Travis Post 76 Newsletters 1970s

January 1970

Covered dish supper and program on the 19th. Bring a big fat covered dish and a guest member-program follows. Learn about your current veterans benefits.
Open House at Temple VA Hospital on Sunday, all veterans invited, let's drive up by the carload. Refreshments.
6th annual Texas American Legion Leadership College in February at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. Our own National figure, Doris Anderson, will be at Saturday Reception-Banquet for National President, Willie Turner and Dot Booth-Reception Friday.
Old Times (Stag) Buddy Night-in appreciation of WWI Vets on Monday- 53rd Anniversary of Us entry into WWI-will be a big event-Big Figures present.
C.T. at it again! See him for one-a month dance and fun night-plans cooking-come out Monday.
Needed-volunteers to man the club room-see Hansen or O'Connor.
Joe Dacy reminds the 40&8 members of the 1st Tuesday of each month-eat and meet.
You are the Legion-Do your thing.

February 1970

Midwinter Conference just completed was interesting, informative and useful.
A special committee is working on plans for our Club Room and more social activities at our Home.
Covered Dish supper on Monday folllowed by a George Washington Birthday observance program. Get the wife to fix a great big fat dish and a little extra. Let's eat to General George!

C.T.Johnson is recuperating at home after a spell in the hospital. Congratulations, C.T. and a bouquet to you for your job on the YMCA problem.

March 1970

Monday March 16, covered dish supper-American Legion Birthday-Respect the Law-two men will be honored-one from the Austin Police Department and one from the Travis County Sheriffs office-come out in big numbers and show our appreciation and respect for the men who daily lay their lives down on the line to keep us safe in our homes and on our streets. Kerns Taylor is in charge of the nomination-watch news media for publicity.
Sunday March 15-10th District Convention at Taylor-a very important event-let's go over in a show of loyalty for Don O'Connor
State-wide Law and Order Committee appointed by Department Commander Hill has two members from our Post. Its first action recommended that Department get on the ball and sponsor drug abuse information program for youngsters on state-wide basis.
WWI Buddies: Exclusive Stag. April 6th Old Timers night-all the eats and drinks free for you. Big door prizes-meet your buddies from over the 10th District- a real reunion-Big suprise for you in Receiving Line.

April 1970

10th District Convention at Taylor was attended by Buddies from our post and 16 other posts.
3rd Division convention in June in Seguin.
Legion Birthday Party-covered dish supper was success, combined with "Respect the Law" observance. Kerns Taylor, Respect the Law Chairman, presented Legion Certificates to fine law men from Travis county Sheriffs Department and City of Austin Police Department.
Oldtimers Nite- We are preparing for over 100 WWI Doughboys- Hospitality starts 7pm. Refreshments-food-fellowship. This is a stag affair for WWI Doughboys but ladies will not be turned away if they desire to crash-lady WWI Vets (Nurses) are considered Doughboys (No Wacs then)
Don O'Connors campaign for Department Commander is in high gear.
Boys State-Post will soon announce 4 or 5 top boys from our high schools.
Notice:Needed half dozen unselfish men with time, ideas and working desire to promote our Post and its programs. We need you to work for God and Country. Club Room needs Manager and plan of operation. Volunteers to get flags and decorate graves on Memorial Day. BTO to organize and operate fun nite once a week.

May 1970

Oldtimers had a blast last month-about 100 ate, drank, and sang in honor of the long Khaki Line. My personal thanks to the faithful workers. Rocky Rutherford of Aus-Tex did the stew to perfection. Old timers from over the 10th District said, "Let's do it again". Travis Post had the oldest(Bird) and the youngest(Gillespie) to grab the prizes-Luling and Smithville split distance prizes.
Covered dish supper this month may be our last for the season. If weather permits, we may eat out on the porch.

June 1970

The supper meeting in May was fine, we met the Boys Staters and parents and heard a tape from the Black Panthers that would shock any American.
July 4th-The Big Blast of the year! Stay home at our Post Home. Flag ceremony, games, fun and big covered dish supper under our beautiful giant oaks-a family affair. Watch the press for more details.

July 1970

July 4th-Stay home at Legion Home-creative patriotic program-Flag Lowering-Covered Dish Supper( Bring enough for yourselves plus bring paper plates, napkins and utensils)
(Suds-courtesy of friends, but BYOB)
This is our final big blast for the summer, come on out and celebrate Old Fourth.

August 1970

Joint Installation of new officers at August meeting. Come out in numbers and give your new officers a real warm handshake. Refreshments follow.

At the Department Convention the Big Machine rolled over Don O'Connors valient struggle. Bill Hester of Houston was elected Commander.

Mrs. Ruth Bowman had a bad accident, recovered rapidly, then had a setback, but is back recovering...the brave soldier!
The wife of our Finance Officer, Charles Jones, is ill and should be remembered in our prayers.

September 1970

New Officers for the next year were installed in August. Commander McConnell, speaking for the new slate of officers said, Our sincere desire is to give Travis Post 76 and the Austin community a positive program of activity. We need your suggestions, support and counsel. Travis Post has been built upon a great tradition. We hope this image will continue to grow stronger during the coming 12 months.Department Adjutant McGregor was the installing officer. Department Judge Advocate Waggoner Carr was also present and made a brief address to the members. Auxillary officers were installed by Mrs. Doris Owens, immediate Past President of District 10.
The meeting in September will be a covered dish supper. We are expecting a good turnout to make this an evening of fun and fellowship.

We are saddened to report the death of Mrs. Charles Jones on August 19. Opal was the wife of our Post Finance Officer, Charles Jones.

October 1970

A Gala Dinner proposed by C.T.Johnson and approved by the Executive Committee, honoring the Travis County District Judges will be held at the Legion Home in October. The speaker will be Associate justice of the Supreme Court Zollie Steakley who is well known far and wide as an eloquent and entertaining speaker. He will be introduced by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Robert Calvert. The MC will be Vance Murphy. The guests will dine on 18oz. Texas-size steaks following the hospitality hour. At the same time we will be entertained during the evening of festivities by music featuring a European aggregation.
The Food and Fun meeting at the Legion Home in September was well attended. The food was good and the bingo was enjoyed by everyone. Remember, the next Food and Fun night will be October 19. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the evening with the Legionnaires and the Auxillary ladies.
The Legion Home is open each Saturday evening to the Legionnaires and members of the Auxillary for an evening of fun and bingo. You are invited to be present for these enjoyable occasions. A TV and/or radio will be in operation for those individuals who may want to play bingo with one eye and watch the Longhorns with the other. The bar plus snacks and coffee will be available.
The National Convention at Portland was outstanding in every respect. The Governor of Oregon and the city officials in Portland took a positive stand against allowing the dissident groups that had gathered there to disrupt the Legion activities. Every Legionnaire throughout America can be proud of his Legion Comrades who attended this great Convention for the manner in which they performed during this week long period. The radicals were ignored and the planned Legion program was conducted day by day in an orderly and businesslike manner. The parade lasted 4 hours and through all of it the Legionnaires ignored the "Hippies and Yippies" on the sidelines who wanted to disrupt and create confusion.

November 1970

The Appreciation dinner for the Travis County District Judges held at the Legion Home was certainly a "Gala Affair" in every respect. The outstanding citizens present were too numerous to mention here; however, it can be said that seldom does one see a group such as this assembled at one meeting. Judge Steakleys address was received with great enthusiasm and our thanks goes to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Robert Calvert, Col.Vance Murphy, Mayor Travis LaRue, Mr. John Nash (President Chamber of Commerce), C.T.Johnson (Chairman of Arrangements) and others for their contributions.
The Food and Fun Night at the Legion Home in October was heartwarming. The Girl Stater and the 6 Boys Staters sponsored by our Auxillary and Post were present with their parents and gave short talks. It is wonderful to see and hear these young people stand up and be counted for God and Country. The next Food and Fun night will be November 16. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the evening with the other Legionnaires and wives.
The 38th Annual Past Commanders Breakfast will be at the SFA Hotel on Veterans Day. All members are invited. Enjoy this lovely affair with your old Buddies and Comrades. It is a good way to start Veterans Day. The Veterans Day parade will be held on Congress Avenue at 630pm. Our Post and Auxillary Unit will have entries (3 special cars) and all Comrades are invited to join the crowd on Congress Avenue for the parade and related activities.
November brings forth Veterans Day, Poppy Sales, Thankgiving, and the Gift Shop project for the disabled Buddies in the Veterans Hospital in Temple. Our Auxillary Ladies are working very hard on both the Poppy Sales and Gift shop projects, and of course will appreciate the Legionnaires cooperation and assistance. November 30 is the day that our Post and Auxillary members are invited to make the trip to Temple and extend a little cheer and happiness to the veterans who are less fortunate than we are.
The Gold Star Mothers will receive special recognition at our Food and Fun meeting in November. We hope to have a large number of Legionnaires and their wives present for this enjoyable occasion.

December 1970

The next regular meeting of Travis Post will be Monday evening December 7, the 29th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Our 1st Vice Commander Dr. Firman Haynie will discuss briefly the topic. "Pearl Harbor and what it did to our nation".
The Food and Fun night was enjoyed by one of the largest crowds we have had in some time. The Gold Star Mothers were our special guests for the evening. Rev. Sam Reed, his son and two young ladies from the S.W. Christian Church furnished a very interesting and enjoyable musical program. We invite you and your family to prepare a covered dish and be with us at the next Food and Fun night in December. No business, just Food and Fun and an interesting Christmas Program.
Veterans Day was indeed a busy and enjoyable day-Past Commanders Breakfast at the SFA Hotel, Memorial Service on Capital Grounds, talk on "Our Flag and Country" before the Lamar JHS student body, reception at the SFA Hotel, and the big parade on Congress Avenue. Thanks to a number of hard working Legionnaires and members of the Auxillary, Travis Post was well represented in these Veterans Day activities.
One of the loveliest events to take place at the Legion Home this year will be our colorful New Years party. The home will be decorated with streamers, confetti, balloons, and merry making horns and other musical treats. A breakfast will be served with plenty of good food prepared by Oscar of the Waldorf. You may eat and eat some more. A free bar will be open to the many Legionnaires and their guests. The party includes all the food you can eat and as many drinks as you can consume. Come and bring your friends. Let's make it a really big party.

January 1971

The next Food and Fun Night is January 18. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the fun and program with us. Judge Tom Blackwell, a member of Travis Post 76, will be our featured speaker at the Food and Fun Night. His subject will be Law Enforcement Problems in Texas, a timely subject for all of us since crime has been on the increase for some time. I am sure many Legionnaires will wish to hear Judge Blackwells discussion of this very important topic. Also, Mrs. Lois Fugler, Legislative Chairman for the Auxillary and former Travis County Veterans Service Officer, wil give a talk on the Legislative Problems facing Texas today. We hope to have a good crowd to hear these two interesting speakers.
The American Legion has booked February as Americanism month and March as the Legions Birthday month. Timely programs will be presented at the Food and Fun meetings the 3rd Monday of each month.

February 1971

We are in for an exciting time at the Fun-Fellowship meeting in February. Reverend Breihan, Director of the Wesley Methodist Center at UT will be on hand to talk to us on Patriotism. Mrs. Hollers has arranged for this fine speaker and some musical entertainment as a bonus. Plan now to be on hand for the program, come with your covered dish and enjoy a meal with your Buddies and our lovely Auxillary.
A selection committee has been working with the law enforcement agencies in our community to select an individual to receive the Legion commendation for his contribution to law enforcement in our city. This type recognition is the least we can do for those valiant men who risk their lives every day to insure law and order in our community. The presentation will be made Monday night immediately before the program.
By now all of us have heard about or read about the "Austin Cares Campaign" to free the POWs being held by the government of North Vietnam. Certainly there is no organization or group of people who is more enthusiastic than Legionnaires to the cause of this campaign.
Department Legion College held at the S.F.Austin Hotel over the weekend saw more than 500 Legionnaires and Auxillary members from all parts of the state in attendance. Several members of our post were in atttendance. We are fortunate that many of these activities happen here in our city.

March 1971

March 15,1971 is a red letter day in the lives of all Legionnaires. It was 52 years ago in the Cirque de Paris that more than 1,000 men responded to a call by Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., to organize the veterans of the Great War. Join your buddies and our Auxillary and help celebrate our birthday. Past Commander Hardy Hollers will be on hand to talk on the subject "Where are we going?" Buddy Hardy, a prominent attorney, was deeply involved in the Nurenburg trials and has been closely associated with national affairs and the growth of our Legion program. He has served Travis Post as Commander and almost every office of our organization. Grab your cap, your wife and a covered dish and be there. The Auxillary has insured us a program of entertainment by the Sweet Adelines to complement Buddy Hollys inspirational talk. Buddies Jim Grizzard, Charlie Jones and Askel Hansen have planned the program.
At the next regular meeting of Travis Post 76 Commander McConnell will be on hand to preside. We are sure the Colonel will share experiences of his recent tour through Mexico.
Major K.R. Herbert, a veteran of 34 years of service to the Austin Police Department, received the Travis Post 76 Commendation Award at our February meeting. Major Herbert is currently heading Austins team of 86 law men assigned to the Division of Criminal Investigation. Legionnaires were fortunate indeed to break bread with this warm, dedicated gentleman and his lovely wife Kathryn.
Thanks to the splendid effort of Mrs. Ed Hemme and her Auxillary committee, the Cancer Memorial Dinner to be held Sunday is a sell-out.
The 21st annual Merci Boxcar pilgrimage saw scores of Legionnaires and friends gather from the four corners of our great State to participate in the sacred ceremonies of rededication to God and Country. The meeting was held on the lawn of our own Travis Post 76. Grand Chef de Gare Charles Maisel of Odessa presided. Past Department Commander Henry Hill brought the inspiring address.

Our beloved buddies A. Hedburg, John Cofer, Mrs Tod Ford and Mrs Jack Jones have passed from our number since our last newsletter. Our sincere prayers are with their families and loved ones. Their presence will be missed.

April 1971

At the next Food and Fun Night, Mr. Harold Massey, Executive Secretary of the High School Principals Association in Texas will be our speaker. He will give a comprehensive report on "Youth Activities in Texas Today". April has been designated as Children and Youth month by the American Legion and we hope we can have a large group present for this very timely and interesting talk to be given by Mr. Massey. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the evening and progam with the Auxillary Ladies and the Legionnaires.
Each of the 12 high schools in Travis County will send delegates to Boys State this year. 850 boys are expected to attend from all sections of the state. Travis Post 76 is sponsoring 9 boys this year, thanks to outside sources for financial assistance.
7 American Legion Award Medals will be presented by Travis Post 76 to ROTC students at UT and Reagan High School.

May 1971

The Food and Fun Night is to be a great evening for the Legionnaires and the Auxillary Ladies. The Boys Staters and Girls Staters and their parents will be guests at the Legion Home that evening. Everyone will enjoy meeting these fine young people and their parents. Come and bring a covered dish (salad, vegetable or dessert). The meat will be provided by special order.
Gold and Silver Medals for Military Excellence and Scholastic Excellence were presented to Navy and AF ROTC Cadets at UT. The recipients of the awards were outstanding students, having been carefully selected by the ROTC staff at the University. It was very rewarding to see these fine young men in assembly. A medal will be presented to one of the ROTC Cadets at Reagan High School later this month.
The 3rd Division Convention will be held in Brownsville in May. HQ will be in the Ft. Brown Motel. Besides the regular Legion meetings some "Vacation Activities" are planned for Padre Island, Matamores etc.

June 1971

The Food and Fun Nights will be continued through the Summer months, the next meeting is in June. We hope you and her family can be present and enjoy the evening with the other Legionnaire families.
Boys State opened in June with 840 boys from all sections of the state. Travis Post 76 sponsored 9 boys this year. The 9 young men together with their parents, were honored at our Food and Fun Night meeting in May. This years Boys State is the biggest that Texas has ever had, and promises to be one of the best.
The 3rd Division Convention held in Brownsville in May was indeed an enjoyable affair- Golf on Friday and a "Shrimp Boil" on Padre Island that evening, trip to Mexico for the ladies on Saturday with a General Session Saturday afternoon, and a banquet that evening. Sunday was devoted to the General Program and Business session. Some of the outstanding speakers were Senator John Tower, Department Commander Bill Hester, Department Attorney General Waggoner Carr, and Joe Matthews- Candidate for National Commander. Pat Pasley, member of Post 83 here in Austin, was elected Commander of the 3rd Division. Gil Moody of Lubbock and a Past Commander of Travis Post 76 was endorsed as a candidate for Department Commander.
Don O'Connor, Vince Taylor and F.C.McConnell were delegates representing Travis Post 76.
The 53rd annual Department Convention will be held in Dallas in July with HQ in the Baker Hotel. An interesting program has been planned and we hope a number of Legionnaires form Travis Post 76 will be able to attend.

July 1971

The Food and Fun Night will be Monday evening July 19. Bring a covered dish and enjoy the evening with the Legionnaires and the Auxillary Ladies.
The Department Convention will be held in Dallas in July with HQ in the Baker Hotel. The official program for the convention offers 3 days of interesting and important activities that every Legionnaire will enjoy.
The Fathers Day Program at the Veterans Hospital at Temple was enjoyed by more than 130 disabled veterans. The Auxillary Ladies from Unit 76, headed by Mrs. J.T. Hastings as Chairman of the Rehabilitation Committee, were responsible for the program and activities. It was indeed rewarding to see the disabled veterans enjoy the program and activities so very much.

August 1971

Our newly elected officers for Travis Post 76 will be installed at a special meeting on Sunday at the Legion Home. Department Commander Gil Moody of Lubbock will be the installing officer.
Department Vice Commander of the 3rd Division Pat Pasley, the Vice Commander of the 10th District Ed McCarty, and the Department Color Guard from Knebel Post 83 will assist the Department Commander in the installation of the officers. Many of our Legionnaires will remember that Commander Moody is a former member and Past Commander of Travis Post 76. Refreshments will be served and certainly we hope that a large group can be present for this very special occasion. The Auxillary members and the general public are invited to be present. Let's give Don O'Connor, our new Commander, and the other elected officers a good start for the new year by being present for their installation ceremony.
The Auxillary Unit 76 installation will be held at the Legion Home on Monday. Refreshments will be served after the program. All Legionnaires and the general public are invited to be present.
The Department Convention in Dallas was well attended. It is reported that the real highlight of the convention took place when our own Ward Moody, Past Department Adjutant, nominated his son Gil for the important office as Department Commander. There were tears in many eyes. Also, it might be reported that our own Mrs. Ethel Gillespie, outgoing President of Auxillry Unit 76, was elected Vice President of American Legion Auxillary, Department of Texas.
The American Legion National Convention will be held in Houston in August with HQ in the Rice Hotel. This National Convention is always very much worthwhile and no doubt a number of our members will wish to be present for part or all of these impressive activities, including the programs to be held in the world famous Astrodome.

September 1971

Come out and celebrate Labor Day under the beautiful oaks at our Legion Home. Bring a vegetable, salad, or a dessert--the Legion is furnishing the meat and Vince Taylor is furnishing the beer. Bring a vegetable, salad, or dessert and let's have a good time together.
The 3rd Monday of the month will also be a covered dish supper. We will have a guest speaker and some entertainment for this meeting.
Your Commander was elected Parade Chairman at the All Veterans Day Committee meeting. Plan to take part in the parade. Askel Hansen and Carroll Denmark have charge of parade arrangements for our Post.

October 1971

The 10th District Convention was held at Post 83 in September was well attended. Welcome address was by Mayor Roy Butler. Land Commisioner Bob Armstrong gave the main address. BBQ dinner was served at noon and enjoyed by all.
You will enjoy the covered dish supper preceeding our monthly meeting in October. Capt. C.N. Adams of the US Marine Reserves will deliver a speech and a film of the Battle of Khesanh.
The annual Past Commanders Breakfast will be held as usual in the Stephen F. Austin Hotel at 7am on Veterans Day. All Legionnaires are welcome. The annual Veterans Day parade will be that evening at 630pm from 2nd Street. Post 76 will have two decorated cars participating.
The Auxillary is planning their Poppy sale for that weekend.

We regret very much the passing of our buddy C.T.Johnson. He was very active in Legion work. Also in many other social works. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

November 1971

The Veterans Day Parade is over successfully, thank you. The Veterans Day Committee is composed of representatives from all Veterans organizations and the Armed Forces. Our Past Commander, Don O' Connor served as Parade Chairman and did, as you could see, a wonderful job. The Commander wants to thank all the members that took an active part in the arrangements and a special thanks to Jay Smith for lending us two new Chryslers for this event.
At our second meeting of the month we will have the Gold Star Mothers as our guests for this covered dish supper. The Jimmy Butler Singers led by Walter McGirt will sing for us after the meal, and we are told that they really can sing, so come out and enjoy it.
The Saturday night Bingo game is set for 730pm. This is a social party held nearly every week, and the ladies serve coffee and cookies.
Mrs. Clara Hastings has resumed the trips to Temple each Tuesday. The Veterans Hospital staff and patients are most appreciative. We have been assigned November 29 as our day at the Christmas Gift shop. Every member who can, should go that day.

December 1971

The Spirit of Christmas surges around us at this time each year and you and your families are cordially invited to the Christmas Party at our Legion Post Home on December 20th. The Legion is furnishing the turkey and ham, thanks to Buddies Albert Caster and Harley Gillespie. The Auxillary Ladies are doing the preparing and serving and members are asked to bring the vegetables, salad and desserts to compliment the turkey and ham. We will have a Tree Trimming on Sunday afternoon before. Come out and bring anything you can to decorate our Home and tree. An inspiring Christmas address by one of Austins best speakers, musical numbers by "The Notables", an outstanding singing organization, and finally singing of Christmas Carols by the Chorus and audience makes up the evenings program. We have been unusually fortunate in having Reverend Charles Sumners, Pastor of St. Davids Episcopal Church agree to develop for us the Christmas Spirit through use of the theme of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". Reverend Sumners, originally from Cuero represents a family active in the ministry, his twin brother being pastor of a Houston church, also one of his sons is an Episcopalian Priest. He has another son in the US Navy and a third is a student at UT. Reverend Sumners graduated from UT, received his Theological Degree from Virginia Seminary and has served as pastor at St. Davids for 32 years. He belongs to many different city organizations and loves the City Of Austin and its people.
Commander Weir went to Temple in December with the hospital volunteers to complete arrangements for the Christmas Party in December for Vets unable to be at home with their families. The Posts and Units all over the 10th District are doing a good job for Christmas. The Gift Shop was a huge success. A good number of the members were on hand November 29 to assist in the distribution. In addition to gifts from our Post and Unit to the shop, baskets of food and some clothing for children of the hospitalized veterans have been given in the City.

January 1972

At our first meeting of the New Year we had a report of the Christmas Party for the Veterans at the Hospital in Temple which, by the way, went off very nicely, and was appreciated by both patients and staff.
Dr. Frank Jensen will speak to us following the covered dish supper. Our thanks to Buddy James Grizzard for obtaining an outstanding speaker. Dr. Jensen is Professor of Petroleum Engineering and a member of the graduate Faculty at UT and has promised to speak to us about "Petroleum, Taxes and Ecology". He also promises a non-technical discussion and will answer pertinent questions from the audience.
The 8th Annual Legion Leadership College will be held Saturday in San Antonio at the Tropicana Motor Hotel. If you have never attended one of these classes, here is your chance to learn what the Legion is about.
Unit 76 did an outstanding job during December. The Gift shop was a real success and those who attended and worked on our assigned day will testify to that. We enjoyed the Christmas Party given the patients at Temple VA Hospital in December.

February 1972

At the next meeting of Travis Post 76 we will have a covered dish supper before the meeting as usual. Our speaker for the evening will be Mr. Floyd Young, who is the Regional Director for the VA Volunteer Services. He should be able to give us a lot of information pertaining to an important part of the reason the American Legion was formed.

March 1972

The next meeting of Travis Post 76 will be a covered dish supper. Since this is the night we celebrate the Birthday of the American Legion we are happy to announce that we have for a speaker that night a man who knows what the Legion stands for-he is a second generation Legionnaire-was in the Sons of the Legion before WWII and after that joined as a full member.He is a Past Commander of Travis Post and has served in other offices for the Post. Our speaker will be Col. Kerns Taylor, and I hope that you will come out that night and listen to Kerns with your buddies.

We will miss Buddy Ed Hemme. He died unexpectedly, and was buried Saturday afternoon. Ed has been a good friend for many years of Post 76.

April 1972

At our next meeting of Travis Post 76 we will have our usual covered dish supper. Our 1st Vice Commander, Carroll Denmark, is going all out this time. His Explorer Scout Post, that Post 76 is sponsoring, will perform for us in their American Indian costumes and while they are getting ready for their show Carroll will give us a short speech and also show some slides to give us a background for the work these fine young men are doing. to top all of that there is a rumor that Carroll will also furnish some BBQ chicken for the supper---he must be running for Commander or something.

At the covered dish supper in may we have a number of guests invited for that night---all of our Boys State delegates and their parents. Dr. Haynie, our Boys State Chairman will introduce them and give them the briefing about what they can expect at the Boys State Session. After supper we are looking forward to an interesting address by Mr. George Carlson. He is in charge of training Security Officers for the UT System and will be able to tell us "how it is".
The Legion will furnish the ham and the Auxillary wiil bring salads, desserts and vegetables.

Sorry to announce that Commander Wier is in the hospital suffering from a light stroke. We are all hoping to have him back with us soon.

June 1972

Our next meeting will be our usual covered dish supper, which is usually a well balanced meal, something for everyone. After the meal we will have our business meetings which this month includes election of officers for the coming year.

Commander Wier is now in the V.A. Hospital in Temple for therapy after his unfortunate stroke, and seems to be getting along fine.

We lost two long time members by death this month-Victor Wolf and Clarence Bergstrom. Our sympathy goes to their families.

July 1972

The next meeting of Travis Post 76 will be a covered dish supper. Following the meal we will have one or more of our Boys Staters give a report of their experiences during that week. The Post sponsored 7 boys this year and considers it to be one of the most outstanding of our Legion programs. We will also hear reports from the Department Convention, from the delegates who attended. It will be a 3 day affair in the Astroworld Hotel in Houston. Commander Wier will not be able to attend, but we have the good news that he will be home from the V.A. Hospital this weekend. He is now able to walk with the help of just a cane.

August 1972

At our next meeting of Travis Post 76 we will have a joint installation of Legion and Auxillary officers and the ladies are plannig to serve refreshments--punch, coffee, sandwiches--afterwards.
The Installing Officers will be 10th District Commander James McCarty for the Legion and 10th District President Mrs. McAdams for the Auxillary. Happy to tell you that Commander Wier is geting much better and plans on being present at the meeting Monday night.

Long time member W.C.Hart passed away August 12. It is with deep appreciation that we recall his many years in our Post.

September 1972

The slate of officers elected to serve Travis Post during 1973 were installed by District Commander James McCarty of Post 83 at the August meeting at the Legion Home.
In keeping with our custom, the covered dish supper with our Auxillary will be held at our Legion Home Monday night. This meeting is always an excellent opportunity to fellowship with other Legionnaires and Auxillary and to enjoy good food.
We have again been asked to assume a leading role to make the Austin-Travis County All Veterans Day Celebration a success. Auxillary President Ethel Gillispie and Past Commander McConnell have been asked to be in charge of the Speakers Bureau, Mrs Guarino has been asked to serve on the Publicity Committee. Commanders Haynie, Denmark and Hansen are serving on the Steering Committee.

October 1972

AUSTIN TEXAS: POPULATION 35,000!--No you did not read the lead line wrong nor is it a misprint. The story of our City Beautiful during the early days will be the subject of a presentation in words and pictures by Mrs. William Bateman at our next meeting.Plan now to join your Buddies and the Auxillary at this covered dish occasion. We promise you the time will be well spent.
The annual All Veterans Day activities are well firmed. This years affair promises to be the best. Plan now to be a part of this observation. Past Commander McConnell and President Gillispie still need speakers to appear before our schools and civic groups to tell the veterans story.
Help is also needed from both men and women of our organizations to help with the poppy sales.
Six Flags near Dallas is the place Legionnaires from all parts of Texas will gather this weekend to pay their respects and honor our National Commander Joe Matthews. Commander Joe has been a special friend to Travis Post 76 for many years.
Plans are well under way to hold formal installation for those new members who are new to our organization. We owe it to these men, most of them from the Vietnam era, to be on hand and show them that they are welcome and needed in Our American Legion

November 1972

Mark your calendar now and make your plans to be on hand or the fellowship meeting. We honor the Gold Star Mothers of the Austin Community on this occasion. An interesting, inspirational and appropriate program has been planned to pay tribute to those who gave their sons that our nation might live. The Post is furnishing the turkey, Buddy Carroll Denmark is barbequing it, the ladies of the Auxillary will bring the covered dishes. The least we can do is be on hand to enjoy this event.
To date 11 new members have been brought into Travis Post 76. Most of these men are veterans of the Vietnam era who have returned to Austin to make this great country his home. They are anxious to join forces with us and to continue to serve God and Country through the American Legion. It is indeed a heartwarming experience to know these fine men.New members are: Hilding Frid, Charles Goulde, George Janning, Albert Kibler, Walter Kindle, Robert Mcray, Robert McMurry, Robert Pollard, Horace Rolston, Harry Riley, and Don Swanson.Welcome gentlemen to Travis Post 76. Hopefully you will find a place to serve God and Country.
Mrs. Clara Hastings of our Auxillary reported she had the pleasure of presenting canteen books and a card in behalf of Travis Post 76 to one of our own, Ewell Richardson. Ewell sends his thanks and states that he is looking forward to the day that he is back home and can attend functions of Post 76.
Travis Unit and Post will host the Gold Star Mothers at our covered dish dinner on this coming Monday night. Please come and help us pay tribute to these lovely ladies. Cook up your favorite dish or casserole and join with us. The "Noteables", a singing group of ladies will entertain us with their music and talent following our meal.
Have you forgotten to bring or send your gift for the Veterans Gift Shop? If so, you can bring it Monday night.

Buddies C.E.Faulkner, E.T. Morris and Harry Cornibe have gone to their reward since our last writing. Our prayers are with the families and friends of these Legionnaires.

December 1972

Why not plan now to join your friends of Travis Post 76 at the annual Christmas Party Sunday afternoon. Visiting, singing of Christmas Carols and refeshments are planned. Santa will visit the children and grandchildren. Parents and grandparents are requested to bring gifts for each child who will be at the party. Can you think of a better was of getting into the spirit of the season. Come on out and spend a happy hour with those you love.

January 1973

Our next regular fun, food and fellowship night is next Monday night. Don't you forget to plan to join your friends and fellow Legionnaires for this highlight in our program. Legionnaires and their Auxillary are to bring a covered dish, enjoy a meal and hear a very timely talk by Mr. James Smith, Assistant Director of the Veterans Affairs Commission. Mr. Smith will share information concerning recent legislation enacted that will provide additional benefits for Vietnam vets.

February 1973

Our covered dish supper comes next Monday evening and our speaker for this month is Dan Love, our Pro-Tem Mayor and a well known figure in Austin. He will bring us a program on Americanism. Game night starts Friday. Since it is a Friday night you can stay up late and not have to go to work on Saturday. Buddy Lorance Dennis is the Chairman for this project and promises us a good time.
The Post has adopted a policy of flying our National Flag daily. This will cause a need for flags as it is expected that the life of a flag thus flown will be about 60 days. Are there any members of the Post or Auxillary that have flags that draped the coffin of a loved one that would like the donate such to the Post. It is hoped that we will erect a marker where the name of the Buddy, whose flag is flying can be posted as a memorial to him or her.
Posts are being urged to offer assistance to returning POWs. 20th District has offered its home to these men for family reunions along with offers to help with the refreshments, if wanted. Let us pray for the return of each POW and that all the MIAs will be accounted for.

March 1973

March marks the 54th Birthday of our American Legion. Since the historical Caucus in Paris in 1919 the American Legion has grown in stature and recognized as the leading veterans organization anywhere in the world. what made it great? Devoted veterans, dedicated to the cause set forth in the Preamble of our Constitution, men and women who have placed Service before Self in order that the causes fought for will be preserved.
The Post will observe the Legion Birthday at our next supper meeting. The ladies of the Auxillary are preparing salads for a Salad Supper. A large decorated birthday cake will be our dessert. Brigadier General James Rose Military Advisor to the Governor (and our newest member) will speak. He will talk on the History of the Legion and what can be done to build the program of the Legion. He is also a great supporter of Boys State, Scouting and other activities of the Legion.
Your Post 76 is having Bingo nights every Friday evening at the Post Home. Members of the Post and their guests are welcome to join in the fun and fellowship of this occasion. Buddy Larry Dennis and his committee have shown real talent for providing the real fun that goes with the gatherings. Members of our Auxillary have been preparing delicious sandwiches, cakes and other refreshments.
Mrs. Hansen has the cookbooks on hand for sale with choice recipes from all our good cooks and others, too.

April 1973

A documentary film showing the potential firepower of the USSR will be shown at the meeting in April immediately after the covered dish supper in our Post Home.
Governor Dolph Briscoe has been invited to speak to an ingathering of Travis Post 76, its Auxillary and guests at a special occasion set aside to honor veterans of WWI who reside in Austin. Plans at this time call for a BBQ on the lawn of our Post Home followed by the Governors address and special activities honoring those who have given many years of service to God and Country. Special invitations will be sent to all WWI vets, Department Officials, District and Divisional Officers as well as other dignitaries of the community.
A cold dreary Sunday was turned into a warm day of fellowship by the hospitality of Post 317 in Jarrell. Participants took part in Post Dedication ceremonies and memorial services during the morning session, enjoyed a delicious BBQ at noon and a most informative business meeting during the afternoon meeting.

May 1973

High School and University students who were awarded service medals by Travis Post 76 for outstanding service during the current school year will be honored at our meeting Monday night. Young men from the Naval and Air ROTC at the University and the high school students from Reagan High School have been invited to attend. Arrangements have been made to show a short film which tells the ROTC story and its worth. Auxillary members are planning to bring the food, the covered dishes. Bless their hearts, they always do things in a big way!
Thanks to the hard working Chairman, Mac McConnell, Travis Post 76 will be represented by the largest delegation of Boys Staters ever sent to Boys State by our Post. Saturday night the National Commander Joe Matthews will speak to the Boys.

June 1973

We will have fun and fellowship at our regular 3rd Monday supper meeting. Our Boys Staters will be there and we have invited all the 10 outstanding boys our post is sponsoring this year and their parents to be our guests for the covered dish dinner. We sent more boys this year than has ever been sent before by Post 76. Because of the extra guests, the Post voted to furnish the main dish, meat, and ask the ladies to bring salads, vegetables or desserts to compliment the meal.

July 1974

There will be a dedication ceremony this month for the planting of the POW-MIA trees in front of our Post Home. Mrs. Lyndon Johnson will be present. The Auxillary and Post will hold an open house before and after the ceremony. Punch, coffee and cookies will be provided by the Auxillary.

November 1974

At our dinner meeting, James Grizzard showed 2 films. One was "Our Nuclear Navy". The 2nd was also about the Navy but included more than just the nuclear part of it. With programs like this we should be able to keep up very good attendance. A covered dish supper was served.

January 1975

For the covered dish meeting in January the ladies are bringing the food, so come out and enjoy it. Bachelor members may still partake, for the price of $1.25. This money goes to the Auxillary to help buy coffee, cream and sugar, and other incidental expenses. Program Chairman Charles Jones has secured what should be an interesting speaker for that night, newly elected Railroad Commissioner Mack Wallace to speak to us. We hope that Commissioner Wallace can inform us why Austin and San Antonio can not get all the natural gas they have contracted for, so come out and let's listen.

March 1975

Our Boys State Chairman McConnell gave a report about this upcoming event. Post 76 last year had 8 boys representing us, 4 of them covered from Post finances-the others paid for by various means. This year Austin has one more high school to look after-the New LBJ in the NE part of town. Boys State is a program the Legion can be very proud of and since the boys that are attending are seniors in high school much leadership for the good of Texas has developed there.
The 3rd Monday meeting has been moved to Sunday afternoon March 16 at 4pm. No social program since we will be celebrating the birth of the American Legion.

April 1975

Our hard working Program Chairman Charles Jones is bringing us a speaker that we all know for the 3rd Monday meeting, Senator Ralph Yarborough. His subject will be "Our Times". The senator has been a member of Travis Post 76 for 29 years and has been active as a delegate to division and state conventions.

May 1975

We have invited all 20 of our Boys State delegates and their parents to be guests for a BBQ dinner on May 19. After the social affairs are finished the Commander requests that Legion members remain to nominate candidates for officers to serve in the next year.

June 1975

The dinner meeting in May was very successful. Our Boys State delegates and their parents were present. The food was BBQ and trimmings. On June 16 a covered dish supper is planned after which the Post and Auxillary will have their business meetings.

July 1975

June 16 was the social meeting and also the election of officers for the coming year. Installation will be in August.The social meeting in July will be the usual well balanced meal of a covered dish supper, followed by just plain visiting with each other.

August 1975

During the August business meeting of the Post one of the main discussions pertained to a request to sponsor a circus during the month of June 1976.
The August Social Meeting will be replaced with a Sunday afternoon meeting when the main event will be the installation of new officers of the Auxillary. At the September social meeting the usual covered dish dinner will be followed by the installation of the officers of the Post.

October 1975

The focus of discussion at the October business meeting was the approaching 10th District Convention when Travis Post 76 will be the host post. and all meetings will take place at our Post home. Hopefully it will end in time for delegates from Brenham, Summerville and other far away places to have a pleasant return trip in daylight. For those members of Travis Post 76 who only attend our post meetings it could be a well spent day to attend. You will meet Legion and Auxillary members from all over Central Texas. The morning meeting will be a joint session of Legion and Auxillary members with Departmental Commander Larry Lahie giving the main speech. Then will follow a recess for lunch which our able Vice Commander Swanson in collaboration with Mrs. Naomi Crook, the President of the Auxillary assisted by other members of the organizations seem to have well in hand with all arrangements made. In the afternoon the Legion group will hold its business meeting in the upstairs hall and the Auxillary will take over the downstairs meeting room.

New Members
Welcome new members: Donald Dunham, E.C. Brashear, William Kalinec, Jack Robinson, Col. Albert Horner, James Stewart Jr., George Laughter, Joe Crow, Douglas Nichols, Jim Langdon, John Weiler, R.M. Tinstman and Mrs Carol Wilson.

November 1975

The 10th District Convention on October 19 where Travis Post 76 was host to Legion members from Central Texas was a success, thanks to the planning and work of our Vice commander Don Swanson and Auxillary President Naomi Crook and their committees.
At the business meeting November 3rd the arrangements for our participation in the observance of Veterans Day were completed.Commander Murphy asked Don Swanson to take charge of our entry in the parade the evening of the 11th.
Firman Haynie, as President of the Past Commanders Association invited all members to the annual Past Commanders Breakfast at 7 a.m. the morning of that day.
The membership renewals are coming in very well and a number of new members have been signed up for the 1975-76 year. In case any of you that are already in Travis Post 76 know any of these new members,look them up and welcome them as fellow Legionaires.They are: Col. G.H.Oldenburg, R.M. Mathias, Charles B. Grover Jr, Harry Hickman, Clifton L. Turner, Ray E. Bagless, John N. Kemp and Hugh D. Mcgraw.
The second meeting of the month November 17 will be our Thanksgiving dinner meeting.Entertainment Chairman Charles Jones has secured as after dinner speaker a Buddy member that we all hope to get along well with: Sheriff Raymond Frank. We are sure that he will have some interesting things to tell us. Come to the Post Home, enjoy a good dinner, the speaker and the usual fellowship afterwards.

December 1975

At the business meeting in December Hardy Hollers gave a report on further contact with the circus the Post has been invited to sponsor for a performance in Austin some time in July 1976.
Instead of the regular 3rd Monday social, we will have our annual Christmas party on Sunday afternoon.
November was a very busy month. The Poppy sale was very good. The placing of a wreath of poppies on the Unknown Soldiers grave at the south entrance of the State Capitol on Veterans Day was impressive and the program was good. The Reception held in the Stephen F. Austin Hotel was a success. Travis Post and Auxillary Unit 76 was impressive as they combined to create a float in the parade. In the center of the float was an improvised Tomb of the Unknown Soldier surrounded by white crosses with poppies from "Flanders Fields". The work was artisically done by our own Jenny Lou and Don Swanson

January 1976

At the business meeting in December Buddy Hollers had further information about the circus we are dealing with as proposed sponsors this summer as part of the bicentennial celebration.
For the third Monday social meeting the ladies are planning the usual covered dish dinner. Our Entertainment Chairman Charles Jones has bee working to secure us an interesting speaker. It should be Mr. Fred Lee, an agent with the FBI. Anything from a source like that should be very interesting so come out and enjoy a good dinner and the usual fellowship afterwards.

February 1976

At the first Monday business meeting a report was given by Buddy Hollers about the progress of negotiations with the bicentennial circus the post is sponsoring. The contract is signed by Commander Murphy and meetings with the city solicitation board are scheduled. No difficulties were anticipated with approval from this board. There will be books of tickets later for purchase by post members either for their own use or for gifts to underprivileged children who would otherwise not be able to see this show. Commander Murphy hopes that as many of you as possibly can will visit the Freedom train scheduled to be in Austin in February. The American Legion has given to this exhibit a freedom bell on behalf of the nations children.
A Sunday afternoon get together will replace the usual 3rd Monday covered dish meeting.
At our last dinner meeting we heard a very informative talk by our local FBI man M. Fred Lee who spoke for 40 minutes after dinner.

March 1976

You are invited to a birthday party. The 57th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion in Paris March 1919. Paul Bowman,Past Commander,long time Adjutant, Past District Commander, Past 3rd Division Commander,Past Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Past Chef de Gare du Texas, in short, "Mr. American Legion" of Texas and Travis Post told once how he came close to being a delegate to that first formative meeting in 1919. A call for delegates was sent to all the different camps still in Europe at that time. Pauls commanding officer asked him to be one of the delegates. However, Sgt. Paul Bowman also was overdue for a furlough and using that time attending meetings did not appeal very much to him, so he respectfully refused. He never did tell us what he did on his furlough but knowing him later on he had great regrets of refusing that opportunity to be on the ground floor of the organization he has given so much of his life to. Past Commander Charles Jones has secured an old friend of the post, Mr. James Smith of the Veterans Affairs Commission to speak to us after dinner is enjoyed.
At the business meeeting in March Buddy Hollers gave a report on the progress of the circus we are sponsoring. The advance sales tickets are sold by a telephone committee located in the Littlefield building and everone will get a call.When you get yours please listen and purchase tickets for your family and perhaps as some of us have done once, buy a book of childrens tickets as a gift to the Salvation Army of any other group that will deal with underprivileged children. Christmas shouldn't be the only time of the year for kids to have a little fun. The circus will be in Austin in April.
Commander Murphy and the post recieved a present from Buddy Hollers, a miniature replica of the Liberty Bell, complete with crack. This bell was placed with thanks to Buddy Hollers on our trophy shelf to be seen by all here after.

June 1976

On Sunday evening May 30 the Auxillary President and the Post Adjutant represented the post at an impressive Memorial Day ceremony held at the south entrance to the Capital. Sonny Roemer from VFW Post 8925 was Master of Ceremonies and did a beautiful job. Many veterans organzations were present.

July 1976

The business meeting held July 5th was opened by Commander Murphy. It was well attended despite the fact that it fell on July 5th which for many was considered an extension of the July 4th holiday. Buddy Mac gave a report about the forthcoming dinner planned for July 19 where our Boys State delegates and the Auxillarys Girls State Delegates are invited to eat with us.
We hope to see all of you at this meeting to listen to what the delegates have to say about their experiences and what they have learned about Texas Government in that busy week for them just passed.

August 1976

At the covered dish supper meeting in August we will have the installation of new officers.
Former Department Commander G. Ward Moody will be the installing officer so we can be sure the job will be done right. Former Department Commander and Post Commander Vince Taylor and your Post Adjutant represented us at the Department Convention in Houston last month. Your Adjutant must admit to losing out on one election. He was rooting for Number 3 of the 11 candidates for Miss American Legion Queen but the extreme cold temperature in the ballroom at the Shamrock Hilton where the contest was held right after the outdoor BBQ dinner around the Olympic size swimming pool must have affected his judgement as Number 1, a Miss Donna Raye Boyer from Houston won the title. Our Auxillary President Naomi Crook had better judgement but Number 3 did get to be 2nd runner up. The entertainment at the BBQ was outstanding. A Chrysler speedboat made amazing turns at high speed in this Olympic sized swimming pool pulling skiers, one time there being three girls and once the center girl climbed up and stood on the shoulders of the other 2 girls. One young man was cavorting on the sidewalk with a "Fisheye Camera" that he declared could photograph everyone around the pool at one time and later he got in on the skiing on a pair of skis over 18 inches long.
Our Service Officer Haynie and Mrs.went east for the Bicentennial celebration and managed to see the tall ships parading. Haynie had a special purpose. To see again the Schoolship Danmark on which he served in WWII. This fine sailing ship happened to be on this side of the Atlantic when Germany invaded Denmark and the crew simply turned the ship over to the USA for the duration. That was long before the US got involved.

October 1976

On Veterans Day Travis Post is planning on having at least two cars in the parade representing the Post and Auxillary. McConnell is doing a great job preparing for this event. Plans are also in the works for the annual Past Commanders Breakfast. This year the Past Auxillary Presidents have asked to participate and were welcomed. Hardy Hollers is this years President of that event. He was also the instigator of this Past Commanders Association many years ago when "All Veterans Day' was Armistice Day. This will be the first time that Past Commander Col. Murphy will attend as a member although he has attended many as speaker or MC. The covered dish supper meeting this month will be followed by a speech by Dick Nichols, former city councilman. Subject: "The City Today". This subject pertains to all of us and should be very informative. If time permits we may finish with a few games of bingo.

November 1976

We will have our Annual Past Commanders Breakfast at 0730 on Veterans Day. The Auxillary will be serving the meal. Buddy Hollers has secured an unusual speaker for that event--Dr. Andre Pradzynski, Professor at UT and an emigrant from Poland. The subject will be "What Liberty Means to Me". There is nothing to educate you in it other than personal experience. I fear most of us take liberty for granted. The Post is taking part in the parade which will begin at 6pm on the 11th. Buddy McConnell has secured two new cars for us to decorate before starting time at the first block of West 2nd Street. Mac and the Adjutant will pick up the cars from Jay Smith and have them in place as early as possible. The Past Presidents Parley will also have a car in the parade. Mrs. Gillispie is the President of that organization this year. Flags will be given out ahead of the parade to young children or to anyone wishing to wave them as they are watching, remembering to please observe the old American custom of removing your hat, if any, and place your right hand over your heart, when the US Flag is passing, thank you.

Sick Call
Col. Vance Murphy and Harry Griffiths in St. Davids Hospital, and Lionel Cook in Bergstrom Hospital. We hope for a speedy recovery for all of them.
Auxillary News
I want all of you to come down to the Stephen F. Austin Hotel and help us if you can.We will be distributing poppies Wednesday at the office buildings and the banks. After the Past Commanders Breakfast at the Legion Home we will be returning to our Headquarters at the Austin Hotel for the Reception, which will be at 5pm on the 11th and distributing the poppies on the parade route on Congress Avenue which will begin about 6pm. You could be most helpful during the parade or just prior to the time when all the people are along the Avenue. Remember, also, that we will have a covered dish dinner on our regular 3rd Monday night. This will be a fun night after the meal with games and play. Let us all remember our duty to our disabled veterans and help wherever we can.

December 1976

Considering the weather combined with the Monday night football game, the first meeting of the month was well attended. A pleasant part of the meeting was that Past Commander Adolph Hohertz together with Harry Alkire and Walter Loewe were present. They have just transferred from Round Rock Post and have now paid their dues in Travis Post. We welcome these buddies and know that they will be a big help in the Legion work that we are all dedicated to. The Adjutant reported that the flag that we at a previous meeting had voted to purchase had arrived. This flag will be presented to the Rebecca Baines Johnson retirement home. Hopefully the weather will clear up so that we may have a small ceremonial presentation. Our 3rd Monday covered dish meeting will be our Christmas party, so please come out and celebrate with us.
Commander Proctor and the officers of Travis Post 76 wish each and every one of you a

January 1977

The dinner party in December was well attended and an excellent dinner was enjoyed by all. Mrs. Lois Hansen had procured a number of books with Christmas songs, courtesy of the John Hancock Insurance Company with Mrs. A.O.Willman on the piano. Some of the timeless songs were sung. Thereafter Charles Jones brought out the bingo cards and very few of the members present felt they had to leave. Altogether a very successful Christmas party.
The dinner meeting for January will be held on the 17th. Hope the weather improves so that many of you will be present. Our guest speaker will be our local FBI agent Mr. Fred Lee and according to program chairman Charles Jones, Mr. Lee may bring out one of his associates.

February 1977

The social meeting in January was unusually well attended. After the usual good dinner served by the Auxillary our invited guest Mr. Fred Lee and his assistant Mr. Yarborough gave us a very interesting and informative talk about what they had been doing lately for the good of Austin and vicinity followed by a lively question and answer period. After the speech Charles Jones managed to keep everybody not in a hurry to leave occupied with a spontaneous bingo game, but a foursome slipped away to play a game of bridge in the recreation room.
The business meeting in February was also well attended. Buddy Mac has been working on getting delegates and alternates for Boys State from the 5 Austin high schools we usually sponsor. Mac also goes the many miles more to interest the surrounding high schools in sending their outstanding boys to this event. By his efforts Travis Post has for several years been the post in Texas with the most delegates attending Boys State.
This year, thanks to Buddy James Grizzard we may be able to participate in the oratorical contest. Jim is also the man who sees that we have the medals on hand to present to the ROTC every year. We give these medals to UT Marines and AF ROTC and also to the Reagan High School unit.
For the dinner meeting in February we have the usual good meal followed by social games of what the members and auxillary are interested in.
The Adjutant has received a request for blood donors. Dr. Robert Delafield, a 58 year member of Travis Post is seriously ill with leukemia and has to have 2 pints of blood every two weeks. With blood costing $50 a pint, this is a most serious matter for anyone. Many of you have indicated on your membership applications that you are willing to give blood, so please, as many of you as can, go to the blood bank and give but be sure to make the donation expressed in the name of Robert Delafield and get a receipt stating that, otherwise our buddy may still have to pay.
The Commander and members of Post 76 wish to welcome two new members enrolled since the last newsletter: Ken Williams and Jessie Cook.

March 1977

The business meeting in March was well attended. Chairman Mac reported that the prospect now is for the largest yet delegation sponsored by our post. Dripping Springs High School which last year sent 2 fine young men may this year send as many as 8.
The speaker for our social meeting this month will be Audrey Bateman, whose articles about Austin and Travis County appear in the newspaper every week. The topic will be "Austin in the 1890s". The Auxillary is also going all out to celebrate the American Legions 58th birthday that evening.

Our condolences goes to Don O'Connor and Clara Hastings for the loss by death of Scotty Hastings.Also to Walter Schlueter and his family for the loss of his father this month. Walter has been on the Post Executive Committee for a number of years, and his father had among many other things, the distinction of having been born here in Austin and lived here all his life.

April 1977

The Legion birthday party was a very successful event. Audrey Bateman really knows her subject-Austin in the 1890s. She showed many slides of the buildings of that era, often followed by a recent picture of the parking lots there now.
Boys State seems to be in good hands. Mac reported that contributions from members have more than covered the money we were asked for. The social meeting in April will be our usual fine covered dish dinner and Entertainment Chairman Charles Jones is sure to come up with some kind of games for us to play.

Past Commander Col. Murphy is reported back home after his latest tour in hospital, as is Dr. Robert Delafield. Dr. Delafield would enjoy visits from old friends and mebers of Travis Post. He is a 58 year member of the Legion.

May 1977

The month since the last newsletter has been very active for Travis Post beginning with the covered dish dinner meeting in April which was very well attended. A number of members attended the Spring 10th District Convention in Bastrop with delegates from 16 posts present, among them the Commander from Florence. Although Florence was an active post they seldom send any delegates to District Conventions. The post in Burnet, usually present, this year has elected a young woman as Commander. We understand that she is now over the posts quota in membership. Maybe that would work for us too. We do have several qualified women members. The Department Adjutant Willis McGregor made a short speech. One point he made that every veteran should have his discharge registered with the county clerk, as quite often when a veteran passes away, no proof can be found of his service and many of us would like the flag and bronze grave marker or the small headstone that the VA will furnish on request, not to speak of burial allowance, to help with the expenses, but widows and heirs must furnish proof of service of the deceased. The funeral homes are usually very helpful in that matter.
The Commander and James Grizzard has now presented scholastic medals to the Air Force and Navy ROTC and also to the Junior ROTC at Reagan High. Buddy Mac reported that he had now 14 Boys Staters signed up and paid for. He may find a few more yet, as he likes the post to have the most and the best for that event in June. Entertainment Chairman Charles Jones announces that after the covered dish dinner he will have some kind of games for us to end the evening. The guest speaker will be our Police Chief Dyson. The 3rd Division Convention will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in San Antonio in June.
We wish to welcome two new members: Jack McCreary and Richard Dunbar.

Condolences this month goes to the family of Herman Beaker, a 57 year member of Travis Post. Also to Commander Proctor and his wife for the loss of his uncle and Evelyns father.

June 1977

The business meeting was well attended. Delegates to the 3rd Division Convention in San Antonio were elected with Adolph Hohertz as Chairman. Following the covered dish dinner our speaker will be Chief of Police Frank Dyson.

July 1977

The coverd dish meeting in June was well attended. Dr. Firman Haynie gave us an excellent report on Boys State. Dr. and Mrs. Haynie practically live that week with these Boys State delegates. Well over 900 from all over Texas attended this year of which no less than 14 were sponsored by Travis Post. Attending Boys State must leave a lasting effect on these high school juniors, many of them return year after year to act as counselors for the new groups. In these days of seemingly lack of pride in country and flag, voting and expressed love for what these United States stand for, it is very encouraging to witness the behavior of these young men.
At the June dinner meeting Dr. Haynie had as his guests 4 young men that show serious intention of joining the post. We will welcome these young men and others that they may bring in, in order that Travis Post will be able to carry on, even though our older "War Horses" are falling by the wayside.

August 1977

Travis Post has been notified that its Home has been selected as an Historical Landmark. This was discussed at the first monthy meeting in August.
The 3rd Monday meeting in August will be a dinner meeting followed ny the installation of the newly elected officers. The installing officer will be our Assistant Department Adjutant, Jim Lemley.

October 1977

For our Monday covered dish dinner meeting we have Bruce Marshall who has promises to display a selection of his paintings. He is quite well known in art circles but even if you are not an art expert, we are sure you will find the display and his comments very enjoyable. The date is Oct 17 and there is no Dallas Cowboy game that night.

One of our long time members, Robert Calvert has lost his wife by death. Our sympathy goes to this 59 year Legion member and his family for their loss. In September we also lost a long time mmber A.H.Ater. Several Post members attended his funeral and paid their last respect to this good buddy.

November 1977

The covered dish dinner meeting in October was well attended and we learned something about the pitfalls of being an Historical Painter from Bruce Marshall. It seems that every detail in a picture portraying past events must be thoroughly investigated to avoid mistakes in the finished product. Some student of that period would find fault with it. Travis Post had a busy day November 11th starting at 0700 with the Traditional "Past Commanders Breakfast". The year the Past Presidents were invited to participate and a few of them did attend, but most of them were probably busy getting ready to sell Poppies for their Welfare Fund. Travis Post also had a car in the parade and had representatives of the Post and Auxillary place wreaths on the mock grave, at the memorial service held on the south steps of the State Capital. This is always a very impressive event, honoring our War Dead. Sonny Roemer, a member of VFW Post 8925 and also of Travis Post 76, is the buddy that deserves praise for arranging the ceremony. Senator Ralph Yarborough made a speech after the wreaths were placed, and the gun salute and flyover, courtesy of Camp Mabry. It was an impressive ceremony.
Our next meeting in November will be different. The Post has invited our 14 Boys Staters and our 4 Girls Staters to visit with us at this time, and give a report of their experiences during that busy week they were attending these events. As an added attraction this will also be the evening that our very good Buddy, Joe Dacy, will have an autograph party for the book his grandson wrote--"The Story of the Life of Joe Dacy".It's a long way from a small town in Lebanon to 610 Congress Avenue, and a lot of living in that time worth talking about.

December 1977

The dinner meeting in November was a success. Our delegates to Boys and Girls State were given an opportunity to express their feelings about that week spent in those events in June. Not being bashful is one of the first things you learn. They were all able to give their opinion and express themselves in what they had learned during that time. The consenus seemed to be that it was a week never to be forgotten and that this Amercian Legion Program is doing what it is intended to do-develop the community and state leaders of tomorrow.
The dinner meeting this month will be snacks and a few songs on Sunday at 3pm. All Gold Star Mothers are invited and to be honored at this party. A quartet of singers will be there to help us carry a tune.

January 1978

We will have what should be a very interesting speaker at our covered dish dinner meeting. FBI Special Agent. Mr. Joseph O'Connell. His subject will be "The FBI Today".
We may have received our new Bingo equipment by then.
Our December social meeting was held on a beautiful,warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. Gold Star mothers were our honored guests. Ethel Gillispie carried out a very appropriate program, paying special tribute to each Gold Star mother. Harry Gordon led the singing of Christmas carols, after which a delicious supper of sandwiches, salads, cookies, cakes and coffees was served.

February 1978

The covered dish meeting in January was well attended and we had a very interesting speaker, our new FBI agent and his lovely wife, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hawkins. Mr Hawkins has just taken over for our friend, Mr Lee, who has retired. He has nine years in the Marine Corps and nine years as an FBI Agent.
On Thursday night the Post is having our first Game Night. New equipment has been bought and will be used that night. We hope to make this a weekly event. We have, off and on, played this game at our social meetings, after the dinner, and may even have time at our next covered dish dinner meeting, for a few games with the new equipment.

March 1978

The business meeting in March was well attended and was conducted in good order, although Commander and Mrs. Proctor were on their way to Hawaii to enjoy a week of whatever fun draws so many people to those Pacific Islands. 1st Vice Commander Alkire was attending a Convention in San Antonio and Program Chairman Charles Jones and his lady were on a tour a little further south in Columbia, South America. Vice Commander Adolph Hohertz chaired the meeting and business was taken care of in good order. Buddy McConnell, Boys State Chairman has been working with ten high schools. Travis Post usually sponsors Boys state delegates from these.
At our next covered dish dinner meeting in March we will celebrate the American Legions 59th birthday. We have come a long way since that day in Paris when General Pershing at the suggestion of Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. called a meeting to discuss forming a new Veterans organization, which at a later caucus in St. Louis it was decided to call "The American Legion".We wish Paul and Ruth Bowman could be here to celebrate. Paul was a young Army sergeant at that time, and was given a chance to be a delegate, but being young, had other plans for his first leave in Paris.

April 1978

Our grateful thanks to Ethel Gillispie for the social Program in March. The largest gathering for quite some time to enjoy, and participate, in the music by the Notables. The ladies cusine caused considerable overindulgence at the tables. Attending were Thelma Davidson,10th District Auxillary President, her husband and our own Martha Ann Bobbitt. Delightfully addressing the group were Mrs. J.W. Martha Douglas, Auxillary President(Department of Texas).Also Buddy Joe Dacy entertained with WWI days and the birth and growth of the American Legion.

May 1978

Our Program Chairman, Charles Jones, has found what should be a very interesting speaker for our next covered dish dinner meeting, Mr. Don Carroll, of the State Bureau of Vital Statistics. We have been reading for some time about the millions of illegal aliens that are trying every trick to be allowed to continue living in the US. Mr. Carroll will tell us how some of these tricks are carried out.
Those who have been attending the Thursday Game night are enjoying it very much. Post member Ken Williams does the "M C"ing and is quite entertaining.

Sick Call
Our Sargeant-at-Arms, Walter Loewe,has had a severe heart attack, recuperated from that and was discharged, feeling well, but a few days later had to go back for a different kind of illness. He is still in serious condition at Seton Medical Center. Vice Commander Hohertz had what could have been a very serious accident and had to spend several weeks in a hospital, but is now home, making progress recuperating. The Adjutant had a nice vacation in Seton Hospital and is only complaining of so many daily visits to the Radiation Center. Also, Past Commander Murphy had to spend some time in Seton, but has been back home for several weeks.

June 1978

The covered dish dinner meeting in May was really well attended and the speaker Mr. Don Carroll of the Texas Bureau gave a very interesting talk about the ever growing problem of illegal aliens that is facing the USA.
For the covered dish dinner meeting this month, Charlie Jones has found a speaker that can tell you how to make money and invest it. Mr. John Guiling from the firm of Merrill Lynch will tell you all about it after dinner in June. He will also answer questions after the speech.

Sick Call
Our Sargeant-at-Arms Walter Loewe overcame a severe heart attack and was discharged feeling well, but two days later he was brought back, this time to Seton Hospital. After weeks, most of his right leg was amputated. This should have been enough, but after more weeks it was decided necessary to remove more of the same leg. So he is still confined and suffering very much pain, but he does welcome Legionnaire visitors and if nothing else, send him a note. Walter came from the Round Rock post with Adolph Hohertz a few years ago. We that know him soon learned to respect him as a fine gentle man and a dedicated Legionnaire.
Long time Legion and Auxillary member Mrs. Ruth Bowman passed away in Jackson,Miss where she and Paul had been living in a new VA hospital nursing care home. We buried her May 16 paying our last respects to her for all the work that she and Paul had done for Travis Post 76 for so many years.

July 1978

Our covered dish dinner meeting this month should be very interesting. Entertainment Chairman Charles Jones has secured for our pleasure, Mr. Ewell Hall with a photo slide show of the famous "King Tut" collection from the Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

August 1978

After the covered dish dinner meeting in August we will conduct the installation of the new Post Officers with Charles Jones as installing officer and Adolph Hohertz as Sgt at Arms. It will be a joint installation with the auxillary.
The Commander has received a letter from the Veterans Affairs Commission stating that the staff of the LBJ Library are planning an exhibition of WWI artifacts and memorablia on November 11,1978. The commission is asking for a list of our members of that era and will hold a brief reception to honor all Austin area WWI veterans and needs our help in locating as many as possible, for them to mail invitations to attend.

September 1978

At our business meeting we discussed our "Past Commanders Breakfast" for November 11th. Coffee will be ready at 0730 with food served at 0800 by a caterer. All Past Commanders will receive a formal invitation, but all post members are welcome to participate. Travis Post is also responsible for conducting the memorial services in front of the Capitol at 1100. Hope we can do it as well as VFW did last year.

October 1978

The September dinner meeting was very successful. The speaker, Council member Richard Goodman made a very favorable impression on the audience. We have invited our 17 Boys Staters and Girls Staters to dinner at this months dinner meeting. These young people are among the outstanding young men and women in our high schools.

This past Friday afternoon, a group of Post members had the sad, but not entirely unexpected task to perform: attend the funeral of our very good Legionnaire Buddy, Paul Bowman. The many years he spent for the good of Travis Post 76 will not easily be forgotten. Paul was "Mr. American Legion". He held practically every office in the Post at one time including two terms as Post Commander in diferent decades. Also, Paul held a number of offices in the higher levels of the American Legion. In the Forty and Eight he served as Grande Chef de Gare as well as some other offices. Paul Bowman devoted a large part of his time and energy to this Post.

November 1978

The arrangements for the Past Commanders Breakfast have been completed. The schedule for Veterans Day activities is: 7am Past Commanders Breakfast, 830am Reception at the S.F.Austin Hotel, 930am parade from 2nd to 11th streets, 1100am memorial service at LBJ Library.Seats will be provided for WWI veterans (special invitation). We will have 1 or 2 cars decorated and lined up in the parade.

December 1978

The November covered dish dinner meeting was well attended and we will have to compliment our entertainment chairman Charles Jones on his choice of after dinner speaker. Senior Sgt. Bailey of the APD really told us about his work in his department, murder,and rape. He also told us that,like most police officers wives, his wife also did a lot of grumbling and worrying because he cannot keep regular working hours, but then when at night a call comes about some woman having been attacked, she says "go get them". That is the kind of wife to have.

We are sorry to report that last month we lost two good members by death, Lionel Cook and George Greis. At Buddy Cooks funeral 2nd Vice Commander Adolph Hohertz and the Adjutant had the honor of folding the flag from the casket and presenting it to the widow.

January 1979

At our January dinner meeting, our local head FBI man Mr. Hawkins will have some new experiences to share with us after the usual good meal.

March 1979

The regular business meeting March 5 was very well attended. Our Boys State chairman F.C.McConnell announced he was ready to make his annual visits to the 4 high schools to select suitable candidates to attend Boys State. Buddy McConnell also visits all the surrounding school districts to find candidates for Post 76 to sponsor but funded by the schools, civic organizations, or maybe even the parents of a selected candidate. As a result Travis Post usually sponsors more boys for that exciting week than any other post in Texas. The second meeting of March will be March 19 and will be the meeting where we observe the 60th birthday of the Legion. Mrs. H.P.Gillispie is program chairperson for this event and is expecting some 15-18 guests to share the covered dish supper with us.

April 1979

The dinner meeting in March, the 60th anniversary of the American Legion, was a very enjoyable evening. The Auxillary had gone "all out" with extra food for guests, and a large cake decorated for the occasion. After the dinner was enjoyed, the singing group "the Notables" were in really good form that night and received much applause. After that, Dr. Firman Haynie spoke about the upcoming Boys State, a subject close to his heart and which is keeping both he and McConnell quite busy this time of the year.
Travis Post was called upon last week to assist at the funeral of a Veteran. We had the flags and Color Guards, and folded the flag from the casket and presented it to the closest survivor. We are always willing, and usually able to get a crew together, even though it may mean to take a couple of hours off from work. We are called on to do this quite frequently.

May 1979

Our guest speaker at the May business meeting was Mr Crane of PARD. He talked about the many programs his department is involved in. Mac reported that he had the coming Boys State delegations all lined up. Our guest speaker for the covered dish dinner will be our respected County Clerk Doris Shropshire. She is a former member of the Auxillary and her husband Wallace belonged to the Legion Post for a number of years.

Sick Call
Our long time Buddy Sam Platt is in St Davids Hospital and would be glad of a visit by any of his buddies. Our Sargeant-at-Arms Walter Loewe is now back home after his latest operation in Temple VA hospital.

June 1979

The covered dish dinner meeting in May was fairly well attended. Our respected County Clerk Doris Shropshire spoke about the trials and tribulations, as well as the satisfaction her job entailed.
Boys State began this month at UT so this is a hectic time for Dr. And Mrs Haynie, as they forget about their own lives and spend all their time overseeing this important event for a whole week.
Our Boys State Chairman, F.C.McConnell, reported that he had 12 delegates sponsored by Travis Post 76 this year.

July 1979

Our business meeting was mostly centered on the nomination and election of the men to lead us in the coming Legion year. The installation will be held in September.
All of you are familiar with the very large oak tree on the south west corner of the front lawn. One morning the branch of that tree was found broken, stopping traffic on West 1st Street. The workers that removed it had a difficult time, because the branch next to the tree was hollow and the happy home of a large swarm of bees until then. Our tree expert, Bill Coates was called in to decide how best to heal the wound. If any honey was found, the finder has not come forward.

August 1979

For the dinner meeting in August our program chairman, Charles Jones, has secured a promise from Mr. Ewell Hall and Mrs. Hall to show the slides of the "King Tut Exhibition" or slides of the Philadelphia Bicentennial.. Both of them are quite interesting.
Our Sargeant-at-Arms Walter Loewe, was present for the first time in many months. He has been in the hospital several times for operations. Now that his entire right leg is gone, he seems to be recuperating fast, and a remarkable man, has never lost his pleasant good humor. Walter lives in Round Rock, but he has a good friend as neighbor that brought him, wheelchair and all.

Sadlym, we report the death of a long time member, Wilmer Smith, whose wife, Mrs. Cross Smith is one of the super Poppy Sales Ladies around November 11.

September 1979

"King Tut" was here for a visit at our latest dinner meeting as was well received. Mr. and Mrs. Hall who were kind enough to show the slides for us, also had taken pictures of their visit to Philadelphia during the Bicentennial Celebration and shared these with us, showing many historic homes.
Our program chairman, Charles Jones and Mrs. Jones, are,at this time either in Ireland, Scotland or England, on a three week tour. That means that we will not have a speaker for the dinner meeting in October. They will, no doubt, give us a report of the tour. The installation of officers will be held at the dinner meeting in September. There may be guests for that dinner. The new Legion Post 449 formed at St. Edwards University has been invited. This Post is of Vietnam Veterans.
We are indebted to Post member Walter Loewe who has volunteered to bring a load of that delicious Taylor BBQ for the group at the covered dish dinner.

October 1979

Vince Taylor, Past Department Commander and Past Commander Travis Post 76, installed the new officers at the September dinner meeting.
Inspector Ramtton of the FBI who has been recently transferred to Austin from Washington will be our guest speaker at a future meeting.

November 1979

A Past Commanders Breakfast meeting at the Post Home was opened by Commander Hollers, President of the Past Commanders Association, followed by a brief Memorial Service.
At our November Social meeting Michael and June Sidoric who work with the Austin-Travis County collection of historic photographs, have a program called "Now you see it-Now you don't".

December 1979

At our November Social Meeting Charlie Jones gave a vivid description of touring Ireland, Scotland and England without benefit of a tour plan or director.

The meeting welcomed a new member, Jose Sanchez.

Sick Call
Eric Anderson was reported hospitalized at St Davids but expected to be released soon. Askel Hansen has had a bout with pneumonia;recuperating slowly.
We were saddened by the burial recently of Clarence Eckstrom and Sam Platt.

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