Senior Police Officer Luis Gonzales of the Austin Police Department, Crime Prevention Section gave us a nice talk on how to keep crime away from us as much as possible.
Post to receive Audie Murphy Statue
At our supper meeting in February Mrs. W.A.Morrison will donate a statue of Audie Murphy to the Post in the memory of her late husband, Judge W.A. Morrison, who was a long time member of our Post. We are planning a display case in our meeting room in which to protect and display this and other Post mementos. Brig. Gen. B.J.Flores, Assistant Adjutant General of the Air National Guard will be with us for this presentation.
This months supper meeting falls on Washingtons Birthday so we will have a very special program, with Washington, Lincoln and Patrick Henry with us.
In January, Barry Shelton, son of your Commander addressed over 1,000 students at the Bedichek Junior High School on drug abuse. Barry was well received by the students and commended by Principal B.G.Henry and several other faculty members. This is something we must not sweep under the rug.
In January your Post was fortunate enough to prevail on Mark Hanna to speak at Bedichek JHS. His rapport with these young students was remarkable. They heard Mark say that he had been an indifferent student in high school and college but he had set a goal for himself which he worked hard to achieve, that goal was to get into TV. He told them how to get into TV and succeed.
The St. Elmo Elementary School has dedicated the first two weeks in February to learning about America and Americanism. They have had outside speakers come in and intensive instruction on what our country is. We furnished the American Legion film "The Story of Old Glory" for their use. We have awarded certificates to the winners of their essay contest, "America, What it means to me".
In February we had our Post Life Member, Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor recipient to speak at the school. Roys talk was,as always,a great hit. I thought they were going to adopt him and not let him go, they were so impressed with him. The Bergstrom AFB Honor Guard placed and retrieved the Colors and did a very admirable job. Your Post Commander instructed the students on proper courtesy toward our national flag and the little folks did very well.

Sick Call
Our Buddy, Hilding Frid, is very ill at home and it sure would give him a lift to hear from some of his buddies.
Adolph Hohertz has been ill at home with a kidney infection.
Our new member, Jim Boring had a heart attack.

Buddy Alton Fischer passed away in February. He was a long time Post member and will be missed.

March 1983

At our Post meeting in February Mrs. W.A.Morrison, widow of long time Post member, Judge W.A.Morrison, donated a statue of Audie Murphy to the Post in her husbands name.
At our supper meeting in February we had some very special guests. These three young men had performed at an assembly at Burnet JHS this very morning. They are all students of the Allandale Christian School and go to a lot of trouble learning their lines to actually become the men they portray. You should have been there. How often do you get to shake hands with Washington, Lincoln or Patrick Henry?

Our hearts are heavy as we lost many good and dedicated Legionnaires within the past month. Our sympathy goes out to the families of the following:
Omar Barker
Hilding Frid
Harry Griffiths
Ernest Parker

April 1983

Hardy Hollers reminisced with us about our Posts history at our American Legion birthday celebration in March. Tales were told about our State Championship Drum and Bugle Corps,our purchase of our Post home and many of the buddies that made all this possible were remembered.
Post Buddy and former US Senator Ralph Yarborough kept the undivided attention of nearly 1,000 high school students on a very windy day in March at the Del Valle High School Football Stadium. He spoke on the early history of our government and how some of the freedoms we take for granted came about. He is quite a student of our governmental history and was extremely well received, even under the very trying circumstances. Thank you Senator Yarborough for giving our Americanism program a big boost.
In February the Forty and Eight visited the Boxcar as it does annually. These fine folks had a short meeting at our Post then headed for home. We always enjoy welcoming our friends with the 40&8 to our Post.
Your Commander would like to ask each of you to join with him as he receives the Freedoms Foundation Award for the Posts Americanism Program. The Awards Banquet will be held at the Quality Inn South with a reception for Roy Benavidez, our Posts Medal of Honor recipient. A dinner and program will follow.

Long time Post member Albert Davis passed away and will be greatly missed.

May 1983

Your Post will have a Memorial Day Service at our Post home May 30th. The guest of honor will be Representative Jake Pickle. The Post will have mementos of the Spanish-American War, World Wars 1 and 2, The Korean and Vietnam wars on display. Come join with us in this memorial service, all patriotic Americans are invited. Refreshments will be served.
In April many of our Comrades were at the Quality Inn South to receive national recognition in the form of the 1982 Valley Forge Honor Certificate awarded to our Post by the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge Penn. for our Americanism Program. Commander Carr, acting in behalf of the Freedoms Foundation said, in part, "The further you get down the road of life, the more you appreciate those among us who stand out above the rest of us because of the way they serve their fellow man and us, and they stand out like stars in the sky...Two of these stars in my sky are Roy Benavidez and Emmett Shelton, Jr....The American Legion Post 76 is not a large post, but they have good ideas and the resolve to put them into action is evidenced by their Americanism Program...But best of all, they touched the lives of over 35,000 young Americans and left each of them a little more patriotic. Emmett, we appreciate what you are doing for us, and our country and its honor on behalf of all those Texans and Americans present to present something to you that for the rest of your life and after you are gone, you can give to your descendants so that they might remember one of the highlights of your life, this certificate.
Your commander has been very busy this month giving out the Posts ROTC awards. We furnished awards to six different units. so far we have awarded 17 medals, 25 certificates and one sword. We will wind up at San Marcos Academy.
Post Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Libert, was unanimously endorsed by our Post for the office of District Sergeant-at-Arms at next years elections.

June 1983

One of your Posts most inspirational services was held on Memorial Day in cooperation with our friends, the local Chapter of the Ex-Pow Association. We held this service in our front yard and it being a beautiful day, we all had a great time. Paul Spain, President of the Central Texas Chapter of the Ex-Pow Association, displayed an American flag made by him and two other prisoners of the Japanese during their imprisonment in Japan. Discovery could have meant certain death, yet these men took their chances in this heroic effort to have this symbol of our nation flying over their prison camp when the Americans arrived. This flag is undoubtedly one of the most historic flags in our nations history. Our very special guest of honor was Congressman Jake Pickle. He gave a very nice address and then presented the Post with a flag that had flown over the nations Capitol Building. Jake has long been a friend of the Veteran, and along with our beloved Buddy Ralph Yarborough, who was also in attendance, we had two of the best friends a Veteran ever had on hand.
All three Austin TV stations were with us and we got excellent coverage by all three. The Austin American-Statesman ran a color picture of Paul Spain and his flag on the front page on Memorial Day. Our thanks go out to the American Ex-Pow Association for helping us with such a meaningful service on this special day. Also a very special thanks goes to our friends Adolph and Clara Hohertz and Walter and Leonora Schlueter without whose help this program couldn't have gone on.
In July a rededication ceremony to honor all men and women killed in WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, & the Vietnam War will be held on US Hwy 281 at Burkburnett by our Dept Commander Waggoner Carr.

Since our last newsletter we have lost two former Post members:
Bob Francis and Mac McCutcheon, former director of the Drum and Bugle Corps.

July 1983

One of the most important programs your Post sponsors each year is the American Legion Boys State. In July several of the Post Boys Staters and their parents came to our Post to tell us of their experiences. It is difficult to imagine what impact this program has on the lives of the particiapnts until you hear, first hand, of the way they feel.
A nomination from the floor awarded Bob Proctor, long time Post member and outgoing Post Adjutant the honorary title of "Buddy First Class". This honor is given only to those who have served this Post long and hard.

Long time Post member George Bickler passed away since our last newsletter. He will be missed.

September 1983

At our supper meeting in August your Post honored two very special citizens, Lois Nulty and Mary Ellen Schlemmer. We all enjoyed meeting with our recipients and their guests.

In September our loyal buddy Arno Wisian died, he will be missed by all of us.

October 1983

In October your Post will have a very special program at our supper meeting. Lon Fitzgerald, who is now retired from his post as photographer for the Texas Highway Department will present a very special slide show titled "China Impressions". Mr. Fitzgerald went to China and made this film, then put it together into this very special program.
We plan to have Memorial Service at 11am on November 11 on the south steps of the State Capitol. Your Post Commander is the Chairman of this organization this year and he needs all the help he can get. Our annual Past Commanders Breakfast will be held at our Post again this year at 7am on November 11.

N.L.Gault a member of our Post for over 42 years has died. Mr. Gault was a County Commissioner for many years.

November 1983

On October 23.1983 an explosion placed by a Kamakazi-like attack on a small four story building in Beirut Lebanon threw much of our great nation into mourning. Three of the 240 victims of this attack were from the Austin area. Your Post was represented at all three funerals here in Austin by your Post Commander, his father and Adolph Hohertz. These same services were conducted for all 240 of our beloved fallen comrades all over the nation. We gave what little comfort we could to the families of the three Marines who joined the ranks of our Countries Honored Dead.
Marine Corps General and Commandant P.X.Kelly expressed it very well when he said "I asked my self where do we get men like that. And I was reminded that to be the land of the free, it must be the home of the brave."
On November 4th our friends at Bedichek JHS had three Veterans Day Services. Their speaker was General Robinson Risner. Gen. Risner spent 7 1/2 years as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese.
On Veterans Day your Post had its annual Past Commanders breakfast. Biil Kuehn of Austin Cablevision awarded an American flag that was flown over the State and National Capitols to our Post. Bill and Avadne Montandon gave your Post a beautiful Bennington American flag. That's the flag with 13 stars in a semicircle aroung the number 76. We are very proud of both these flags,Thanks! The food was excellent, the company great and the program extraordinary. Buddy Firman Haynie told us about the Boys State Program. F.C.McConnell was this years Chairman and Askel Hansen, Secretary. Thanks to both of these men for a job well done. Also many thanks to the ladies for the decorations and our excellent cooks. Your Commander was chairman of the Veterans Day Service in fromt of the State Capitol Building this year, and it started promptly at 11am.

January 1984

Midwinter Conference is fast approaching us. The conference this year will be held at the Austin Marriot Hotel. The luncheon will be on Saturday.

February 1984

Champions Speak at February Meeting
Without a doubt, February 20th's meeting will go down as one of the very best we've had. The local Chapter of the Freedoms foundation of Valley Forge met jointly with us at our Post Home and most agrees about the excellent time we had with an abundance of good food, fellowship, patriotism and excellent speakers.
ERIC RABBANIAN-When the young man your Post sponsored to the American Legion Oratorical contest finished his address at Monday nights meeting, everyone present was on their feet giving him a standing ovation.Eric spoke on the youths obligations to our nation. We are indeed proud to have sponsored Eric to this contest. Eric was eliminated at the Division level, but with his ability, we know he will go far in our country's free enterprise system. Eric's escort was a lovely young lady, MICHELLE HALL, both are students at Weatlake High School.
A salute goes out to RONALD DODSON, Eric's speech teacher, for doing such a fine job with the youth of our community.
RAOUL GUGUEN, Olympic Pentahalon Champion.
In the 1968 Olympics Raul Guguen was awarded the Bronze Medal for being the third most talented man in the World in the Pentathlon competition. The Pentathlon competition consists of five fields of endeavor, horsemanship, marksmanship with a pistol, swimming, fencing and cross country running. Can you imagine being one of the top three men in the world in all five of these taxing sports?
At the time Raoul competed in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, he was a French citizen, but he has since moved to the USA and is now a naturalized citizen.
The story of how he prepared himself for a competition and worked his way up to being a World class athlete was quite inspiring. This is the first time most of us have met an Olympic winner and seen his medal.
At this time, Raoul is studying for his Texas Real Estate Agents License and selling fencing right here in Austin.
Tenth District Commander Carroll Burnes invites you all to the District birthday party at the James Perkins Post 533 in Bastrop on Saturday March 17th. Social hour is from 5 p.m. to 630 p.m. and the birthday observance will be from 630 p.m. to 715 p.m. with dancing from 830 p.m. to 1230 a.m. Your admission is your 1984 membership card. In the past we have had lots of fun at these events. If your are interested call your Post Commander for information.
On February 19th members of the Forty and Eight visited the Boxcar in front of our Post Home. La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux, an independent fraternal organization of Veterans, popularly known as the FORTY ET EIGHT, is the fun and honor society of American Legionnaires. Now composed of the Veterans of both World Wars, the Korean and Viet Nam conflicts, it draws its origin from World War I when young Americans were sent to France to fight a war to end all wars. The narrow gauge railroads of France had boxcars (Voitures) that carried little more than half the capacity of American boxcars and these voitures were used to transport men and horses to and from the fighting fronts. On the side of these little boxcars was stenciled the capacity of each. Holding forty men or eight horses these voitures became the trademark of our organization. If you could laugh at the train ride from the coast of France to the trenches crowded in these little boxcars only recently vacated by eight horses, one could surely adapt to the changes in his life when he returned home. The FORTY ET EIGHT was organized in 1920 as the fun and honor society of the American Legion. Membership in the Forty et Eight is recognition for service to the American Legion and its programs.

Buddy Edward James passed away.

March-April-May 1984

Your Post has set up a special fund to which donations can be made. This fund will be set aside in a savings account or CD and only the interest used to maintain our Post Home. We do not plan to touch even the interest until, at some other time we must. Joe Crow and Hardy Hollers have both made generous donations to get this fund started. Anyone who would like to make a donation to this fund, please contact our Commander. All donations are tax deductible. What a wonderful way to remember a loved one.
Our Boys State program is almost entirely dependent on cooperation with the School Counselors. A reference, in fact, Dripping Springs High School has always been a big Boys State supporter, but Eldon Ship left and the new Counselor could not find time in his busy schedule. In the past, we have not gotten a very enthusiastic welcome over at Anderson High School, however this year a Counselor who knows the value of the Boys State program came to Anderson High and they are sending six boys. We are paying for one and the others are being paid for by other sponsors. If we could just get the Counselors educated as to the value of Boys State, our job would be a lot easier.
As usual we received our materials late and started even later. The spring break came right in the middle of our meeting with the boys so we were very rushed right at the end again. Maybe next year we can get an earlier start.
Post 76 is sending 13 boys to Boys State this year. Your old beat up Commander will be a Senior Counselor again so we should be well represented.
Our Boys State program would be impossible without lots of help from the other Post members. This year F.C. McConnell and Charlie Jones worked with the North Schools again including Anderson High and Ben Knight worked with the South Schools. Your Commander worked with the out of town schools. This is no small task and we all owe a vote of thanks to each and every one of these men for making it possible for so many young men from the Austin area to get the benefit of attending Boys State.
We have been approached by the Waldorf School to allow them to remain on the premises for another year after their lease runs out on June 15th.
Your Directors have met and appointed a committee to negotiate with the School. The committee has met and informed the school of its decision.

Our Post's Life Member Roy Benavidez is having his book with the above title written by Oscar Griffin and Jerry Grisham. We are looking forward to reading this book.
Also, Roy has had a 1975 Cadillac pick up truck donated to his causes. If you know of a prospective buyer let Roy Know. Pictures are on the Post bulletin board.

It is with a heavy heart we must announce that our Post Buddy of 64 years. Joe Dacy passed away in April. A giant has fallen. In April we lost a giant among men. Oh, I don't mean in stature, but in deeds this man was known for during his lifetime. Joe Dacy was a 64 year loyal Post member, Past Commander and Buddy First Class. Your Commander was privileged to have known Joe Dacy most of your Commanders life and in latter years shared many of the same interests with this civic leader. Joe was always ready to lend a helping hand to any civic cause in which he believed. I know of no one who had a more productive life or lived it more fully. Well done, Joe Dacy, we will miss you!

On Sunday, April 29th the Tenth District Convention was held in Bartlett, Texas. We gathered together to conduct District business and elect our officers for the next two years. Everything went smoothly until we held the election for District Commanders office. Some very fine nominating speeches were given and then the vote was taken. Frank Komar was elected District Commander by a vote of 115 to Charlie Green's 62.

June 1984

On June 1st the Boys State Staff met at Jester Dormitory to prepare for the arrival of 965 boys the next day. The was the largest Boys State and one of the best ever.
Each of you can be proud of the boys our Post sent, as well as all the boys who attended. Your Post sponsored 13 boys, and each of them has received an invitation to our July 16th meeting here at the Post. come on down and visit with these fine young men.

The following is an open letter to the Post:
My Dear Buddies,
I, as your outgoing Commander want to thank my Buddies for their unending support of my programs. You have given me the opportunity to meet and interact with thousands of the youth of our community with our Americanism Program. You have given me the opportunity to work with the various ROTC units with their awards programs, and then you gave me the opportunity to work at Boys State as both a Committee member and as a Counselor.
All this Post, or our Nation for that matter, can offer its Officers is an opportunity; then it is up to that Officer to perform, or not. I have done my very best and I hope it was of benefit to our Post.
This is my last Newsletter, as Don Stewart will be writing them from now on. Please give him the support you have given me.
This is not goodbye, as I intend to continue with what influence I have in the Post affairs, but I now pass the flag to my good friend and Buddie Ben Knight. Ben is very able and with your support can continue on with the programs I have started and add some newer and better ones.
God Bless You,
Emmett Shelton, Jr.

An award in the name of your Posts Life member Roy Benavidez has been established. It will be awarded to the Army ROTC Cadet at UT, SWTSU and San Marcos Academy who best exemplifies Roys motto, Duty-Honor-Country.
Your Post has seen fit to award its highest honor to five recipients. Each man has not only been a long time member of Post 76 but has held office for many years and contributed immensely to our Posts survival and succcess. Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to our new Life Members: Albert Caster, Adolph Hohertz, Hardy Hollers, Askel Hansen and Bob Proctor.

About your new Commander
This is not meant to be a biography, only a few of your outgoing Commanders observations.
I first met Ben Knight while giving your Posts awards to the University of Texas NROTC. Ben was giving a sword in the name of his daughter, who died in the Navy. Ben joined our Post shortly thereafter and soon became our Service Officer. He attended Service Officers School and has been my mainstay ever since. Ben has led our Post in getting new members these last two years. Ben has been my very able First Vice Commander all this year and knows the Commanders job. We are a Veterans Service Organization and who can better lead us than one experienced in service to Veterans. Ben Knight is dedicated, knowledgeable and very capable and will make an excellent Commander.

Department News
The Department Convention will be held in El Paso, in July. For those who are going, have a safe trip and a wonderful time.
Girls State
I've just spoken with Mrs. Avadne Montandon, and the seven ladies that we sponsored to Girls State this year will be on hand at our supper meeting on the 16th of this month.
3rd Division Convention
Was held in San Antonio in June. Our new 3rd Division President is Mrs Shirley Powers from Harlingen, Unit 205. This convention was well attended and very well constructed from those who attended.

August 1984

Recently the newspapers announced that ACC was being sued for $1,000,000 by the VA because poor admininstration procedures in their GI Bill educational program.
Of what interest is this to American Legionnaires of Post 76? Well, through the hard-working efforts of our Past Commander Emmett Shelton, our new Post Commander Ben Knight and our new Vice Commander Don Stewart, over 700 veterans who were initially being charged by the VA of receiving GI Bill benefits irregularly, have been cleared of these unjust charges.
With the help of Service Officer Mike Palmquist, Don Stewart, who spearheaded the negotiations, has been able to clear over 70% of the veterans involved. Also, Don Stewart, through diligent research was able to find conclusive evidence that ACCs lack of proper administration guidelines was the actual culprit.
Congressman Jake Pickle deserves mentioning, since it was through his concentrated efforts that the VA was made to be responsible to the veterans involved.
Overall, the name of all honorable veterans everywhere was upheld and protected by members of your Post.

New Members
David Robinson, David Elliot

June 1985

Flag Day 14 June 85
The Flags that are no longer servicable and are in a tattered or dirty state will be put to rest with a very Special Ceremony. You are invited to attend.
MSG Floyd Boneatell, CMH,USA Retired, gave the Roy Benavidez Award at the Awrds Ceremony at the San Marcos Baptist Academy to two cadets. We received a letter from the Academy in appreciation.
Dear Commander Knight:
On behalf of all associated with the San Marcos Baptist Academy, please accept our deepest appreciation for being with us during our annual Presidents Parade and particiapting in the presentation of the Roy Benavidez Award. I would appreciate you sharing with the membership of Travis Post 76 our thanks for providing this award and the assurance that the two young men who were the recipients of the award are indeed totally deserving and will respect the award and all for which it stands for the rest of their lives.
A special greeting is extended to the entire membership along with an open invitation to visit our campus at anytime.
Thanks again and best wishes to all.
Sincerely, James D. Rogers, Lt.Col.,Ret. USA. Senior Army Instructor, Commandant of Cadets.

New Members
Jim Knuckles, Paul Pierce, Scrappy King, E.A.Lear, William Boykin

June 1986

We wish to thank the following organizations for their generous donations of items to the Veterans Hospital at Temple:Jack Brown Cleaners, The Lariat Ranch Wear and Western shop and Callahans General Store. Items donated were shirts, jeans, vest, boots, shoes, jackets and other items. Ben Knight delivered all items to Temple during the past few weeks. Various magazines were also delivered to the Hospital thru the efforts of the Auxillary. Thanks to all!
Judge Hardy Hollers celebrates his 85th birthday and 65th wedding anniversary this month. Clara Hohertz celebrated her recent birthday at our May dinner meeting. We wish them many more.
The 10th District Convention was held Sunday at Henry Rainey Post 41 in Lockhart. Those attending the convention from Post 76 were: John "Scrappy " King, Adolph & Clara Hohertz and George & Eukie Weise.
The Disabled American Veterans Chapter 173 held a Memorial Day service at the State Capitol. Due to rain, the service was in the rotunda instead of the DAV monument on the NE side of the Capitol. Congressman Jake Pickle spoke to the members of the DAV, American Ex-POWs, American Legion, VFW and Auxillary Units.
With the rain continuing to fall the noon dedication of the plaza between the Travis County Courthouse and the Courthouse Annex was held. The Plaza memorializes the first serviceman from Travis county to be killed in Vietnam. The Plaza is named for Ronny Woodmansee who died in the Mekong Delta December 12.1963. His wife, children, brothers and sister were guests of honor at the dedication.
County Judge Mike Renfro, Congressman Jake Pickle and Terral Smith of the Texas House were present and spoke during the dedication. Congressman Pickles keynote address stressed the need for the country to recognize the Vietnam Veteran.
Each year your Post supports our nations ROTC programs by awarding medals and certificates to deserving ROTC cadets for both Scholastic and Military Excellence.Awards were given to 8 Air Force ROTC cadets at UT, 8 Navy at UT, 2 AF at Reagan High School.Post Life Member Roy Benavidez awarded a UT Army ROTC Cadet the 1986 Benavidez Award.Awards were also given to cadets at SWTSU and San Marcos Academy.
Auxillary Unit 76 is sending ten girls to Girls State. We will be hearing their reports at the July supper meeting. Some of them could go on to be the Mayor of Austin, just like former Girls State citizen Carole Rylander.
It was with great pride and honor we awarded Life Memberships to Leonora Schluter and Clara Hohertz for their outstanding service over the years. Clara will be awarded a bronze charm of a "Waltzing Lady" for her unselfish devotion to our Membership Campaign. Thank you Clara for a superb job!

July 1986

Many thanks to Marian Holloway and Michael Glaros for their discussion of Capitol Metro operations and its future. We found the presentation informative and hope our input will be useful to them.
This month we want to recognize long time member Hardy Hollers for his long service to Post 76. Hardy has been a continuous member since 1924. In 1925 he was Chairman of the Comittee charged with locating property to house the Post and its activities, which resulted in the acquisition of the present property. Hardy has previously served as Commander and since 1980 served a Post Judge Advocate. Hardy has been a member of the Texas State Bar since 1927.
As a member of the US Army Reserve, he was called to active duty on November 1, 1941. He attained the rank of Colonel, and served as Chief of Military Justice Division on General Eisenhowers staff during the War. After the War, he was sent to Nuremburg where he served as Chief of Section IV at the Major War Crimes Trials. His section was on all War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, including persecution of the Jews, operation of the concentration camps and looting of art treasures. He was released from active duty on April 12, 1946, having been awarded the Legion of Merit, the Croix de Guerre with Palm, and the EAME Campaign Medal with Bronze Star.
The Post thanks Mr. Hollers for the hard work and support he has given the Post over the years.
Post 76 sponsored 22 boys to Boys State this year. Travis Post 76 is historically one of the strongest supporters of the Texas Boys State program. For years our post buddy, F.C.McConnell was Chairman of Boys State and now holds the title, Chairman Emeritus. For many years now, Dr.Firman Haynie, another post buddy has held the job of Director of Boys State. Another post buddy, Vince Taylor. has long been the teacher of the Boys State Law program. This year the following members were instrumental in our success: Paul Barker (former Boys Stater and incoming Post Commander), Charlie Jones, F.C.McConnell and Emmett Shelton Jr were co-chairmen and interviewers. Without these mens help it would have been impossible to have as successful a program as we had.
This really seems like a very busy time of year. We just got through with our Third Division Convention in Harlingen. Department Convention will be in Lubbock the end of next month.This month we are sending girls to Girls State. The Third Division Convention in Harlingen was very good. Your President had the honor of carrying the Colors for the 10th District at the Auxillary meeting. This is one of the most fascinating meetings I have ever attended. At the joint session we were told that the 1987 National Convention will be held in San Antonio. We were also told that the Third Division Convention next year will be held in Austin. The 10th District Fall Convention will be held in Austin with Post 76 as the host Post. ( We will do this jointly with Post 83.)

August 1986

The annual Department Convention was held in hot, but not humid, Lubbock in July. Attending the event were members Adolph Hohertz, Vince Taylor, and Ron Turner. Vince was the chairman of the Resolutions Assignment Committee. Speaker of the House Gib lewis and Texas Land Commissioner Gary Mauro addressed the Legionnaires. Our own 10th district (Post 48 Brenham) member John Richter was elected Department Commander.
Past Post Commander Ben Knight received the Bronze Star with "V" device in a ceremony in June. Major General James Dennis, the Adjutant General of Texas presented the medal to Ben for heroic action in Korea in 1950 while assigned to the 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division.
Post 76 hosted Boys and Girls State participants in July at our Post Home. The open meeting was begun with the pledge to the flag and prayer on the Post grounds overlooking Town Lake. Paul Barker prepared BBQ brisket for all and the ladies prepared various other dishes. Each participant spoke to the large crowd for a few minutes on the experiences they had that week. McConnell, Haynie, and Shelton also discussed events of interest regarding Boys State. Sue King presented Avadne Montandon with a certificate of appreciation from Governor White for the work she did on the Girls State event.

New Members
Don Capo, Walter Jeffcoat, Mike Eledge, William Richardson, William Sims, Willaim Colbert

Sick Call
Hardy Hollers is at St Davids
Albert Caster is at home

Jesse Jones of Cedar Creek

September 1986

Service Officer Ben Knight has taken additional items to the V.A.Hospital in Temple. Current contributions this year have gone over the $50,000 level. Thanks,Ben!

New Members
Ted Betley, Frances Cornett, William Griffin, Edward Jorczyk, John Walsh

W.L.Thompson, 67 year member
A.H.Gribble, 67 year member
Both of these members were Post Officers in the 1920's

October 1986

The September dinner meeting was the highlight of the programs we've had. For many, John Stavasts matter-of-factual description of the brutalities and treatment he received as a prisoner for over five years of the Communist North Vietnamese was a sobering reminder of the threat to our national security that the communists pose. John is a life member of the American Legion at a post in California but we will continue to work on him to join our post.
For those of you who haven't been to the Post Home for a while, I would like to invite you to come for a look at the building which has been freshly washed, painted throughout, and all the woodwork sanded, stained, and varnished. In addition to the work we have had done, the women of the church, which has met in the upstairs ballroom for several years, have thoroughly cleaned the building until it shines. I encourage you to attend the next dinner meeting and bring your spouse to see the home. Our speaker will be Bonnie Campbell who is the curator of the Texas Capitol Renovation. She has recently been recruited from California where she held a similar position in the $40 million renovation of the capital in Sacremento. She will tell us of Texas efforts with our capitol.
The Past Commanders breakfast is scheduled for November 11. Ken Williams is President of the Past Commanders this year.

Albert Caster, 61 year member of Post 76 died last month. Albert was a Past Commander, long time Finance Officer and a member of the 40&8.
I attended the funeral of Albert Caster, a Post member for 61 years. Unfortunately, due to his poor health these last few years, I didn't get a chance to know him. Listening to his eulogies I began to wonder how many more members were out there that we new members haven't had a chance to get to know. Don't let us get to know you by a eulogy, come to the Post meetings.

November 1986

All members are invited to the Past Commanders Breakfast on Veterans Day. We have three great cooks in Bill Montandon, Walter Schlueter, and Ben Knight. The breakfast will be a great time to catch up on fellow members.
The 10th District Fall Convention was held in October in Burton. Adolph Hohertz represented the District as Chairman of the Credentials Committee and Vince Taylor was Boys State Chairman. Other cities that sent delegations to the 10th District Convention were Bastrop, Blanco, Brenham, Burton, Giddings, Lockhart, Luling, Round rock, San Marcos, Smithville, Somerville and Taylor.
10th District Commander John Brieden welcomed guests from other districts, 3rd Division and the Texas Department. Mayor Jim Powell of Burton addressed the convention following the Mini-Leadership College held jointly with the Auxillary Units.

Elmo Ellis 48 year member

January 1987

We want to thank Dr. Robert Bernstein, The Commisioner of Health with the Texas Department of Health, for speaking before our group in December. The topics were of great interest to our members.
The Past Commanders Breakfast was held November 11 at our Post Home. Ken Williams organized the breakfast and found three of the best cooks in Austin to fix the meal. The Auxillary Unit decorated the room with flags and arrangements that caught all members eyes. Next years Past Commanders President will be Emmett Shelton, Jr.
Floyd Young of Olin Teague Veterans Center has written another thank you letter for the effort Ben Knight has done in supplying the center with donated clothing and boots. This has been an ongoing project with Ben Knight, Service Officer of Post 76.

Richard Dunbar
Vanita Gault
Wille Stoll

February 1987

The Thirty-Seventh annual Merci Boxcar Pilgrimage and meeting will be held in February. Veterans from the state of Texas will be staying at the Quality Inn South and will meet at Post 76 and Post 83.
The "Forty et Eight" organization of veterans was organized in the 1920s as the fun and honor society of the American Legion. The Boxcar which is on display on the post grounds was received by the State of Texas in 1949 laden with gifts from the people of France. Each state and DC received a boxcar to recognize the help recieved during WWII. The small capacity boxcars were used to transport men and horses to and from the fighting fronts. On the side of each boxcar was stenciled the capacity-which was 40 men or 8 horses.
La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux took its name in memory of their ride into and out of France during the war. We welcome visitors to our post home to view this boxcar.
At our January meeting the Post awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the following organizations for their support of the Veterans Hospital in Temple.
Jack Brown Cleaners
The Lariat Ranch Wear and Western Shop
Callahans General Store
Sheplers Western Wear.
These businesses have donated clothing and boots to the hospital. Service Officer Ben Knight has organized the donation drive and has taken the goods to the hospital.This has been an ongoing project of Bens for some time.
In May there will be a four-day event to honor the veterans who served our nation in World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Era.
The Houston event has been designated as "The Great Texas Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Stand-Down and Veterans March". There will be a march by all veterans and veterans groups. The march will be from downtown Houston to Herman park, where there will be three days of concerts, displays and patriotic events.

New Members
H.E. Rosenburg and Gene Johnson

John Garwood, long time Post member, veteran of both World Wars, former Associate Justice of Texas Supreme Court.

March 1987

Februarys Dinner Meeting honored the Faculty and Students of Bedichek Junior High School for supporting an organization named "Students Against Drugs" and their slogan "Say Nope to Dope". Al Hinojosa organized the group that offers encouragement needed from peers to stem the use of drugs. Roy Benavidez, Medal of Honor winner and member of Post 76 spoke to the students in January.
This month The American Legion celebrates its 68th birthday. At our March dinner meeting Robert Winston will give a presentation on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
New carpet and new lamps have been added to the Auxillary room. The room looks quite nice now.
Dr. Firman Haynie, member of Post 76 and Chairman of the American Legion Committee on Education, presented Sen. Claiborne Pell, D-R.I., with an award recognizing the senators outstanding service to education in America. The Pell Grant, which vastly expands College education options for low income students, is named for the distinguished lawmaker.Senator Pell also has been a vocal supporter of the Amercian Legions financial aid publication,"Need a Lift?"

Sick Call
Richard Hodges at Temple Hospital
Adolph Hohertz at home
Hardy Hollers at home

April 1987

The 10th District Convention will be held at Post 144 San Marcos. Post 76 members Adolph Hohertz and Vince Taylor chair the Credentials Committee and the Boys State Committee.
Vince Taylor recently donated funds to send two boys to Boys State. We now have 7 participants sponsored by our Post.
Paul Barker, Emmett Shelton,Sr., and Emmett Shelton Jr. joined Roy Benavidez at Bedichek Junior High to present the Legions "Say Nope to Dope" program.
Current used magazines will be collected by the Auxillary Unit during April for distribution at the VA Hospital. If you have any magazines please bring them to either meeting in April.
Girls State selection in progress with 5 participants already signed up. Avadne Montandon is Chairperson of Unit 76 Girls State project.

May 1987

Commander Paul Barker recently received a thank you letter from Department for reaching membership goal this year. Paul has performed a great job in recruiting nine new members and helping prepare the Post for new tenants after our long term lessee left last spring. Congratulations on a great job!

August 1988

We have a quality speaker for our July dinner meeting thanks to Charlie Jones. Charlie has asked Col. Wilson Speir to address our membership. Mr. Speir is the former Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The covered dish meeting begins at 7pm.
At our August dinner meeting the delegates to Boys State will be our guests. We will be able to hear first hand from them what the experience meant to them.

October 1988

At our October covered dish dinner meeting former Senator Ralph Yarborough will be our guest speaker. Senator Yarborough was a US Senator from 1958 to 1971 and is a WWII veteran.

November 1988

At our November covered dish dinner meeting, Charles Green will be our guest speaker. Charles is the 10th District Commander and recently completed a successful district convention in Giddings.
Our thanks to Senator Ralph Yarborough who spoke at our October dinner meeting. He discussed the 97th Infantry Division which served combat service in the European Theater and occupation duty in Japan during WWII. He served in this Division which was reactivated at Camp Swift in 1943. Among the Senators many accomplishments was that he authored the cold war G.I.Bill

Adolph Hohertz passed away October 21,1988. He joined the post in 1946 and served in every position the post had. He was twice Commander. He also served at the District level and the Department level. Adolph was a member of the 40&8 and served as an officer in Voiture 175. He was responsible for the upkeep of the Boxcar and restoration of the missing plaques.
He also provided funeral honors for over 700 comrades after WWII. He will always be remembered by his many friends in Post 76.

Past Commanders Breakfast will be held November 11 at Shoneys Restaurant.

December 1988

Our speaker at our December meeting will be John Etchieson, President of the Austin Better Business Bureau. He will discuss the status of charitable solicitation in Austin.
Our speaker at our January meeting will be Byron Sage of the FBI. He is the Supervisory Senior Resident Agent in Austin. He has had experience in Organized Crime, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Program, Oriental Organized Crime and many other areas before he served at the FBI HQ in Washington.

Joe Crow
L.R. Galbreath
Adolph Hohertz
Robert Vore

April 1989

Our speaker for the April dinner meeting will be Col. Pat Adams. Charlie Jones has done another fine job of lining up quality speakers. We welcome Col. Adams and look forward to his speech.
Joining us for the dinner meeting will be our local 40&8 organization. We want to welcome Chef de Gare Charles Cooper, La Presidente Magdelen McAdams, and all the members of Voiture 175. The members of this organization are not only active Legionnaires, but also operate a successful Child Welfare program as well as a Nurses Training program.
The 10th District Convention will be held in April. Post 39 of Taylor will be hosting this springs convention and will welcome District Commander Charles Green and all posts sending delegates.
The annual Third Division Convention will be held in May at the Seven Oaks Hotel in San Antonio.The joint session will be followed by a dinner and dance.

Harry Gordon, long time member and Past Commander
Mattie Adams, long term member Auxillary Unit 76

May 1989

The Post will be presenting awards to several high school ROTC programs this month. The awards are given to the outstanding cadet of the individual programs in both military and scholastic categories. Thanks to members who have volunteered their time to support this worthwhile program.
At our monthly covered dish dinner meeting this month members should bring a covered dish as usual, but in addition bring an old war story or current topic you wish to share with your fellow Legionnaires.
At our June dinner meeting we will be hosting the delegates we have sent to Boys State. Paul Barker will be working at the event again this year and with the help of our delegates should prove to be entertaining as in past years. The post will supply the meat for the meeting but members should bring plenty of side dishes. Our thanks to F.C.McConnell for his contribution to help the post support this project.

August 1989

Unit 76 Auxillary sponsored 7 girls to be delegates to Bluebonnet Girls State this year. We are pleased to recognize these girls for their participation in the program. One girl is also a delegate to Girls Nation and another is an alternate. this is a very exciting time in the lives of these girls. We will meet them and their familes at the August dinner meeting. You will hear from the girls of their feelings and learn about their activities during the ten days at Texas Lutheran College in Seguin.

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