Travis Post 76 Newsletters 1960s

November 1960

What about the Legion Home
Yes, what are we going to do about the Home? For several years now to my knowledge, and probably long before my time in the post, every so often a controversy about it pops up on the post floor during a meeting. The majority seems to be of the opinion, that, in order to do what is right to the membership, we will just have to move to another location, where we can build to suit our needs as they are today rather than beginning a program of enlarging and reshaping the present building.
Some years ago, extensive plans were drawn up for a large annex to the home. The fact that the area around us is strictly dry, and that it has proven next to impossible to obtain a much wanted beer license for that location, has so far brought to a standstill any plans for expansion. At least one other location, involving a trade or swap with the City of Austin, who owns the tract in question, has been seriously considered at post meetings, and a committee appointed to handle the deal.
Personally, I am rather sentimentally attached to our old Home. You might see why, if some sunny Sunday morning you drive out there, park your car under one of the great old trees, and walk across the lawn and down the hill toward the river. About halfway down the slope stop, turn around the way you came, and look back in the direction in which you came. You will see the Home, Your Legion Home, in a setting that no place in Austin can beat. The tall columns, the majestic trees, and the grassy lawn sloping down to where you stand and levelling out until it meets the sleepy Colorado. Why, the place has everything. Everything except a beer license.
Our national headquarters has reminded us that the government is again asking all Legionnaires who are also employers to make the payroll savings plan of buying Savings Bonds available to their employees. Here is a concrete system by which each and every citizen can demonstrate that he is backing our countries fight against communism. Mr. Employer, that is an opportunity which you must present to your employees.
Post Attention! Rookies, fall in. December 11th is the night. All members who have not been initiated or have never taken the obligation will have their chance that night. All you older members come out, too. It will not hurt any of us to be reminded of the things for which our organization stands.
December 18 will be another big night for Travis Post 76. Everyone should be out for the big Christmas party. The Auxillary has started the ball rolling and both groups are working on the plans. It will be well worth attending. Since the plans are still in the formative stage, I cannot let you in on anything that is in store for you. Just come on out and be pleasantly suprised.

August 1961

The Auxillary Unit 76 and Travis Post 76 of the American Legion will hold a joint installation ceremony of officers for the new year. The Auxillary will install first with Mrs. R. H. Francis as the installing officer. Past Department Commander Walter Janko will install the officers of Travis Post 76. Following the installation, District Attorney Les Proctor will address the assembly. Come out and see your new officers installed. Bring the children with you. Refreshments will be served with Mrs. Paul Bowman as refreshment chairman. The canteen will be open before and after the meeting.
Our Legion baseball season is over. We are proud of the Austin team who did a wonderful job.
It has been a distinct honor to serve Travis Post 76 as Commander this year. When I look over the names of those Commanders of our past years, how great were their years and their accomplishments, and then look back over the accomplishments during the past year, I do not feel too happy about them. True, there have been some changes and improvements, but not all for which we had hoped. Can we have your help this new year? Our Buddy Kerns Taylor, who can not be with us now is depending on each member to get other members this year. Our Legion Home is more inviting than it has been for a long while, thanks to our good ladies of the Auxillary and their dynamic president who have so unselfishly given of their time to raise funds and help us to raise funds for painting and repairs on our building. To the many buddies who gave much time to our Legion affairs and functions, and to some in particular, I am grateful.
During the past year, several of our most active members have joined the Legion Eternal. Their memory will ever be with us. Let us strive to carry on the work of the Legion for all buddies who followed Our Flag on the battlefields at the call of Our Country, and those who have answered the Supreme Call. May our actions as Legionnaires be such that Our Flag may never again float over a field of war, but ever and forever over scenes of peace, honor and progress.

September 1961

There has always been a veterans organization. The Society of Cincinnati was organized by the men of George Washingtons army before the country had a government and there should be a place in the life of this nation for the American Legion, an organization of former service people interested in developing a sense of obligation to the community, state and nation. If you believe that we should keep such an organization alert and functioning in this critical period of our national life, we will appreciate your help to provide the momentum that produces the programs and the projects that are consistent with a "live" organization.
Those who have attended a state convention recently know that WWII and Korean conflict members are now "in the saddle". The state convention will come to Austin next year and we need the vitality that an active membership will provide to properly handle this convention.
You may or may not know that the Merci Box Car, a gift of the French government,is now more or less a permanent fixture on the grounds of Travis Post 76; drive by with the family sometime and take a look at it again.
We must not forget that one of our primary purposes is assistance to those who have disabilities resulting from war time service, and while you and I may have been spared any disability, we are prone to forget our responsibility to those who did have them; it could have been you or me.

October 1961

It has been said that "a nation that forgets its heroic dead, is a decadent nation". The attitude of the public generally towards Veterans Day and their lack of cooperation in its observance is distressing. The Poppy seems to have lost the significance it has always had for preceeding generations.
Any program depends upon the desire and the response of the members. If you cannot attend the meetings regularly, please call or write the commander and let him have the benefit of your suggestions and help us try to produce a "live" program. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
We plan to begin our special 3rd Monday program in October with something that Buddy Grizzard will have for us.
The All Veterans Day Committee is working on plans for the observance of November 11th. It is possible that calling National Guard units into Federal Service may handicap the committee in preparing for the parade. The fact that there is a football game in Austin and that it is on Saturday, may influence the committee to some extent. It is planned to broaden the membership base of the committee, and probably reorganize it entirely.
The State Executive Committee meets at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel this month. If you have time to listen to its deliberations you will be welcome; the Sunday morning session will be the most informative one.
An Attendance Prize is being proposed with the commander providing the original "kitty", which will then be "sweetened" at each meeting with a contribution of a coin or so by those present who may care to do so.
Notice of Meeting will appear under Lodge Notices in the papers each meeting day unless the commander forgets to get the notice to the paper on Saturday for Monday publication.
Do you want the Games Night revived? If so, we need working details, an acceptable time, and people to attend.

November 1961

The officers of this Post send Greetings and wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. The observance of this day to express thanks for Divine favors and blessings has endured through the past two centuries.
Our Commanders work day just isn't long enough. Community Service demands during a typical week in November included: Attending County Court concerning selection of Service Office; assisting in presentation of Service Medal to Ex-Mayor Tom Miller; Meeting with Housing Authority regarding old age housing; discussing with police the possibility of Emergency Police use of Legion facilities; sitting in with committee planning Veterans Day parade; and planning for committees and cooperation in anticipation of State Legion Convention in Austin for 1962. So, Buddy Jim Grizzard assisted in the make up of this bulletin.
Past Commander Watt Harris has recently distributed a brochure containing pictures of the several oldest buildings in Travis County. Travis Post 76 Legion Home is one of the exhibits of Civil War architectural style.
The Veterans Day Parade was led by the Color Guard of our Travis Post 76. The citizens of Austin are indebted to Brigadier General Tom Bishop, a member of Post 76, and his excellent staff for the fine parade.
At our last meeting in October, a special program was enjoyed where we heard Buddy Kerns Taylor and Buddy Bob Francis answer questions about the usage and etiquette of our Flag, then viewed a sound and color film which gave an inspiring history of our new 50 star flag.
Prior to our next meeting our fine and energetic Auxillary Unit will serve a Supper of Chicken Spaghetti and trimmings. Doris Anderson is MC and Chairman of the Supper Committee.
Our Auxillary Unit is being congratulated on "going over the top" in the recent Poppy Sale with Mrs. Walter Pierce as Chairman of the committee. Preliminary estimates fix the total sales at considerably more than last year.
The annual trip to McCloskey Hospital at Temple to give presents to the veterans therein for themselves and also presents for these ill veterans to give their families is scheduled by the Auxillary Unit in December. Mrs. R. A. Proctor, Rehabilitation Chairman of the Auxillary states that powder, hose, Christmas wrapping paper and all other sorts of presents will be appreciated by both the Auxillary and the veteran who receives same. Cookies will be taken to the veterans.

December 1961

During this Christmas Season, the same as for centuries past, people in all climes will give thought to the Christian ideal, "Peace on Earth and Good will to all men". This concept, of such perfection as to be practically unattainable, continually inspires the hearts and imagination of all mankind. History shows that each time some progress toward attainment has seemed discernable, the imperfections of humanity have gained predominance and savage wars have occurred. Modern mans hopes are based on education, intelligent understanding and fears of self-destruction. May God will that this ideal shall be realized.
On our last regular Special Program Night we were favored with an address by Buddy Sterling Fulmore, Director of Credit Insurance, Texas State Board of Insurance. Speaking on the subject, "Good Citizenship and Survival", he mentioned numerous important international and national problems and activities. He explained how curiousity for and inquiry into such important matters are directly related to survival. Many of the listeners have since commented on the large number of thought provoking items presented in this talk. Immediately following Buddy Fulmores speech, there was shown a color film, "The Trail of the Whitetail", a recent release of the Texas Game and Fish Commission.
Past Commander Dr. Harvey Henry, who has been a resident of Woodward, Oklahoma for about a year, made a short visit to Austin this fall and while here picked up dues and memberships of 25 of his friends for Post 76.
A big Christmas Party has been arranged by Mrs. R. H. Francis and her Auxillary Unit assistants at the Legion Home. This party is for grownups and children alike, and each person is supposed to bring a gift labeled "him" or "her". A delightful program has been arranged concluding with the singing of Carols led by Mrs. H. N. Lyle and Kerns Taylor.
On New Years Eve, there will be held another Legion party at the Legion Home. This will be like the famous previous New Years Eve parties arranged by Post 76 and the Post 76 Auxillary Unit, and a midnight breakfast of substantial proportions will be served. Favors will be furnished, and Mrs. Kerns Taylor, President of the Auxillary Unit, promises that this will be one of the best places in Austin to "Welcome the New Year".

January 1962

Buddy Les Proctor will bring us an informative address concerning the American Legions 1962 legislative program at our program meeting on Monday.This will be a special joint program meeting with the Auxillary Unit. Keep that New Years resolution by supporting your Legion Post with your presence and interest at this important meeting. We are all necesarily concerned with the 1962 legislative program we are pledged to support and which affects virtually every vital activity of both the Legion and Auxillary, including Americanism, Child Welfare, National Security, Education and Scholarship, and Rehabilitation. We must not forget that the legislative strength of these organizations lies in the Post and Unit members throughout the country.
All are especially invited to the regular second meeting of the month supper which will be served prior the the meeting.

Buddy Thos. S. Bishop has been appointed Adjutant General of the State of Texas, with the rank of Major General, by Buddy Price Daniel, Governor of the State of Texas.
Buddy Charles Herring, our State Senator, has been selected by the State Senate as President Pro Tem.

Beginning in January, some members name will be drawn from the box of membership names each meeting, and a cash prize will be awarded to that member if present. If not present, the attendance prize pot will be added to the next meetings drawing.
Every Friday night is Game Night with Buddy R. H. Francis in charge. All members and guests are welcome.
The Post Officers Mid-Winter Conference will be held in February. All members are invited to attend this stimulating and inspirational program to be held at the Austin Hotel.
A Benefit Dance is being sponsored by our Auxillary for all our Legionnaires and guests, and all proceeds will be donated to the Heart Fund.

February 1962

Come out and hear Buddy Wallace Shropshire give his message on "Americanism". Wallace is a very active Austin attorney and he has chosen a subject of universal interest. Following his address there will be shown a color movie, "Man in Space", a film borrowed from the UT Film Library. See a man in a rocket trip into outer space. Preceeding this meeting, the ladies of the Auxillary will serve Italian Spaghetti with meatballs and trimmings.
At our last two meetings the names of A. D. Gaston and Roger Busfield were drawn as winners of the attendance prize, but neither were present to claim their loot. Next Monday the name drawn may be yours?
Buddies Bob Francis and Norman Tausch are directing a rejuvenated effort to hold Game Nights each Friday night in the Legion Home. There is room for a large turn-out of players, so bring your party and come.
The State Convention of the American Legion is scheduled to be in Austin the latter part of July. Austin Legionnaires should be planning for active participation. It is rumored that some important announcements will soon be forthcoming from several Austin Legionnaires who may plan to run for State and District Offices in the elections during the convention.
The 10th District Convention is scheduled for April in Lockhart. A crowd is expected to go from our Post and you are invited to go along.
A special meeting will be held at our Legion Home in March to celebrate the 43rd birthday of the American Legion. Past Department Commander Don Peters, an attorney of Houston and a WWII veteran will speak.
At the previous regular meeting in February a resolution was unanimously adopted by a standing vote commending our Commander Paul Bowman for well over 25 years service over and beyond the call of duty, loyalty and patriotism at Post and Department levels for the good of the American Legion. As a token of appreciation by our post he was presented with a Life Membership.
A Mid-Winter Conference for Post Officials was held at the Austin Hotel in February. The entire program was excellently organized. WWII and Korean War veterans were in most leadership positions, and the speeches and committee reports showed much time had been spent digging out facts and ideas. Our own Buddy District Commander Vince Taylor made a fine talk on the Boys State Program. The National Membership Director presented an inspiring address. This annual affair, open to all Legion members, gives Austin Legionnaires a wonderful opportunity to observe the activities and know what is planned.

March 1962

"General Orders"
Subject: Birthday Observance
To: Members of the American Legion
  1. You are ordered, after discharge of all daily duties, to thoughtfully and sincerely give serious consideration to the making of a tactical move which holds much promise for you, and which will be described hereinafter.
  2. You are directed to present your person, your family, and your friends at the Legion Home this Monday evening for the following puposes: a. Meeting old friends
    b. Listening to a meaningful speech
    c. Taking part in a program of music and pleasure.
    The speaker is Donald Peters, Past State Commander of the American Legion, a lawyer from Houston, and a most interesting and affable speaker. After the program there will be dancing. All are welcome, including families and friends of Legion members.
  3. You are further directed to try and be present, with your family and friends, at the Pre-Program Supper, where the Ladies of the Auxillary will serve turkey and all the trimmings. These ladies serve excellent, ample, tasty suppers. Besides, you will have time to socialize in pleasant surroundings.
  4. The above orders are expected to be carried out specifically and without delay---however, it is understood that those with conflicting stringent and rigorous duty details are excused without prejudice.
By Order of the Commander
Paul Bowman

Explanation: folks, hope that you do not think you are being drafted again. March is the 43rd Birthday of the American Legion. At our regular Program Meeting Night we have planned the above mentioned Birthday Observance. You are cordially invited and the above form was used to remind you of those days of long ago when we had General Orders, Special Orders, Orders of the Day, Simple Orders, Complex Orders, etc. If you are only an infrequent attendant at Legion Meetings, please feel no reluctance in bringing your crowd and coming, because special preparations have been made to keep the occasion as informal as possible and to make everyone feel at home.

April 1962

National Headquarters has designated April as Child Welfare Month. Mrs. Kerns Taylor, President of our Auxillary Unit, and her assistants have arranged a splendid program consisting of a principal speech on Child Welfare Activities by Judge Harris Gardner. A Government Hospital Consultant, Mr. Robert King, will speak on youth problems in Columbia and in particular on the American Legion CARE program in that country. Our Post has accepted the invitation of the Auxillary to be their guests in a joint meeting whereby we can enjoy this program together. Judge Gardner is the outstanding authority on Child Welfare problems in Travis County. This meeting will be open to all Legionnaires, their families and their friends. Supper will be served by the Auxillary preceeding the regular meeting.

In April the Henry Rainey Post 41, Lockhart, was host for the 10th District Convention. Several hundred delegates were present including a group from our post.
The State Convention will be held in Austin in July. Buddy Ed Reidel, Past Department Commander and member of Post 76 has been appointed General Convention Chairman. The following headquarters have been selected, The Commodore Perry Hotel for the American Legion; The Stephen F. Austin Hotel for the Auxillary; and the Driskill Hotel for 40 & 8 headquarters. Appointments of Committees will be issued shortly and considerable manpower will be needed. Austin Legionnaires will attend this Convention in force to solidly support our own Buddy 3rd Division Commander Vince Taylor in his race for election as Department Commander of Texas.

At the March meeting of our post the outstanding event was the presentation of a Gold Life Membership Card to our hard-working Commander Paul Bowman. Will Oertil won the door prize and collected; however the lucky winner of the growing attendance prize, Sam Saxon, was not present to claim his loot. Announcement was made that someone had inadvertently traded hats with Buddy Harry Standberg and that he would very much like to have his Stetson traded back.

May 1962

Next Monday night a program of prepared and extemporaneous speeches will furnish much to arouse interest in the formulation of the program for Post 76 for the coming year. Buddy Vince Taylor, Department Vice-Commander, who has recently conferred or corresponded with American Legion leaders from all over Texas on matters pertaining to the future of our organization, will deliver the main speech on "A Modern Program for Progressive American Legion Posts".
Following the main speech, a Panel Discussion centered on specific suggestions for progressive adjustments and moderized operations in American Legion Posts in major cities, especially Austin, will be moderated by Kerns Taylor, First Vice Commander of our Post. The subject matter of this Panel Discussion will be constructive and based on the strong efforts to bring City Posts up to modern progressive standards. To supplement the talks by members of the Panel, the Moderator will invite suggestions and discussion from the floor.
If you have an idea which you think will benefit our Post, come out and let us hear about it. If you are in any way inquisitive about modern and progressive means and methods for Post operations, come out and listen.
As is customary, the Auxillary Unit will serve their usual good supper preceeding the Special Program.
It is expected that over 2,000 Legionnaires from over Texas will be present in Austin for the State Convention in July. Add to that an equal number of Auxillary members and you see what a big thing this is for Austin and Austin Legion Posts.

July 1962

Our July meeting is election night. Final nominations will be received and officers for the Post will be elected.Preceeding the regular meeting, the Ladies of the Auxillary will serve a covered dish dinner.
It is convention time at the several big Austin hotels and the Austin Municipal Audtiorium when the Texas State Departmental American Legion Convention will be held and over 2,000 Texas Legionnaires and their wives will be Austin visitors.
General Convention Chairman Ed Reidel gave an enthusiastic report stating all arrangements were concluded for a most successful Texas State Departmental Convention. Registration will be at the Commodore Perry Hotel. Chairman Reidel gave a tip to Austin Legionnaires as to what a bargain they would get in buying a badge which would admit them to the following:
  1. Commanders Cocktail Hour Thursday night.
  2. 40 & 8 Dance Thursday night at the Driskell Hotel.
  3. All Convention Meetings where prominent speakers, including Jim Wright, Jack Cox, and John Connally, will address the Convention, also where interesting and possibly controversial discussions will occur over Committee Reports and Resolutions.
  4. Musical and Uniformed Drill Contests Friday afternoon.
  5. Big BBQ Friday evening.
  6. The American Legion Dance on Saturday Night.

If you wish to see the Legion in action, if you are inquisitive concerning the policies and principles of the Legion, if you wish to meet the leaders of the American Legion, we urge you to be present. Our Buddy Vince Taylor is the leading candidate for State Departmental Commander and you can help in this election.
Commander Bowman desires a record of members of Post 76 who are in VA Hospitals, or who are more or less permanently confined to their homes.
The combined American Legion Auxillary Units in Austin, being Nos. 288 and 83 and 76, will hold a Bazaar at the American Legion Home on Saturday. Booths selling sandwiches, cold drinks, White Elephants and other things will be open, and there will be contests and entertainment for young and old alike. The Public is invited to this event, which is one of the pre-convention activities of the Auxillary.

September 1962

Buddies, our special meeting will be held Monday night and we are counting on you to be present. A good program is assured, and our own Buddy, Ross Vick, officer in charge of the Austin office of the VA will bring us up to date on veterans rights and benefits with emphasis on veterans widow benefits, etc.
Your new Post officers were installed in August and are anxious to start off the new year with a good attendance at this first meeting. Please plan to attend and do your part by being present to help kick off the coming Legion year. Dinner will be served to both the Legion and Auxillary with fried chicken, rice and gravy, green beans, congealed salad, rolls, ice cream and cake, ice tea, coffee.
Plans are presently being formulated with our Legion Auxillary for a BBQ the second meeting night in October, when we will have open house for our own Buddy and new State Commander Vince Taylor.

October 1962

Austins Director of Civil Defense, W. A. Kengla will present a program which should show us what has already been done and what we in the Legion can do to make our community strong in these perilous times now that Austin is reported to be within accurate missile range of Cuba. Our Post membership and home are being considered in local civil defense planning and certainly one of our most important objectives will be to fill this vital need to our community, state and nation. Come and contribute something to this project.

Mrs. Ed Hemme reports the fine menu that the ladies will serve to those of us who are able to come before the meeting: Baked Ham, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow, Pineapple and Cheese Salad, Garlic Bread and Hot Rolls, Home-Made Cake, and coffee.
From the many requests for a return of the good family style game nights we should have a good crowd Saturday.

November 1962

The Auxillary will serve a meal in keeping with the Season before our regular program meeting on Monday. Turkey and dressing, cranberries, carrot and apple salad, creamed peas, pumpkin pie and coffee will be served.
You can see even more clearly why the Past Commanders (at their November 11th, Austin Hotel, Breakfast) endorsed a program to found a Council of Veterans Organizations to promote Americanism in our own community when the guest speaker for our program presents a report on "entertainment" events in the University area.
William Bryce, a young attorney associated with Legionnaire Hardy Hollers, will present to our meeting the same report that was presented to the Past Commanders. Mr. Bryce graduated in Law from Yale University and in Academics from UT. He has had active duty in the Air Force and is now a Captain in the Air Force Reserve. He is a former Briefing Attorney with the Supreme Court of Texas.
Ladies: You should bring your gifts for the veterans at McCloskey Hospital to the next meeting in November. The gift should be unbreakable and may be a suitable gift for a man, woman, or child. Gifts are delivered to the Gift Shop at McCloskeys where each veteran may select one to send to his family for Christmas. Additionally, a veteran receives a gift on his breakfast tray Christmas morning.

February 1963

One of our outstanding Buddies, Senator Ralph Yarborough, who is co-chairman of our Posts Foreign Relations Committee, has been distinguishing himself as a tried and true Legionnaire, having recently introduced, as Chairman of the US Senate Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, 7 bills affecting the rights of benefits of military veterans. These include his GI Bill for educational aid to the veterans of our continuing Cold War, a bill for a critically needed VA Hospital in South Texas, a bill to extend the maturity date on VA Home Loans from 30 to 35 years and certain bills on other pressing veterans affairs, involving hospitalization rights.
The following special membership awards for this years efforts in our successful membership drive are deserving our special mention at this time: Uel Ives, both silver and gold stars for securing 25 or more members; and the following silver stars for securing ten or more members; Ed Hemme, Homer Nichols, Eric Anderson, Paul Bowman, Askel Hansen, Vince Taylor, Adolph Hohertz, and Kerns Taylor.
February is Americanism month for the Legion, one of the four great cornerstones of its foundation. We, as Legionnaires, must see that the people of this great nation never lose sight of our precious heritage and, equally important, that our future citizens are well instructed in their civic duties and responsibilities.
Our Auxillary, in joint meeting with the Post, will present an Americanism program Monday night, and an excellent guest speaker, Lt.Col.(Chaplain) Charles Pitts, Army Reserve and Pastor of the Tarrytown Baptist Church.
Before the meeting, a delicious dinner with all the trimmings, will be served by the Auxillary. Members and their guests are invited.

April 1963

The climax of the Legion membership drive will feature as our special guests Monday night,the members of Knebel Post 83 and Auxillary as well as the members of Auxillary Unit 288.
Our Auxillary will serve to all who come a delicious complete turkey dinner including dressing, green beans, rice, jello salad, hot rolls, dessert, and coffee.
Since April is Pan American and Child Welfare Month, we are particularly pleased to have as our guest, Roy Pennycuick of San Antonio, who will bring us an intensely interesting discussion of current interest on Latin American money and banking problems. Mrs. Maurice Kubby, Department Auxillary President, has also been invited for the occasion.
Travis Post 76 is sending four boys to the Annual Boys State Conclave to be held here at UT in June. Department quota is 750 boys. Male students who have not previously attended and who are juniors in senior high school are eligible. Our Americanism Committee, headed by Buddies Tom Reavley and Travis Blakeslee are in the process of selecting our candidiates.
Our Appreciation Dinner for Buddy and Department Commander Vince Taylor was attended by some 200 devoted Legionnaires and Auxillary members at the Austin Hotel in March. Many Department Executive Committeemen and other prominent guests contributed to this highly successful project, and Buddy Taylor was also presented a gift of a gavel by the Auxillary.
For next month, Buddy Norman Tausch is in the process of lining up a special program for May with Col. Lacouteur, Guided Missile Commander at Bergstrom, who will bring us up to date on current missile developments and show us interesting pictures and slides. He also will attempt to charter a bus for a date we agree upon and give us a guided tour of the missile sites in the Austin Area for all who will indicate their desire to go.
Also, in May, all new members of Travis Post 76 who have not been formally initiated will be expected to be on hand to participate in the regular form of initiation ceremony. This will be administered by our Post Ceremonials Committee, of which Buddies Paul Bowman and Joe Dacy are co-chairman. Plan now to be present without fail to welcome personally these new buddies to our Post at that time.

May 1963

The month of May has special significance to all good Legionnaires who will remember to commemorate Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. There is no better way to evidence good Americanism than to display a flag in front of your home and business.
Monday night, our Auxillary will serve its usual superb dinner, following which all new members received into the Post during the past year will be officially initiated in a short ceremony to be conducted by our competent Co-chairmen of the Post Ceremonials committee, Buddies Paul Bowman and Joe Dacy. Following this initiation, the Auxillary will join with us in hearing an interesting program, with slides, concerning latest guided missile developments. Buddy Norman Tausch will introduce our speaker, Colonel Arthur Lacouture who is presently Commanding Officer of the Austin Army Defense Unit.
Batteries "A" and "B" of the 4th Missile Battalion are holding open house on Armed Forces Day with guided tours of the Battery Area. Colonel Lacouture requests that you make note of any questions you may have and he will answer them Monday night.
Travis Post 76 is sending five boys to Boys State in June and the 40 & 8 Voiture 175 is sending one boy. An all-time enrollment is expected, with a group coming from Mexico and a lad from Finland scheduled to attend in addition to registrants from all over the State.
In April your Post presented the annual Outstanding Midshipmens Trophy at the UT NROTC ceremonies. Spirited competition has and is being engendered among these students for this award, based upon scholarship, leadership, character, and personality.
New Members
The following new members who have not previously been initiated into Post 76 will be expected to be present May 20 for the initiation ceremony: Robert Battle, Ben Davis, Albert Taylor, Bruce Gibson, Z.L. Kemp, Sam Winters, G.T. Young, Everette Weaver, John Connally, Neal Douglas, P.J. Stephenson, Robert Murray, C.A.Shoemaker, A.J. Gates, Horace Wimberly, James Murdock, Burton Morrison, and Salvador Macias. Sponsoring buddies of these members are likewise expected to contact them and insure their presence wherever possible.

July 1963

Monday night our Post will hold the election of officers. Preceeding the meeting the ladies of the Auxillary will serve a covered dish supper. Immediately following the election of officers, the four students sponsored by this Post to Boys State will give us their personal report of their activities. Let's give these inspired boys a warm reception, with genuine interest in their accomplishments.

August 1963

Monday night our new officers will be installed to begin the 1964 Legion year. Our Post will participate in joint installation ceremonies with Travis Auxillary Unit 76. Two former State Commanders and active members of our Post, Ed Riedel and Vince Taylor, will be our installing officers at this, one of our most important meetings of the year. Buddy C.T. Johnson will be present at this ceremony and is generously presenting to our Post a new American flag to replace our old one.
Installing officer for the newly elected Auxillary officers, headed up by Miss Doris Anderson, newly elected Auxillary President, will be Mrs. Paul Bowman, past Unit and District President and past Department Vice-President. The immediate out-going Past President of our Auxillary Unit, Mrs. Cynthia Taylor, has been signally honored by being elected and installed as Department Vice-President of the Third Division at the Department convention in Fort Worth.
Immediately following the installation ceremonies, refreshments will be served by the Auxillary.

December 1963

The Legion and Auxillary combine meetings Monday for a gala Christmas Party and social hour featuring a Christmas Program and refreshments. Bring children in your families. Santa Claus will be there. Gifts will be exchanged by children only. Each child should bring a gift for the exchange.

Ed Reidel in St. Davids Hospital has our best wishes for a return to the comforts of good health.

January 1964

The distinguished Attorney General of Texas, Waggoner Carr, and his wife, the charming Ernestine Carr, have accepted the invitation of the Auxillary to attend our covered dish supper this month. General Carr will address a joint meeting of the Auxillary and the Legion. Let us acknowledge this high honor with full attendance. The Attorney General is expected to have some interesting remarks.
The Auxillary is manning poll tax sales tables at the Austin National Bank and the American National Bank. Also, our Auxillary sent hundreds of dozens of homemade cookies to Veterans Hospitals for use in their Christmas parties. The veterans showed great and genuine appreciation.

February 1964

The Auxillary is sponsoring a covered dish supper preceeding the regular business meeting this month.

March 1964

The Auxillary will commence serving a covered dish supper this Monday as a part of our observance of the birthday of the American Legion. After short business meetings of the Auxillary and the Post, games will be played by those who wish to participate.
Austin Units of the Auxillary are making plans to honor Mrs. Luther Johnson of Valley, Nebraska, the National President, during her official visit to Texas.

We are saddened by the report of the death of L.L.B. Hofer at Temple with services and internment in Victoria. Our hearts go out to the famliy of this long time Legionnaire

June 1964

The Auxillary will provide its usual fine fare at a covered dish supper before the business meeting.
This Monday the Post will elect 17 delegates and 17 alternates to the American Legion Department of Texas Convention to be held in San Antonio in July. The Granada is the Legion HQ. The St. Anthony is HQ for the Auxillary.

Our deepest sympathy goes to the widow of Colonel James Stewart who died June 6 at McCloskey Hospital in Temple. He was interred Monday June 8, 1964 with full military honors at Austin Memorial Park.

July 1964

The Auxillary will serve a delicious supper on Monday preceeding the business meeting.
The State Convention will be in San Antonio in July. HQ for the Legion is the Granada Hotel. The Auxillary HQ is at the St. Anthony.

October 1964

On Monday a regular meeting of the Post will be held, preceeded by a covered dish supper provided by the Auxillary. Lt. Col. Jesse Ward of the State Defense Organization will describe the work at the State level, of this facility, and its plans for meeting the problems of hurricanes, floods and other disasters, with mention of its growth as an effective safeguard to the community.

December 1964

On Sunday afternoon the Legion Auxillary of the Post will hold "open house" at the Post home. Refreshments will be served, suitable to the occasion and the season. Post members and their friends are cordially invited by the Auxillary to come.
Coffee and some light refreshments will be served after our regular Monday meeting this month.
The Post Commander wishes to take this opportunity to personally extend his best wishes to each Post and Auxillary member for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

January 1965

A regular meeting of the Post will be held at the Post home. This meeting will be preceeded by a covered dish supper by the Auxillary. The Honorable Gene Fondrea, member of the Texas House of Representatives will be present to talk to the meeting about pending legislation and proposed bills. He is the Representative from Taylor. His talk should be of wide interest as it will be almost concurrent with the bi-ennial opening of the State Legislature.
Members and their wives; members of the Post Auxillary, are invited to attend the wedding and reception following of the 10th District Commander, Donald O'Connor to Miss Willa Wilson, at the St. Martins Church January 15.

February 1965

The regular meeting in February will be preceeded by a covered dish supper provided by the Auxillary. A most interesting speaker will address the joint meeting of the Post and Auxillary. The Honorable John Allen, State Representative from Longview, a member of Legion Post 140 at Longview and a member of the American Legion Distinguished Guest Committee will talk on "Americanism" appropriated to the "Amercianism Month" as observed by the American Legion. Mr. Stegall, a member of the Attorney Generals staff will accompany the speaker. Since one Legion member hardly needs to talk about "Americanism" to his fellow Legion members it is likely that he will describe its concepts today and what it means to the present generation. This would be informative and timely.

March 1965

Monday at the Post home a BBQ with all the trimmings will be held free to Post members and their wives and to members of the Post Auxillary, who are really masterminding the event. This is observance of the annual birthday of the American Legion, so no messkits will be required, and no canteens filled with vin rouge need be brought. Beers will be available and a good time should be enjoyed by all-so come on and have some fun. The chow will be "on the house", the soft drinks and beer extra and not included in the "free BBQ and trimmings".

April 1965

There will be a covered dish supper served by the Auxillary preceeding our regular meeting this month. The speaker for the Post meeting will be Mrs. M.J.McLean, Special Activities Supervisor of the Austin City Parks and Recreation Department. She will describe the work of the 'Natural Sciences Center, The Senior Citizens Centers, The Municipal Arts Guilds (including ceramics) and the operation of the Elizabet Ney and O. Henry Museums". Those who attended the Flower Show may have seen some of the ceramic art work which citizens designed and produced. It should insure an interesting evening as the subjects cover a wide scope. Mrs. McLean has just completed a study of the Post Home history and will relate some of the things her research disclosed. She considers the building of real historic interest and as such, of importance to visitors to Austin seeking places to include in their tours.

May 1965

A covered dish supper served by the Auxillary will preceed the regular meeting this month. Mr. Jack Goodman of the architectural firm of Barnes, Landes, Goodman and Youngblood will talk on the problems of restoration of historical homes and buildings, with pertinent suggestions applying to our Post Home. He has visited this building, will have some ideas for our consideration and will answer questions from members and the Auxillary concerning the approximate costs of alterations. His firm of architects are constructing the extensive University project for married students on the nearby Lake Austin Blvd site. This should prove to be a very interesting evening.

July 1965

The Auxillary will provide a "covered dish" supper before the regular meeting this month.

August 1965

The new administration of the Post will become effective by the installation of the newly elected officers at the regular meeting this month. Preceeding the meeting the Auxillary will serve a covered dish supper.

September 1965

At our next meeting this month the talented team of Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Holck will treat us to a demonstration of their beautiful dancing, also will bring along a group of square and round dancers to entertain you. Afterward, our hard-working Home Improvement Committee will give us a short review of what they have been doing toward renovating our American Legion Home. Free Coffee will be available to make this a "wide awake" evening. The Ladies of the Auxillary will hold their regular social dinner (covered dish) preceeding the meeting.
Legionnaire Paul Bowman is now serving as Grand Chef de Gare of the Forty and Eight, Grand Voiture of Texas, and Buddy Albert Caster is Treasurer for that organization.
The Sunday Austin American-Statesman gave the entire front page of their Section "B" Sunday issue of August 22 to photographs of our American Legion Home. The lengthy write-up of the history of this home written by reporter Lois Hale Gavin gives facts tending to prove the eligibility of the house as a Historic Landmark for Austin. Undoubtedly we could obtain a plaque from the Austin Heritage Society.

March 1966

The 10th District convention will be held at Post 76 on the 13th of this month. District Commander Donald O'Connor will call the meeting to order. Department Commander Clayton Mann will be the principal speaker.

April 1966

The American Legion Boys State will be held in June at UT. Travis Post 76 is sponsoring several boys at this most worthwhile activity.
The American Legion Award for Distinguished Public Service was recently presented to Rep. Olin Teague, Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran Affairs.
Travis Post 76 has two appointments to present awards to Armed Service Members UT. In May the Air Force ROTC and the Navy ROTC hold their Awards Days. These ceremonies are usually in the morning and it is certainly inspiring to be with these fine young Americans. All Post members are invited.

May 1966

Travis Post 76 is sponsoring the Gala Affair of the year. An appreciation dinner for our Mayor Lester Palmer; former Mayors of Austin; our City Council. Honorable John Connally, Governor of Texas has agreed to deliver the principal address. The Place: Terrace Hotel Convention Center. Tickets can be purchased at the downtown banks or any of the stores where tickets are available.

September 1966

Travis Post members have now returned home from summer travels; and the statistics would probably show hundreds of thousands of miles covered including travels our member senator, congressman and governor. Then there were the smart ones who enjoyed their vacations right here among Austins and the Hill Countrys tourist attractions. We now face Fall with bountiful energy and a serious determination to carry forward the American Legions many and varied programs of activities; also to work for continued growth and progress in our Travis Post 76.
At our first Monday meeting in October at our Legion Home, the new officers of Travis Post 76 will be installed by Jack Flynt, Texas State Department Commander of the American Legion. After the installation ceremonies a program of entertainment will be provided.

October 1966

The American Legion Travis Post 76 Show Place of the South,had its big open house for its membership Sunday to the enjoyment and glee of hundreds. Among the guests attending was State Department Commander Jack and Mrs. Flynt, State Adjutant and Mrs. W.H.McGregor, former State Commander and Mrs. Albert Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Moore, Mr and Mrs Harry Griffiths, Colonel and Mrs. Vance Murphy, State Comptroller and Mrs. Robert Calvert, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Chandler, former State Department Adjutant Ward Moody, Mr. and Mrs. I.H.Bartz of Brenham and a grand host of others. Among the flattering comments heard from the crowd was 'sensational, spectacular, amazing, unbelievable, too good to be true, beautiful, out of this world, loveliest place I've ever seen" and other flowery adjectives.
Next Monday night a large crowd is expected to attend the joint meeting of the Auxillary and Legion. Special musical entertainment will be furnished. A fellowship hour will take place so make your plans now to join the many and have a barrel of fun. Refreshments!

November 1966

One of the loveliest social events of the year will take place in December when the Legion will have a social hour and testimonial appreciation stag dinner honoring one of our buddies Federal Judge Jack Roberts in our Legion Home. We have as our guest speaker Congressman J.J. Pickle. Among others expected to give words of testimony will be Governor Allan Shivers, Federal Judge Homer Thornberry, Mayor Lester Palmer, Judge Charles Betts, Judge Mace Thurman and Judge Tom Reavley. The MC will be Judge Herman Jones. Entertainment will be provided for the gala occasion by the famous Longhorn Folk Singers led by guitarist and vocalist Dave Evans, assisted by Jeanette Curry and Kay Smith. We will have a menu consisting of dishes fit for a king. It is seldom the post receives such an honor and consequently behooves all of us to attend this delightful and memorable affair.
Meet our Members
Did you know that Vince Taylor, writer and author and Thomas Dewey crime buster galore was instrumental in the state helping clear the tragic insurance scandals a few years past? Did you know that popular Jim Grizzard played football against the great and immortal Jim Thorpe of the Carlisle Indians? Did you know that Dr. A.H.Neighbors although the young age of 83 is still by far one of Austins most active physicians, has delivered thousands of babies and still averages one or two a day? Did you know that Hardy Hollers was one of the trial counsels of the Nurenburg military war trials? That he was a member of the Justice Division on Ikes staff? Did you know that Senator Ralph Yarborough was Staff Judge Advocate of the 95th Infantry Division? Did you know that Truman O'Quinn was Staff Judge Advocate of the 101 Airborne Division? Did you know that likeable attorney Tom Kellum was a Colonel in the Quartermaster Corps and was headed to the Pacific when war ended and went back to Berlin? His battalion became the first in operation of the world famous Red Ball Freight Lines. The Colonel globetrotted all over Europe. Did you know that our lovely Auxillary and American Legionnaire Mrs. Paul Bowman danced with the Prince of Wales while a nurse in Rouen, France during WWI who later became King Edward VIII known since his abdication as the Duke of Windsor? Did you know that Mrs. Jewel Lane served in the WAAC for 3 years in Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt. Did you know that attorney Robert Thrasher went over the top next to Douglas MacArthur on March 9,1918 in the Luneville Section of France on a raiding party? Did you know that Stuart Purcell served with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker? Did you know that Major John Bell, one of our new members, was seen by millions over Twentieth Century that was featured over local station KTBC during the invasion of one of the Pacific Islands? He was bombarded locally with calls. There is so much talent and history among our members that you never know when you're sitting next to a celebrity.

December 1966

The American Legion Post 76 has certainly been in the news lately and has been receiving deserving recognition. Cactus Pryor and Neal Spelce of KTBC-TV declared that last weeks TV interview of the Vietnam disabled veterans who were honored at the Thanksgiving Day football classic was the most tremendous public relations response ever received by their station. At the same time the American Legion dinner honoring Federal Judge Jack Roberts was outstanding in every sense of the word. Congressman Jake Pickle stated that the American Legion Post made history. Dr. John Barkley of the First Christian Church said such an event should be held monthly in Austin and would do much to bring the people back together. Judge Herman Jones said,"It was really a show". Everyone that attended was amazed at the beauty of our southern colonial mansion.
Next Monday night the post will have its lovely Christmas party. There will be eggnog, refreshments and other delicacies. The well known Austin musical family of the house of Malcolm Gregory will present a beautiful Christmas carol program. Russell Gregory has sung in numerous Opera Workshop stagings and will have a role in its forthcoming "The Bartered Bride" this spring. He has recently sung in such oratorios as the 'Messiah", the Te Deum, "Elijah". "The Creation" and Mass in G, and last December, he appeared as one of the kings in the local staging of "Amahl and the Night Visitors". He was organist for six years at University Methodist Church, and for the last four years, he has served as organist and choir director for Faith Lutheran Church as well as organist for the weekly Downtown Businessmen services at First Southern Presbyterian Church. This is a musical treat you do not want to miss.

January 1967

We will hold our regular meeting at the Post Home Monday night. Buddy James Grizzard, Chairman of the Entertainment Committee promises an enjoyable evening of fun plus refreshments. He has made arrangements with Bergstrom Air Base for the showing of the sensational film "Contact". This picture concerns the war in Vietnam and shows actual scenes from combat. He also has a film concerning the medical corps. It behooves everyone to get these first hand reports as the war is becoming more serious every day. A salute to Donald O'Connor who has generously donated to the home a refrigerator, complete log installation in the fireplace in the club room and also repainted the bar. We are very indebted to you, Donald.
Our Christmas party was a tremendous success and according to reports the largest crowd ever attending a Yuletide festival. Malcolm Gregory and his family were outstanding. The Auxillary had the tables laden with cookies and eggnog. Our home was beautifully decorated and the Christmas tree was sparkling.
The Texas Legion News again gave us a beautiful story concerning the wounded Vietnam service men who were honored at the Texas-Texas A & M football game on Thanksgiving Day.
The Third Annual American Legion Leadership College will take place in February and Texas will be host to National Commander John Davis at the meeting. This is truly a big day for Austin and I am sure that our post will do everything possible in seeing that Commander Davis is royally received. It is hoped that many of our members will attend the Leadership College.

February 1967

One of the seasons outstanding parties is scheduled Monday night at the Legion Home. We will honor two of our Legionnaires, Paul Bowman and Todd Ford who have birthdays. They have contributed so much to the welfare of the Legion and of course we are all looking forward with pleasure to patting them on the back for a job well done.
Captain Ramsey McKinney, Chief of the Administrative Services, HQ 8th Army Corps will be the principal speaker of the evening whose subject " The American Way" is expected to be very stirring. Captain McKinney is recognized as one of Americas outstanding speakers and has received many invitations. He is a young man hailing from the Deep South, attended Virginia Military Institute, received his B.A. Degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Vanderbilt University, LLB Degree at the University of Virginia, practised law in Mobile, member of Phi Beta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Delta Delta, and the American Bar Association.
There will be a music program with guitar accompaniment by Miss Sallie Morton and Mr. Hardie Bowman, son of Legionnaire Paul Bowman. A covered dish dinner by the Ladies Auxillary will be served. The home cooked food is delicious.

March 1967

Plans are being made for one of the biggest parties ever held at the Legion Home when we celebrate our birthday Monday night. There will be an atmosphere of glee, merriment, joy and good food for all. The home will be decorated in bright colors for the festival. It will be a covered dish affair and the tables will be laden with food fit for a king. So come out early and meet your friends and enjoy this memorable occasion. Department Vice Commander Donald O'Connor will open the program with a "Salute to The American Legion". A musical interlude will follow and then the principal address will be delivered by Senator Charles Herring. His inspiring address will be "Our State, Today and Tomorrow", a subject of great interest to everyone.
Mayor Lester Palmer has issued a proclamation recognizing March 12 to 18 as "American Legion Birthday Week".

April 1967

Monday night will be another gala event in the life of our post when we will be honored in having Brigadier General and District Attorney Tom Blackwell as the guest speaker at our covered dish dinner. The very popular and capable official will speak on the subject of Child Welfare. This is a subject he is well acquainted with by virtue of his position. As you have read in the press and heard over radio and television Mayor Lester Palmer issued an executive proclamation proclaiming April 1967 as American Legion Child Welfare Month and called the attention of all citizens of Austin to the good works of our Legionnaires and Auxillary members in their dedication to the lofty purpose of this great program.
Your Commander who is Chairman of the Austin Olympic Businessmens Committee has arranged for the official film of the 1964 Olympic games held in Tokyo and Innsbruck to be shown immediately following the speaking. This colorful picture is narrated and will feature all the highlights of the famous athletic events. As you know the 1968 Olympics will be held across the border in Mexico City. Let's all make our plans to attend our affair Monday night. The last two occasions the home was packed with members who had never been out in years.
Buddy Charlie Jones states that his very able Boys State committee have selected delegates from 4 area high schools. These boys are the statesman of tomorrow. A nod to Buddy O'Connor in bringing recognition to our post in receiving a wristwatch for being the top Vice Commander of the state. Our post is also the first Legion Post in state to have two members on the Board of Trustees, Vince Taylor, Chairman and Paul Bowman.
It has been agreed to sponor a dinner honoring the law enforcement heads of our city,county, state and nation who deserve recognition for a job well done. At that time we will have as our guests Chief of Police Bob Miles, Sheriff T.O.Lang, DPS Director Homer Garrison and FBI Senior Agent Bob Chapman. This event is a part of the nation-wide program aimed at renewing respect for, and support of law and order recently launched by American Legion National Commander John Davis. The erosion of respect for law and order has gone deeply. Much effort will be required to repair the damage. We feel that the best way to begin the task is in the traditional American Manner by starting at the grassroots or community level. Governor John Connally has been invited to address the gala dinner party to be held at our home Monday evening. The MC will be Col. Vance Murphy, also a member of our post who did such a fine job at the dinner honoring Mayor Palmer and the members of the City Council. The guest will be treated to a charcoal broiled filet mignon steak dinner with all the trimmings. This is a dinner fit for a king and your Commander has arranged for a catering service.

May 1967

We have scheduled the Honorable Ben Barnes, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives for the principal address of our June meeting. Speaker Barnes is 28 years of age, an untiring worker and one of the best informed men in our State Government. Preceeding the meeting, the Ladies of the Auxillary will serve an excellent covered dish supper where everyone brings a dish of home cooked food.
The American Legion has always had fine programs and supported strong attendance at its conventions. This year should be better than ever. The 3rd Division Convention will be held in Brenham. Approximately 17 delegates from our Post will attend. At the same time the State Convention of the American Legion will be held at the Baker Hotel in Dallas. We hope to have a good representation there.
There have been suggestions offered that the Legion Home be open one or two afternoons a week for members to loaf, play dominoes, etc. The Ladies of the Auxillary have been planting flowers and doing considerable fixing up of the Legion grounds.

June 1967

A large crowd is expected to jam the American Legion Home Monday night to attend the big dinner with Special Agent of the FBI Vincent McCarthy as the speaker of the evening. The title of the subject matter of Mr. McCarthys speech will be, "The Work of the FBI". There will be a social hour including free beer for the gala event. The membership is requested to bring a prospective member or your own guest. Remember, we can only gain membership by personal contact. If you have a friend, brother or kissing cousin invite him to join Texas Travis Post 76, the outstanding legion post of the state. We have everything to offer for a new member- a beautiful southern mansion, outstanding membership, fellowship and above all being a member of Americas greatest veterans organization. Have you seen the beautiful picture of our home and the lovely and interesting stories written in the Chamber of Commerce magazine, the Texas Legion News and the local press.
Did you ever hear of anyone as patriotic as Buddy Askel Hansen? During WWII at the Fort Bliss center in the process of medical examination the Captain stated,"You are in excellent condition with the exception of the missing of two minimum front teeth". Buddy Hansen said, "I want to stay in the army and always ate well in civilian life without two front teeth and certainly can do likewise in military". The Captain turns his back and marks on his medical chart showing him with all his front teeth. Dear Askel was in service!

July 1967

The Boys State Committee headed by capable Chairman Charlie Jones will furnish the program for our meeting. The Post sponsored boys from Johnson, Lanier and Reagan High Schools. The 40 & 8 sponsored a boy from McCallum High School. Be sure and turn out to hear these outstanding reports as these young citizens will be our leaders of tomorrow. It behooves us during these tiring times to support a group of this type. Thanks, Charles for a job well done.
We are sending 17 delegates to the 49th annual state convention in Dallas in July. Judging from the calendar of events the convention promises to be outstanding and should draw a large attendance.
Your commander has received many letters from prominent city, civic, church and other groups expressing their feelings and personal sentiments for the different events that our post has held in trying to make Austin and our community a better place to live in. Let's keep the banner flying!

August 1967

Your commander wants to take this means of thanking each and every member of our post for making this year one of the most successful in the history of our organization. It was only through the untiring efforts and dedication on the part of our hard working team that such accomplishment took place.
Next Monday night a joint installation of officers will take place. Past State Commander Ed Riedell will be the installing officer for the Legion and Mrs. Oscar Bengston, 10th District President, will install the Auxillary. A social hour will follow the installation.

Please remember Todd Ford and Albert Caster in your prayers. They have been ver ill and are confined to St. Davids Hospital

September 1967

Our first meeting in October is an important one. All members that have not been initiated into the American Legion will be on October 2nd. This is a very important and impressive ceremony.
The 10th District Convention was held in our Post since Luling Post was being used for the Hurricane victims. We owe a special thanks to our Auxillary for a job well done. In two days we had all arrangements and food ready for this convention.
Is your next door neighbor a vet or that guy you coffee with at work? We need them. New blood is needed in our organization. The men of the First World War gave us this organization with all the fringe benefits to boot. We have one of the nicest homes in Texas. So many worthwhile things can be done here at Post 76. But we must have interesting programs and an interest by each and every member in our post. Remember how you were asked to join the Legion on your return from service? Have you asked that returned vet from Viet Nam to come into your organization?

October 1967

The meeting in October the Auxillary will have a covered dish supper. This is a good time to bring new members to our post meeting. Bring a covered dish.
Our program chairman has an outstanding program for this meeting. The guest speaker will be Roy Mulholland of UT. Let's all bring a new member and remind the old members that haven't been out to attend this meeting.
Arrangements for the Veterans Day Parade are being made. The VFW is having floats and color guards and Post 83 will lead the parade with their color guard.

November 1967

There will be a covered dish supper at our next meeting. Bob Francis promises us a fine program for our joint meeting. So come out and bring a new member with you.
Some of went to San Antonio to see and hear our National Commander. His remarks were outstanding. He visited our troops overseas and conversed with them. We left the dinner and meeting with our hearts full of hope and prayers for our young men over there.
In December our Auxillary Unit is going to Temple VA Hospital for the gift shop. I know that they need more gifts. So please bring something to the Auxillary at our next meeting for this gift shop. I don't know what we would do without our women folk, for they do most of our service work.

December 1967

This month we will have our Annual Christmas gathering. Mr. R.H.Francis the program Chairman has arranged music and group singing of Christmas carols. We will have an exchange of gifts. Each person attending please bring a gift not to exceed one dollar. Ladies bring a gift for ladies or girls, men bring a gift for men or boys. Please bring your children or grandchildren and see that there is a gift of each. Refreshments will be served, come join us.
On New Years Eve starting at 9pm we will have a party at the Legion Home. A breakfast will be served at midnight by the Auxillary. Music by the juke box. So bring your friends and have a ball.
Our Auxillary did a fine job at the Temple VA Hospital last week. Our ladies spent two days in Temple at the gift box helping the patients select gifts and wrapping them for mailing to their folks at home. All the gifts are paid for by the American Legion Auxillary from their poppy sales. A special thanks is due our Auxillary for a job well done.

January 1968

We will have a covered dish supper on the 3rd Monday. Our Auxillary will be in charge of the program for this night. Mrs. Lois Fugler, County Service Officer, will bring the Legislative program to us. Veteran Legislation is important to everyone of us, so let's have a big turnout for the Auxillary.
Our Christmas Party was a success. About 50 people turned out. The Commander is still playing with the toy set he received as a gift. Charlie Jones is using his hankies to cry in for our membership is falling behind. Mrs. Grizzard and Mrs. O'Connor received a wine glass and will bring it to the New Years party for someone to fill up. Mrs. Bowman came up with a lamp that she promises to light when the Auxillary makes its quota in membership. Joe Dacy couldn't stay away from the eggnog. I understand Mrs. Bowman added something from a brown bottle to the eggnog. The only thing missed by all was Todd Fords smiling face.
As I look back some 20 years ago, I can still hear the bullets over my head. I can still see a buddy lying beside me, a spot of red near his heart and he breathes no more. Many of us remember the hospital tents with the wounded lying side by side. The soft hand of a nurse that brought comfort to our pains. Remember the rain in the foxholes or the snow and cold. That damn sgt. who pushed us till we thought we would drop. The hot beer we drank for we had no ice. The letter from home that we carried next to our hearts. Or that picture of our girl or wife and that child we had never seen. Each of us shared many hopes and dreams together in those days. We spoke of things that we would never think of saying to anyone now. Yet we understood each other and had time for each other. This is my reason for being in the American Legion, I'm with my buddies. They have been where I was, said the same prayers and hopes as I have said. Held out his hand to me, for he had been up front before me. I only pray that next year our country will be at peace once more. Our kin will be at our Christmas table with us. That we learn to live with our neighbors in peace an love. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours in this year ahead.

February 1968

At our next regular meeting the Auxillary will have charge of the program. February is designated Americanism month by the Legion, and last fall the Auxillary engaged the speakers for the several programs allotted to them. Mrs. Waggoner Carr is Americanism chairman for Unit 76 and the Unit President suggested to Mrs. Carr that she contact her husband, Waggoner Carr, to be the speaker this month. Waggoner is a member of a Lubbock post. There will be a covered dish supper before the program.
Two Kiwanis Clubs of Austin have recently elected members of Travis Post to head their downtown clubs. Kerns Taylor was elected president of Capitol City Kiwanis Club and Tom Barton president of Austin Kiwanis Club. Congratulations to Taylor and Barton as well as to Austin Kiwanis
National Commander William Galbraith made a trip to Texas in January to be present at a special ceremony at the Admiral Nimitz Memorial Museum at Fredricksburg and to speak to the Fort Worth Classroom Teachers Association that evening. He is probably the youngest appearing National Commander the Legion has had. He is an interesting speaker and has a pleasing personality. Our member Clyde Littlefield was also on the Fredricksburg program.

Commander O'Connor recently spent about 9 days in the hospital undergoing x-rays and other tests and is now recuperating at home. Hence a substitute is preparing this bulletin at his request. He will appreciate your messages and your extra services in behalf of the post while his activities are being slowed a bit.

We regret to report the deaths since our last bulletin of Legionnaires A.C.Bull, Walter Gates, Wiley Glaze and E.C. Bengtson. All were long time members of Travis Post. Also, Watkins Harris, a former member of this post died on January 30. He was Post Commander in 1926 and had considerable responsibility in remodeling the building after its purchase in 1924.

March 1968

The Legions birthday party is the big event for March and we would like to see the auditorium filled to capacity for a short program and a period of visiting on Monday night. The Commander would like for all of you to make this a family affair, and invite your friends, particularly some who are eligible for membership in the Legion. Possibly they, or your wife and kids haven't been inside our historical building. There will be music for dancing,too. The Auxillary will serve refreshments, including a big birthday cake, and the Auxillary president includes a special invitation to all Auxillary members and their families to be present. Department Adjutant Willis McGregor will be the speaker. He is a veteran of WWII and succeeded long time Adjutant Ward Moody a few years ago, having served as a department service officer prior to becoming Department Adjutant. In fact, his appointment as Department Adjutant was made while our own member, Vince Taylor, was the Department Commander. Mac is well versed in the policies and the programs of the Legion because of his long time service as a member and employee. If you don't know Mac this is a fine opportunity to meet him.
Department Commander Bill Nami is presenting an award to the Outstanding Legionnaire of each post in Texas. The spring District Convention will, in turn, select the Outstanding District Legionnaire from the various post nominees. Post and District Commanders, and division and department officers are not eligible for the award. A secret committee, unknown to the post membership, was appointed by the Post Commander to select the Legionnaire from Travis Post to receive the award, which will be presented at the birthday program.
The spring District Convention will be held at Giddings on Sunday. If you are interested in what the Legion is doing, that will be a fine time to visit with other Legionnaires.
The Department Executive Committee will meet at the Commodore Perry Hotel in April. Certain committees and commissions, the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee will meet on Saturday. All Legionnaires are welcome to attend any of the sessions.

April 1968

James Fidler, Chief Meteorologist at the Austin Airport and member of Post 76 will be the speaker for Monday night. His subject will be "History of Hurricanes and Tornados" and will be illustrated by slides. He has been with the weather bureau for 25 years, coming to Austin from Washington,D.C. "Weather" is an intriguing subject to many of us and his talk should be most interesting and informative. The Auxillary will have a covered dish supper preceeding the program.
The Post is sending 4 delegates to Boys State again this year. Facilities are available for only 750 boys at UT. Other sites have been offered or suggested but the Capitol city, with the seat of government and the various state agencies, more readily emphasizes the objectives of Boys State.
The Post is making the usual "Post 76 Awards" to the AFROTC and the Navy ROTC units at UT at their spring Awards Day Ceremonies.

May 1968

Judge J.H.Smith, Justice of the Peace, will be the speaker at the May meeting. His subject will be "The Functions of a Justice of the Peace Court"; this should be of interest to all members. It would be a fine time for our lawyer members to constitute a volunteer reception committee for Judge Smith. The Auxillary will provide a covered dish supper preceeding the program.
Third Division Convention at Corpus Christi in May; the 50th Annual State Convention at Houston In August; the 50th Annual National Convention at New Orleans in September.

Post Chaplain Fred Schulze has been in St.Davids Hospital for about three weeks with a heart attack; indications are that it will be some time before he can be active again.Todd Ford was in Houston for a short stay at the famous heart clinic at Methodist Hospital but is home again. Ed Pettibon has been more or less home bound since his recent hospital visit.

Since our last report on transfers by death to Post Everlasting, the following have joined the multitude in the Realm of Eternity: Dr. T.J. McElhenney, Louis Hirsch, Lawrence Ledbetter, Charles Doole, Melville Loewenstein.
Each of them made seignificant contributions in behalf of the Legion during their years of membership and Dr. McElhenney served several terms as Department Child Welfare Chairman prior to WWII. Louis Hirsch served in WWII and the others in WWI.

June 1968

Adjutant Robert Walsh of Alamo Post No. 2 of San Antonio will be the speaker for the June meeting. Alamo Post No. 2 is the largest post in Texas (with the biggest adjutant!) and on the membership report for June had a membership of 1825. The selection committee at the recent convention chose him as the Outstanding Legionnaire of the Third Division for 1968. Incidentally, Bob would like to be your Department Commander next year. The Auxillary will have the usual covered dish supper.
We are living in perilous days. Patriotism, as most of us have known it, is staggering under the continuous blows of diverse and radical thinking that appears to be formulating policies that bode trouble ahead for the Republic. As one watches "Old Glory" flying in the breeze, each wave of the flag seems to be dispatching an urgent warning to all of us from those now in the Realm of Post Everlasting to rally to the support of that flag and to the hopes of mankind that it represents. Indeed, the hour may be late!

We regret to have to report the death of Legionnaire Maurice Plumb on May 30th. He had 34 years of continuous membership in Travis Post and we shall miss his fine example of good citizenship. Also Warren Collins, a former sheriff of Travis County and a former member of this post died at his home in Bryan on May 29. He was an early day Aggie football player of note, a winning big league pitcher, a former Texas Ranger and a long time peace officer.

July 1968

Travis Post will be host to the 4 delegates to Boys State and their parents for a BBQ supper Monday night. Commander O'Connor and Boys State Chairman Vince Taylor will be the official hosts. Be sure to come out to hear the reports from these delegates and learn first hand a little more about "Operation Boys State", the story of 750 boys learning much about the responsibilities of citizenship. The delegate to Girls State and her mother will also be present. Mrs. Walter Pierce, Girls State Chairman, will be the official hostess for the Auxillary. The Commander and his committee will arrange for the BBQ supper and the trimmings and serve it,too!

August 1968

Travis Post 76 and Auxillary Unit 76 will have a joint installation of new officers in August. Charles Jones is the new Post Commander and Mrs. August Shulze is the new Unit President.
10th District Commander Pat Pasley, a member of Post 83, just installed in that office at the recent state convention, will install for the Post and Mrs. H.P.Gillispie for the Auxillary. A social hour will follow the installation program.
This is my last bulletin to the members of Post 76 and with the installation of Commander Jones my administration officially comes to a close. I want to express my appreciation to all of you, whether it was just for the prompt payment of annual dues or for assuming the responsibility of some committee assignment of other essential activity incident to the orderly functioning of the post. Post operations can only be as successful as the individual members want it to be. Please remember that as you review my administration, which I hope you will do with a measure of charity!
I want to ask that each of you give to the new Commander Charlie Jones a generous measure of cooperation and assistance. Help him make Travis Post the kind of Post you think it should be.
I believe that you will agree with me that there should be, and that there is a place in the life of this nation for a veterans organization such as The American Legion. Many of those veterans coming out of that dirty war in Vietnam and their families are going to need the "big brother" assistance of the Legion as they eventually take over the organization in the future. Help them in every way you can to know of the various types of assistance that may apply in their particular cases. It was recently said that the American Legion is probably the strongest influence of basic Americanism in the nation today;let's keep it that way.
The committee in charge of the production of the WWI "Doughboy" statue to be placed at the state HQ building here in Austin is in need of an infantry collar or ornament of the WWI model. They have other service ornaments but so far no infantry, and the sculptress in San Antonio says that when she does a job it must be accurate in every detail.
Austin was awarded the 1969 State Convention of the American Legion at the Houston Convention. This means lots of work for every member of both Austin posts and some hard work for a few members.

October 1968

Our new administration begins its new year with an interesting and varied program with an address featuring civic information by Honorable Mayor Harry Akin. Our home town Austin is experiencing a growth thrust in many ways and all directions. People like what we have here. Thsi program merits the widest attendance from our membership. Plan to attend right now with your wife and bring a guest, preferably a potential Legionnaire. Let's show off our buildings and grounds. Entertainment will be furnished by a group from the Bachelors and Bacehlorettes Dance Club under the leadership of Bill Tibbetts and his Assistant Ken Curtis, both in the service of Bergstrom AFB. Mr. Tibbetts of native American Indian stock was reared on the Chippewa Indian reservation and usually brings along his Indian crum, tomahawk and headress. The toe-tapping music of the group in their square and round dances will make you wish you could join them. The Tibbetts are recent transferees to Bergstrom from Hawaii. Preceeding these festivities, the ladies of Travis Post 76 Womens Auxillary will serve a covered dish dinner. Following the entertainment there will be a social period in the game room at which free drinks(beer and sodas) and cold cuts will be served.
The Annual Past Commanders Association Breakfast will be held at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel on Veterans Day. Col. Murphy will provide the speaker.

November 1968

Our social meeting will be held at the Clubhouse and will stress a Thanksgiving theme. In addition to music, two film shorts, one on Thanksgiving and one on the war in Vietnam will be shown. Preceeding these festivities, the Ladies of Travis Post 76 Womens Auxillary will serve a covered dish dinner.

December 1968

Mr. Clyde Phillips will be the speaker for our December meeting. His subject will be "Human Relations for Better World Conditions" along with a touch of Christmas. Mr. Phillips is director of public relations for Nixon-Clay College and has had extensive experience in commercial education in the southwest on all levels, including management training. He is an interesting speaker and you will want to hear him. Also there will be the annual Christmas tree (no presents) and Christmas music. The Auxillary will serve refreshments.
Don O'Connor and Hal Jones went to Temple VA Hospital in December to assist the ladies of Unit 76 with the Auxillary Gift Shop operations on that day. They were taken for an inspection trip over the new hospital and report that it appears to be an unusual physical plant and staffed by a fine group of doctors and technicians. Don is a member of the Department Rehab Committee.
Legionnaire Harry Smith has been promoted to Lt.Col. Texas National Guard. Harry is sales manager for Radio Station KNOW.
UT officials recently announced the appointment of F.C.McConnell as a special assistant to the vice president for business affairs at UT. Legionnaire McConnell has been with UT since 1946.

It is with regret that we record the transfer to Post Everlasting in the Realm of Eternity of C.B.Calahan, Jr., and George Reinhardt. Legionnaire Calahan died on Nov 4 and Legionnaire Reinhardt on Nov 24.

January 1969

A member of the staff of Travis County Veterans Service Office, George Wilson will be the speaker for the January meeting. His subject will cover provisions of increases and changes for veterans and widows receiving pensions as provided by Public law 90-275. He will also discuss indemnity compensation for parents receiving benefits as a result of the death of a son. George is a member of Post 76. The Auxillary will serve a covered dish supper.
The 5th annual American Legion Leadership Conference will be held at the Commodore Perry Hotel in February. There will also be a banquet for the National President of the Auxillary.
The annual 40 & 8 Pilgrimage will be on the same dates at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. In July the state American Legion Convention will be in Austin.

Life's sunset colors have faded for Joe Lightsey and Peter McKittrick,Jr. They have passed into the light that lies beyond those shadows in the Realm of Eternity. Legionnaire Lightsey served as First Vice-Commander in 1937 and was a long time member of the famous Drum and Bugle Corps. Legionnaire McKittrick was a member of many post operating committees over a period of time and was Post Adjutant when recalled to duty in 1943. He was recently awarded a 50 year continuous membership card.
We also regret to report the death on Dec 11 of Mrs. Edith Arlitt, wife of Norman Arlitt,Sr., a long time member of this post; the death on Jan 2 of Mrs. Gladys Johnson, wife of First Vice-Commander C.T.Johnson and the death on Jan 6 of Mrs. Alice Pfaefflin, wife of Roy Pfaefflin, another long time member. Our sincere sympathy goes to Legionnaires Arlitt, Johnson and Pfaefflin.

February 1969

Our guest speaker in February will be Dr. Harold Wolf, Professor of Finance at UT. His subject will be "Money Management-The Pressing Problem for the Nation and the Individual". A question and answer period will follow. A covered dish supper will preceed the program.
Robert Yancey, the last of the original charter members of this post with continuous membership since 1919, transferred to Post Everlasting in January. He served several terms as Service Officer and also as a member of the Ways and Means Committee when this Post sponsored many fund-raising projects.

Stamp issued by the Post Office to observe the 50th anniversary of The American Legion

March 1969

At our March meeting we will have our 50th Golden Anniversary Program. Col. Vance Murphy will MC. The speaker will be Judge Jack Pope of the Texas Supreme Court. He will be introduced by District Judge Tom Blackwell. A free supper will be served by the Post preceeding the program.

We regret to record that since the last bulletin life's sunset colors have faded for James White, Todd Ford, Ray Barksdale and Theo Thornquist. They have passed into the light that lies beyond those shadows in the Realm Of Eternity.
At 82 Legionnaire White was probably the oldest member of Travis Post. A former Ranger, he served in many branches of law enforcement, including the army;Legionnaire Ford was Buddy First Class in 1968 and was a consistent 25 member getter for many years; Legionnaire Barksdale was a member for many years, serving as needed, and Legionnaire Thornquist, another long time member, was a bugler of distinction in the old Drum and Bugle Corps.

April 1969

Commander Jones has arranged for an initiation Ceremony for next Monday night to be followed by late Marine Corps combat films presented by the Marine Corps Training Center. A covered dish supper will be served preceeding the meeting.
We now have two new members on the new city council-Travis LaRue and Joe Atkison-each of whom has more than 20 years consecutive membership in Travis Post 76.

We regret to report that since the last bulletin, life's sunset colors have faded for Milas Dyer and James Beard. Legionnaire Dyer died on March 13 after a long illness. He served in WWI. Legionnaire Beard died on March 23 from a heart attack following a group attempt to rescue four persons who drowned in Lake Travis that day. He served in WWII. And so two fine Legionnaires have been transferred to Post Everlasting in the Realm of Eternity by the Supreme Commander.

May 1969

Congratulations to Albert Davis, a long time member of Travis Post. Joe was recently honored by City Officials by having the name of Water Treatment Plant No. 2 changed to "Albert Davis Water Treatment Plant" in appreciation of his long service as superintendent of water distribution for the city and later as director of the water and sewer department for the City of Austin. Legionnaire Davis did a tour of duty as civilian consultant in Vietnam after his retirement from city employment.
Attorney Jay Wilkins, a member of this post, was named top winner in the Rose Society Show held in connection with the recent Flower Show at the Municipal Auditorium. His Montezuma entry was judged the most perfect rose specimen. Growing roses has long been a hobby of Legionnaire Wilkins and being a "Top Winner" at rose shows is not unusual for him; his rose garden is a real show place.

We regret to report the death on May 17 of Harry Ulit, a long time member of this post. Legionnaire Ulit was a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps in its heyday as state champions and national parade participants.

June 1969

Mr. Fagan Dickson, a prominent Austin attorney will address the Post membership on Monday on "The Mideast Crisis". This address will consider the 3 Semitic Faiths involved-Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as the military, economic and political factors. Oil also plays a prominent role. This address will be well worth your time. The Ladies Auxillary will serve a covered dish supper.

August 1969

Legion and Auxillary officers were installed at the post home in a joint meeting in August.
Department Commander Henry Hill of Kingsland will be guest of honor at our covered dish supper on Monday. We have invited the members of Post 83 to join us at the supper.
Plans are underway to recruit Vietnam veterans, have our clubroom at the Post home open daily, and let Travis County know we are a worthwhile and working service organization.

September 1969

Big doings are set for the Monday meeting. Covered dish supper followed by a program. Program Chairman Roger Tyler will present Ben Alley, Supervising Engineer on the Mopac project, who will give us authorative information on this new expressway. Don't pass up this opportunity to get the straight dope on Mopac.
Watch the news media. We are letting all veterans in this area know that we are a community service organization and want to them to join.
The club room at the Post home will be open evenings. Prospective members will have an opportunity to get acquainted and sign up. We will be adding some new furniture in the club room in the near future. We need volunteers from 4-10pm during the week.
The House and Grounds Committee is making a Fall inventory of needs to keep the Post Home in top condition. Inside and outside paint, plaster and glazing needs will be taken care of and the artillery pieces on the lawn will also get some sprucing up.
Keep in mind the big events ahead of us-Veterans Day, New Year's Eve. Oldtimers Night, Independence Day.
The 10th District Convention will be held in Luling on Sunday. Let's go over and enjoy the food and fellowship. Don O'Connor might have a special interest at this convention. Let's help our Buddy.

October 1969

The House and Grounds Committee has made real progress in its renovation program. Woodwork repairs have been completed and a contract for exterior painting is being negotiated. Purchase of new furniture for the club room is also being negotiated. We want you to be proud to show your Post home.
At our covered dish supper meeting we will hear a talk on Christopher Columbus by Lou Parker, State Executive Secretary of the Knights of Columbus.
The Veterans Day parade will be at 630pm on the 11th. The Auxillary will sell poppies on the 10th and 11th and the Past Commanders Breakfast will be on the 11th. Our big observance will be on the 10th. The highlight of our Veterans Day observance will be an address by Attorney General Crawford Martin.

December 1969

Our post had its Veterans Day observance on the 10th. Attorney General Crawford Martin was guest speaker and the event was well attended. Thanks to the many hard workers from the Legion and Auxillary who contributed so unselfishly. And thanks to those who took part in the parade and Memorial Services on the 11th. The Judges awarded a prize to Donald O'Connors car driven by Askel Hansen representing Post 76. Buddy Roberts did his big thing again. Auxillary poppy sales were a big success.
On December 2nd our Auxillary joined by the Post will motor to Temple Veterans Hospital Gift shop. A great project, the Gift Shop brings sunshine to our Buddies in the Hospital.
Our Appreciation Dinner for the Press will be on the 11th. Lt. Governor Ben Barnes will be guest speaker at this extravaganza.
Our annual Christmas party will be the 15th.

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