Travis Post 76 Newsletters 1920s to 1950s

May 1919

At a meeting of ex-soldiers held in the rooms of the Khaki Club Monday night a committee was appointed to formulate preliminary plans for an early organization of ex-soldiers in Travis County into a post to affiliate with the American Legion.
This committee will hold its first meeting next Friday at the rooms of the Khaki club.
The question of securing employment for ex-soldiers and reinstatement of ex-soldiers in places they left to enter the service called for a great deal of discussion and as soon as an organization is effected definite steps will be taken to bring about a satisfactory state of affairs.

August 1919

August 3,1919
Texas Soldiers Enjoy Womens Auxillary Treat
Deep Eddy Scene of Entertainment for Men of Travis Post
American Legion Men are Guests
Get Their "Chow" in Style of Army Days, Swim, Dance and Movies

The universe was turned back fully a year when when the Womens Auxillary of the Travis Post American Legion entertained returned soldiers and sailors at Deep Eddy with war-time hospitality Saturday afternoon and night.
Misses, hospitable matrons and soldier boys filed by long tables laden with ice cream, cake sandwiches and delicacies.
Hundreds took advantage of the first social event of the pioneer womens organization of its kind in Austin.
Swimming Starts Event
All returned service men were invited to be on hand at 6 o'clock to take part in the swim that preceded the picnic.
At 8 oclock the picnic supper was served.
Army life was brought home to the returned soldiers when they "lined up" to "come and get it".
The picnic was served in cafeteria style, the soldiers and their girlfriends filing past the tables getting first a fibre plate, a napkin and then sandwiches, eggs, ice cream and cake in turn.
On the "firing line" were the ladles of the Womens Auxillary representing the charter members of the first organization of its kind that has been organized in the United States.
Conversation in Past Tense
Conversation among the young women and men was all in the past tense in that the soldiers could talk only of what happened to them in the past.
Each soldier had his idea of the "worst hole in creation".
Some told of the way they "gold bricked" at various times.
Several soldiers got down "toot sweet" to tell of the "vinegar buck" and the "Oofs and petap de ump de tare" they consumed while eating in "frog restaurants".
After the "chow" was served and consumed-during which time appreciative young women listened to the oft-repeated little stories of bravery and disappointments "side slips","brushes"," props" and other facts of various kinds of war business.
Movies and Dance
When the "shades of night" fell sufficiently to enable the movie operator to get to work the men and girls gathered in front of the screen as they had on many occasions during the war for the regular YMCA shows, lectures and concerts.
Besserers band furnished the music for the dance given in Deep Eddy skating rink.
Contemplate Big Event
The women of the Auxillary were well pleased with the success of the event and they expressed great interest in the large celebration for returning soldiers to be given in Austin in early September for returned soldiers of all Travis County.
R.M. Currie, general secretary of the Travis Post of the American Legion took advantage of the occasion to add new members to Travis Post and invite more of them to come out to the meetings and social affairs that are planned.

September 1919

A meeting for the organization of Travis Post American Legion will be held Monday night in the district courtroom of the Travis County Courthouse. In order to affiliate with the national organization it is necessary for ex-soldiers, sailors and marines to gather and procure a charter.
Members want the organization running smoothly in time for the state convention at the Dallas State Fair in the fall. Delegates will be elected to attend the state convention of the American Legion but the meeting to select the delegates will not be held until certification is given by the post adjutant. The vice commander of this congressional district will attend Mondays meeting.
The post does not contemplate the erecting and maintaining of rooms at the present.

December 1920

An amendment to the constitution was adopted to the effect that the elections will be held in December. Dr. Scott, the newly elected Post commander, gave an address on the future work of the post and urged that he be given the cooperation of every member.
The Post raised quite a bit of money on Tag Day for the building of the American Legion Tubercular Hospital in Kerrville through the selling of tags.

Alvin Owsley is elected as the First National Commander from Texas.

November 1925

The Post and Auxillary were guests of honor along with the Federation of Womens Clubs at the Armistice Day Program at the Senate Chambers of the State Capitol. Music was furnished by the Ben Hur Shrine Band.
The American Legion is selling commemorative half dollars to help build the Texas Memorial Museum.

June 1937

The Travis Post Drum and Bugle Corps was the outstanding attraction at the Third Division convention recently. The Corps is now equipped with new uniforms and instruments and under the leadership of John McCutcheon. The Corps has assisted the University of Texas and the Civic Clubs of Austin as well as posts in the community on numerous occasions at dedication exercises.

July 1937

Fourth of July Celebration
The Post held a monster 3 day Independence Celebration at Zilker Park this July 3rd, 4th and 5th. The Austin American Statesman printed a special section devoted to covering the activities.
Among the events held were a parade, carnival, dance, band concert, dog,doll and pet parade, hog calling contest, cowboy contest, rolling pin throwing, polo, old fiddlers contest, baseball, a water pageant, water polo, wild west riding, a horse show,speeches and of course, fireworks.

Commander Bowman Reviews work of Post
The annual Fourth of July celebration was started by Travis Post 76 in 1934 with the idea of keeping the people of Austin at home and bringing out of town visitors to the Capitol city for the holidays. So successful were the results that the first year, with a crowd of some 25,000 people, that plans were made to make this an annual affair and in this we have had the hearty cooperation of the entire city adminstration.
It has been our aim to have at least one day of continuous free entertainment, as varied as possible, so as to appeal to all classes of the public in general.
Our Drum and Bugle Corps is in demand for many more engagements than it is possible to make as our services are given free. It held the Department Championship for three consectuvie years, and the entire post has great hopes of recapturing the championship at the San Angelo convention in August. If successful, the Corps will be sent to the National Convention in New York in September.
Boy Scout Troop 15 has been sponsored by this post for many years and for 15 years Todd Ford has been the scoutmaster of the troop. There is no way to determine the amount of influence for good citizenship that may be attributed directly to Mr. Ford and his work with these boys, but without a doubt it must be enormous.
An American Legion junior baseball team has been sponsored by this post since 1931 and Roger Powell has been the coach and director of this activity. Our teams have twice represented Texas at regional meets at New Orleans and once at Little Rock. These were great trips for a bunch of youngsters, most of them had never been inside a Pullman. The purpose of this junior baseball is to teach these young fellows to play hard, but fair, to be good losers as well as good winners and to exemplify the real traits of good sportsmanship at all times, thereby laying the foundation of good citizenship.
School award medals have been given for several years the outstanding boy and girl of the junior high schools. These awards are based on scholarship, character, leadership, honor and service, and the selcetions are made by the faculty of the two schools.

October 1938

At the recent meeting of the Travis Post 76 Drum and Bugle Corps, Manager Francis called for an election of a new manager to replace himself. He expressed his appreciation to Director McCutcheon and the corps for their support and cooperation during the year and gave a very good summary of the activities engaged in by the Corps which was climaxed by our winning the State Championship and going to the National Convention at Los Angeles to represent the Department of Texas. Francis said he was sorry to have missed this last trip but was glad to hear the corps had performed in such a creditable manner.

May 1942

A Memorial Day Ceremony was held at Wooldrige park with Major Horace Shelton representing Travis Post 76. Our Color Guard, under the direction of Adjutant J.E. McClain presented the colors. The Travis Post Corps played "To The Colors","TAPS" and "Echo".

August 1945

The Regional Six Championship Tournament for American Legion Junior Baseball will be held here in Austin this month at House Park. Buddy J.E. McClain is the State Chairman of Junior Baseball. Teams from Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma will compete for the title.

August 1948

Commander Kellum says "A regrettable feature of our democracy is the failure of so many people to exercise their right of franchise. As an example, in the recent primary we had the largest vote ever polled in Texas, yet there were more qualified voters who did not vote than there were participating. Every citizen, regardless of economic or social station in life is equally charged with the responsibility of selecting our public officials and each of us should be eager to exercise that privilege. As I write this, I am wondering if our membership of 800 plus is going to permit a very small minority to nominate and elect the new post officials; are you satisfied that they should?
The Burial Detail has done a remarkably fine job with a little cooperation from the membership as a whole. The least we can do is see that these comrades who died in service on foreign soil are given a proper burial on the return of their remains and every member, regardless of any other post activity, should feel an individual responsibility for the success of this assignment. Thanks are due particularly to Horace Shelton, Adolph Hohertz and Alton Fischer for the fine job they are doing in this connection.
The 4th of July Celebration made a little money in spite of the very bad weather. Every time activities would get under way, another big shower would come along and scatter the crowd, with some features having to be eliminated entirely. Again a small number of members tried to do this job for the rest of us, and the thanks of the post should go to each one of them.
This week will determine whether the Buddies will still be contenders in the junior baseball program. As winners in District 26 and having defeated District 25 (Fredricksburg) they next meet District 28 (San Antonio) for the championship of Division 7. Watch the newspapers for the time and place of further contests. Every Legionnaire should attend these games if possible.
The Primaries disclosed that quite a number of the candidates were former service men, but did you notice that only a few of them are known to be members of veterans organizations? Also, that many of those comparatively few were inactive members? Next election we should have qualified, active Legionnaires in all races possible.
The State Convention will be in Corpus Christi in September.

September 1948

Commander Kellum says: If you haven't participated this last year in the work of one or more of the committees which, to a great extent do the actual work of the American Legion, it is either your fault in not being present more often, or my fault in not knowing what type or field of the Legions activities you are most interested in. Work on these committees can result in a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to its members. I know Chairman George Staultz and the members of his Athletic Committee had a wonderful time of it in putting over the Regional Junior Baseball Series just concluded.
Travis Post should be proud of its junior baseball team which recently won the Regional Tournament at Disch Field in competition with the state champions of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana and thereby became the first Texas team to ever win the Regional crown. They left Austin August 26th for Charleston, S.C., with a record of 26 wins and no losses, to compete in the Sectional Tournament which is the National semi-finals. This tournament began August 30th. In the recent state finals at Paris, they defeated Adamson of Dallas two straight and it was this team that put the Buddies out of the State finals last year, so revenge was sweet, indeed. This is a remarkably fine bunch of boys, morally clean and real sportsmen, exemplifying truly the real purpose of the American Legion junior baseball. No finer person than Toney Burger could be found anywhere to lead and coach this bunch of youngsters and the post is fortunate, indeed, that his services have been available for several years. George Stautz as chairman of this committee has rendered exceptional service in handling the business details over the rough road from district play to Regional champions.
The State Convention is just a few days off. Travis Post Drum and Bugle corps will again find keen competition from the Brownsville Corps which is managed by B. J. Rupert, a former member of this post.

December 1948

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
The officers of Travis Post 76 extend to all members seasons felicitations.
The desire for "Peace on Earth;good will toward men" is uppermost in the minds and hearts of every Christian man and woman the world over.
The outlook is none too bright. One selfish, ruthless, ungodly nation lustful for power and domination of those peoples who do not subscribe to its false and dangerous doctrines, which would destroy the right to live in peace in a free world, is threatening another World War.
We all join in a prayer the crisis may pass with honor to our nation.
The American Legion stands for "God and Country".
"For God" means that this Christmas Day and for the coming year and every year loyal Legionnaires should set an example of Christian living in their communities daily practice the fundamental concepts of religion as exemplified in the life and teaching of Christ Jesus. "Charity for all; malice and none".
"For Country" an obligation to practice good progressive citizenship; to rededicate our lives and our hearts to those eternal principles of Liberty, Justice and Equality for which our members have followed the Stars and Stripes on battlefields all over the world; to renew our pledge of allegiance to the Government of the United States, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to the American way of life; freedom of enterprise and equal opportunties to all.

Father and Son Night
It is planned soon to have a Father and Son night. Many of the oldtimers have seen that their sons have joined the Legion. There are others who have sons which are eligible. It is urged that all these come out and join. Fathers, who served in World War I must be very proud to see their sons, who served in world War II taking over actively in the affairs of the Post. On the same night the Auxillary might have a Mother and Daughter night.
Drum and Bugle Corps
Although the Corps did not score at the National Convention at Miami it had plenty of publicity and gave fine publicity to Travis Post. A picture of the corps appeared in the daily papers at Miami and twice in the Texas Legion News.
The Corps has resumed the regular weekly practice, much interest is being shown. The tooters and tappers are out again to win the state championship.
Commanders Message
Buddies: The coming year means that if Travis Post 76 is to accomplish the program outlined elsewhere it will require cooperation and hard work by every member of the Post.
The Commander must depend for success upon the activities of the various committees. These committees in turn must depend upon the individual members to get behind them and help carry the ball. The various Post Committees are:Membership,Boy Scout,Entertainment,House and Grounds, Legal,Ways and Means,Athletics,Americanism,Sons of the Legion,Drum and Bugle Corps, Finance and Audit.
I am very humble indeed when I contemplate what must be done and try to plan how it can be done. It is your Post. Its success or failure reflects your interest or lack of interest.
There should be a much larger membership. For many years the Post was always in the "Big Ten". There is no good reason why it should not be so again.
The Post must not forget our Auxillary. These splendid women are beginning a new year of work,and need the help of every Legionnaire. I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Auxillary for the splendid Poppy sale they just completed. It was a job well done. I feel very grateful to them.
The Post has ever been recognized in the Department of Texas as one of the great Posts, carrying forward the fine program set by the National Department.
I want your advice and your assistance. Feel free to make suggestions for the betterment of our great organization, on the floor of the Post or to me privately.
I hereby again re-pledge myself to do everything in my power to bring about worthwhile accomplishments. Let every "Buddy" do the same.
Adolph Hohertz

Soldiers Memorial Field is under way
Several weeks ago, at the suggestion of Major Horace Shelton, the City of Austin set aside a plot in Memorial Cemetary for the exclusive burial of the soldiers of all wars. Provision was made for 100 single grave sites.
Work in grading and beautifying this plot is now under way by the City engineering department.
The location is in the northwest portion of the Cemetary on one of the highest spots. This site will be graded and beautified by proper landscaping and planting of trees. The four corners will be marked by artillary caisson and masonry pillars.
Bert Giesecke, Past Commander of the Department of Texas and of Travis Post, will prepare plans for the entrance which will be in the nature of a memorial for all war dead. It will include insets of the pillars with the insignia of the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Corps in bronze
It has been suggested that this plot be called "Soldiers Memorial Field". If you have a better suggestion for a name submit it to Major Shelton.

Scouts to be Reactivated
Boy Scout Troop No.15, which has ever been the pride of Travis Post, has been dormant for several months.
Steps are being taken to put new life in it. Rueben Roundtree, Scout Master, has done a fine job but has not had the cooperation and support needed.
Ernest Gaye, now with the Highway Department, has accepted the position of Assistant Scout Master. He is an old scouter and will be of great assistance.
The Post Boy Scout Committee has pledged full cooperation with the Scout Master and his assistant.

Ladies Auxillary
As the Legion has so graciously offered us a space in their bulletin, for our Auxillary news, I, as President of the organization wish to take this means of expressing my thanks to all fellow workers, both in the Legion and the Auxillary for their cooperation and assistance in our work.
Poppy Sale Big Success
As you know, we have just completed a most successful "Poppy Sale", having sold 10,000 poppies under the able assistance of our Poppy Chairman, Mrs. Lois Fugler, and our most sincere thanks are again given to her for all she has done on this job. We made a good profit on this sale, one half of which was given to the Legion for use in their Welfare Work. We greatly appreciate all the help that was given us to out this sale over by our own Auxillary members, the Red Jackets, and the Legionnaires.
McCloskey Gifts Beautiful
We also wish to thank all members and friends for the most wonderful selection of Christmas gifts which we received and which have been sent to McCloskey Hospital, as we certainly did receive the nicest gifts and I know the Boys will all be proud of them. Several of our members also went to the Hospital to assist in the gift shop work.
Eligibles Invited
I should like to extend an invitation to all Wives, Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters of every Legionnaire as well as those eligible through the loss of a loved one during the great wars to become a member of our great organization as we need each and every one of you to put our program over.
Eight et Forty Give Greetings
It is with pride and pleasure that we, of the Blue Bonnet Salon, Eight et Forty, send Christmas greetings to our fellow workers in the American Legion. As the Yuletide Season approaches, let us remember those less fortunate than ourselves and re-dedicate our services "For God and Country".
Don't Miss Big Christmas Party
The annual Christmas party of the Post Auxillary will be held at the Post Home. An unusually fine program has been arranged. Joe Dacy will be MC. Fat and funny Santa Claus will be there to delight all in handing out presents.The music will be furnished by the Rosedale quartette. Captain James Lemon of the Salvation Army will give a magic show. He is a real wizard and the grownups as well as the children will be delighted and mystified by his acts. Come and be accompanied by the little folks. All persons attending are requested to bring a small present.
La Societe des 40 et 8 Voiture Locale No. 175
The Voiture has 25 paid up members for 1949. As no report has been made it is not possible to state the number of Legion members secured.
Remember that you are a good Legionnaire or you would not have been honored by being asked to join the Honor Society, show you are worthy of the Honor you received by the number of Legion Members you have secured.
Honor that is not deserved is indeed empty, do not let the honor you have received be undeserved.
The strength of the Legion and the 40 & 8 is judged by the number of paid up members each has for 1949. Each Voyageur promised to be an active member of the Legion and do all in his power to assist in the work of the Legion. No one can help by staying at home and letting "George" do it. Remember your word as a member of the Honor Society of the American Legion, let me ask you to work hard in your Voiture and in your Post.
L.L.B. Hofer, Buddie
Grand Chef de Gare
3rd Division of Texas

July 1949

Our annual Independence Day Celebration will be held at Zilker Park July 3, 4, and 5.
Among the events planned are a concert by our Drum and Bugle Corps and Stunt Band, a square dance festival, carnival, a midget circus, model airplane races, diving exhibition, a singsong, checker player contest, bicycle races, old fiddlers contest, games and races and model race cars, a concert by the Austin Municipal Band, a patriotic program and fireworks.

September 1949

Joint installation of the officers of Travis Post and Unit 76 were held at the Legion Home at the September meeting. The meeting was called to order by retiring commander Adolph Hohertz and Joe Dacy gave the address of welcome. Then followed a number of songs by the Austin Mens Chorus, directed by Conrad Fath. Mrs. Fischer, retiring president, then assumed charge and gave a resume of the Units activities. Mrs. Francis, past division vice-president, installed the Unit officers. Then followed the installation of the post officers by Department Commander Joe Spurlock, assisted by Past Department Commander Bertram Giesecke, with R.H.Francis acting as installing sergeant at arms. Past Department Commander Ed Reidel presented the post commanders button to Commander Hofer. Excellent and interesting addresses were made by Mrs. Rita Breaux, Department President of the Auxillary, and by Department Commander Spurlock.
Among other visitors present were Mrs. Jane Rishworth, Department Secretary-Treasurer of the Auxillary and 10th District Commander Meiling and Vice Commander Parker.
Three past Grand Chefs de Gare were present along with Department Adjutant Ward Moody and others.

October 1949

Paul and Ruth Bowman of this post attended the 6th District Legion Convention at Hubbard on Sunday where Mrs. Bowman was a speaker on the Auxillary program.
L.L.B.Hofer, Adolph Hohertz, J.E.McClain and Paul Bowman of Post 76 were guests of the Taylor Post at their annual dinner and installation.

November 1949

The annual Armistice Day Observance is always the highlight of November and was observed as usual this year. For the first time in history, the general chairman of the parade was a World War II man; Leslie Phares of Capitol City Post 316 and he did a spendid job. The parade was one of the best in years. Along with the veterans and servicemen were hundreds of uniformed bandsmen from various schools as well as the Ben Hur Shrine Band, the Travis Post Drum and Bugle Corps, and the color guard of Post 76. The parade was witnessed by thousands of spectators. Members of Travis Post 76, Capitol City Post 316, University Post 485 and Austin Womens Post 639 were present at the ceremony. The annual Past Post Commanders breakfast was held at the Driskill Hotel with Eugene Sanders, again chairman for that activity, with several guests from other posts. The annual Ex-Service peoples luncheon was served at the Driskill Hotel with Joe Dacy as chairman. The entertainment was good and Congressman Homer Thornberry made a splendid address.

December 1949

"Democracy Beats Communism Day" on December 7th was held this month. Activities included a radio address by Governor Shivers, and ceremonies at the Post Home.
The annual Christmas Party will be held at the post home this month. Members are asked to bring inexpensive gifts. The climax of the nights entertainment will be the appearance of a Santa Claus who will distribute the gifts. Other entertainment includes accordion numbers by Edward Boesse, music by Buddy Jerome McClain on the steel guitar and group singing by Joe Dacy.
A film produced by the Army Signal Corps about the Nurenberg Trials will be shown at Hogg Auditorium. Post 76 and University Post 485 are co-sponsors of this event.

January 1950

The Post is participating in the "Tides of Toys" program sponsored by National Headquarters and plugged by radio columnist Drew Pearson. The pupose is to send all unused or available toys to the chidren of Europe.
The Army film on the Nurnberg trials was shown at Hogg Auditorium to a crowd of about 800. Buddy Hardy Hollers, who assisted with the preparation of evidence for the trials, made a few introductory remarks preceeding the showing of the picture.
A United States Flag was presented to the Juvenile Court Room at the Travis county Juvenile Home by Commander Hofer on behalf of the Post and was accepted by District Judge Harris Gardener.
Adolph Hohertz has been appointed Chairman of the Sea Scouts Committee. Plans are in the works for the improvement of the lower portion of the grounds with the idea of having a parade grounds for the Corps and a recreation field for the neigborhood.

February 1950

The Post has been handling the street work in promoting the March of Dimes and has raised a good amount for this project.
Post 76 has authorized the presenting of the markmanship medals to the University ROTC. These medals are known as "Travis Post Medals" and are awarded each year.
Members of this post, who are also members of Voiture 175, 40 & 8, had prominent parts in assisitng with the First Annual Pilgrimage to the French Merci boxcar conducted by the Grand Voiture of Texas, La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux this month.

March 1950

At the March 20th meeting, Q.C.Taylor, an early day commander of this post but now a member of Post 316, presented charts and an explanatory talk on the selective service setup in Texas.
He was accompanied by his son, Kerns Taylor, the present commander of Post 316.
The post has decided to send two boys to the annual Boys State program. We have also authorized the purchase of the necessary flags to decorate all graves on Decoration Day.

April 1950

James Noton, chairman of the Junior baseball committee, reports that the post will sponsor one team this year and that Toney Burger will be the coach.
Vince Taylor was elected 10th District Commander at the convention in Taylor last April 16th, and thus becomes the first WWII member to hold the office. While a member of the Smithville Post, he served as Department Judge Advocate and is very qualified to assume this responsibility. At the convention, Paul Bowman, Past Commander of the 3rd Division introduced the distinguished guests. A BBQ was held at noon and members listened to music by the Travis Post 76 Drum and Bugle Corps.

May 1950

The drill field between the flag pole and the river has been completed. The Post expresses its thanks to Holland Page, road contractor and County Commissioner Gault for the donation of equipment. The field will also be used by the Recreation Department for play ground purposes of the kids of the neighborhood.
The Drum and Bugle Corps and the Stunt Band furnished entertainment at the 11th District Convention at Rockdale on May 7th.
Adolph Hohertz, chairman of the Graves Decoration committee reports that all the graves of record have been decorated with a U.S. flag on May 27th and 28th.

June 1950

Harvey Young reports that a successful fund raising dance was given by the Drum and Bugle Corps at the Avalon Dinner Club. The money will be used by the Corps as State Convention Funds.
Adolph Hohertz, the first WWII Commander of the Post and now serving as chaplain, has married in June. Adolph has been one of the hardest working members of the post ever since he became a member.

July 1950

At the July 10th meeting, our two Boys State delegates reported on their experiences. Both were appreciative of the opportunity given them and expressed the opinion that it was a very worthwhile program of the Legion.
The Post has voted to contribute $500 towards the Memorial Monument to be erected by the Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
District Commander Vince Taylor reports that he installed the post officers at San Marcos during July.
Uvel V. Ives has been employed to succeed Homer Nichols as custodian of the post property.
The Post has expressed its appreciation to Comrade Nichols for his long and faithful service to the Post as custodian of our property.

August 1950

Post officers for 1951 were elected at the August meeting after a BBQ dinner. Department Adjutant G. Ward Moody was present at the election meeting and addressed the Post on the current projects of the Legion.
The Drum and Bugle Corps will attend the Department Convention in Galveston.

September 1950

The Drum and Bugle Corps won second prize and parade at the Galveston Convention.
The new officers will be installed in October and Harry McGee will provide a "dutch-treat" BBQ for the meeting.

October 1950

Post officers were installed this month by Past Department Commander Ed Reidel. Preceeding the installation a "dutch treat" BBQ was served to the guests. The Auxillary gave a Halloween Dance which was well attended and enjoyed by the large number in attendance.
At the recent 10th District Convention in Lockhart, the Drum and Bugle Corps provided music.
District Commander Vince Taylor called the meeting to order and Past 3rd Division Commander Paul Bowman conducted the initiation of new members.

November 1950

The Armistice Day Parade was splendid this year. A Past Commanders Breakfast was held and in the evening the Ex-service peoples BBQ was attended. The Auxillary reported on the sale of the poppies and presented a check to the Service Officer for the Welfare Fund.

December 1950

The Post joined with Department officials in the program "Operation Democracy" in December with a program broadcast from the south steps of the State Capitol, with District Commander Vince Taylor as MC and Governor Shivers, a member of the Legion, as the speaker. This post made its colors and a number of chairs available for use at the program.
A Christmas party was held this month and at the December 11th meeting an initiation was conducted.

January 1951

The Sea Scout Committee reports that the troop we sponsor has about 14 members at present with more boys desiring to join.
At the January 15 meeting Byron Lockhart addressed a joint meeting of the Post and Auxillary on the Bar Associations program of Responsibilities, Obligations and Duties of the citizen.
This month the Post conducted a street collection for the March of Dimes.

February 1951

The Post has voted to sponsor a small circus in March.
The Auxillary will have dances on February 12 and 24.
Edna Lou Callan, now a member of this Post and a former Commander of University Post 485 has donated certain framed citations of Post 485 to hang on the our Post walls.

March 1951

The American Legion Birthday Party will be held on the 12th with birthday cake and other refreshments to be furnished by the Auxillary.
The Post has passed a resolution authorizing the Grand Voiture of Texas to place permanently on the grounds of this Post the French Merci Boxcar now in their possession.

April 1951

A dance will be held on the 21st with the receipts going to the Cancer Society.
The Kelly-Morris Circus was held last month and was said to be a success.
The Gold Star Mothers ceremonies will be held on the 11th to turn on the memorial fountain at 11th and Colorado Streets.

May 1951

The skipper of Ship 15, Sea Scouts has been called to active military service and a replacement is needed to conduct the upcoming bivouac.
On the 7th Judge Harris Gardner of the 53rd District Court will address a joint meeting of the Post and Auxillary on Jury Service.
The Post will present ROTC awards at the University of Texas on the 16th.
Our athletic director James Noton has been called into active military service and J.O.Prowse has been appointed to suceed him.

June 1951

Chairman Hohertz reports that there was a pretty fair turnout to decorate the graves on Decoration Day and expresses his thanks for the assistance of those who participated.
The Travis Post Drum and Bugle Corps performed at the 11th District Convention at Marlin in May. Charlie Marek reports a fine response from the crowd.
Hardy Hollers reports the thanks to the Post from the Marine Mothers and Fathers Club of Austin for the use of the home for a meeting place.
The City of Austin sponsored a parade welcoming the return of the 27th Fighter wing from duty in Korea. Horace Shelton was parade marshal and J.E. McClain was in charge of securing the necessary cars.

July 1951

George Reid reports that the 4th of July Celebration was a very big job and that the co-operation of a small group of post members enabled it to be put over in good style.
Election of officers will be held this month with a "dutch treat" BBQ to be held before the meeting.

August 1951

This Posts entry in the State Junior Baseball Program, the "Buddies", won the State Championship in Lubbock, the Regional meet at Baton Rouge and then went on to play at Sumpter, S.C. where they won the first two games before being eliminated. The Post is indebted to Coach Toney Burger to an extent that can hardly be repaid. for a number of years he has contributed his services generously to this program.
Department Commander Charlie Gibson will visit this Post on the 27th as his first official visit to any post since his election as Department Commander.

November 1951

Dr. Grayson Gwyn will be installed as the new Commander of Post 76 this month. This installation completes the merger of University Post 485, Capitol City Post 316 and Austin Womens Post 639 with Post 76. The installing officer will be F.W.Mieling of Brenham, Commander of the Third Division.
The Post will devote the month of November to observance of Americanism Appreciation Week.
Each week in November will be devoted to extolling one of the basic pillars of the American way of life-religion, education, economics and government-to develop a greater appreciation of these American blessings. Inspiring posters will be displayed in store windows on on factory and office bulletin boards, and in schools and all public buildings. The schedule will include the week of November 2 to 8 being devoted to religious freedom and freedom of worship; the week of November 9 to 15, education tying in with American Education Week; week of November 16, free enterprise system of American life, and week of November 23 to 30, the right of every American to vote will be emphasized.
An appeal to all patriotic citizens to wear a poppy on Poppy Day in memory of those who have given their lives in Americas defense has been issued by the Commander. Memorial poppies will be sold on the streets throughout the day by members of the Auxillary. Poppy contributions will go for the aid of disabled war veterans and needy children of veterans. With young Americans again dying in defense of the principles of freedom for which America stands, and with our country again mobilizing to prevent new aggression and war, it is fitting that every American remember those who have given their lives in the nations service by wearing their flower, the memorial poppy on Poppy Day. Wearing a poppy is the way to show that he honors the memory of the nations war dead. While honoring the dead, we should also think of those who are disabled as a result of their war service, and the children of the dead and disabled who are in need because of their fathers sacrifices. Contributions made in exchange for poppies will bring help and hope to these living victims of Americas war. Everyone should be generous as his means permit when he puts on a memorial poppy.

December 1951

The 10th District Convention will take place at Smithville on Sunday. Assistant Attorney General Vince Taylor will preside as 10th District Commander. Paul Bowman will conduct a mass initiation of new Legion members as a feature of the Sunday morning program. A BBQ will be served at noon, after which the Travis Post 76 Drum and Bugle Corps will provide music.
The Post and Auxillary are planning a Christmas party and dance this month. Santa Claus will arrive to visit the children and distribute gifts. Christmas carols will be led by Harry Rather. A dance specialty from Bubbles Welch Dance Studio and a magic show will be presented. Refreshments will be served. Members are are asked to bring a small gift. Tree trimming at 3pm.

December 1953

Commander Taylor Issues Christmas Message
With the coming of Christmas we have a lot to be thankful for in Travis Post 76. Getting off to an early start with our Installation in mid-August, we have started rolling and have taken part in a number of worthy community events. We have taken care of the needy, organized a real Burial Team under the guidance of Buddy Hofer, started planning a long range improvements and construction program; honored the Korean POW; contributed to a solicitation Ordinance which action under the efforts of Buddies McClain and Kellum won the commendation of the Mayor; started a drive for a real and permanent Veterans Day for November 11th, presented Old Glory to Travis High (thanks to Elmo Torn and Augie Schulz), started a real Americanism program under the leadership of Ed Reidel, braved some fund-raising schemes under Dr. Grayson Gwyn, started a regular bulletin with the help of Paul Cook, and done a number of other worthy projects.
We are ever grateful to the faithful ladies of our Auxillary who are so gracious and so ready to assist and inspire us.
Beginning January 1st, we have ahead of us the real work of the Legion; commencing with the Post Officers Conference, we have ahead of us some real community service; we have our rehabilitation program, our Americanism and observance of patriotic days, Oratorical contest, Boy Scouts, Junior Baseball, Boys State, our District and Division Conventions, and the many other activities which mark the usefullness of a Legion Post in a community. Too, we have ahead of us an improvements construction program which needs immediate action.
Merry and Christ-blessed Christmas, and a very happy and abundant New Year to each and every one of you.

Covered Dish Supper
This is a special invitation to Legion Members! Please invite your wife, mother, sister or daughter to prepare and bring a covered dish to our Legion Home. Coffee and dishes furnished. We all dine together and perhaps have time for a few Christmas Carols before our meeting starts.

Voiture Locale 175 Prepare For Annual Pilgrimage
The Forty and Eighters of Travis County Voiture Locale held their regular December promenade at the Legion Home on Dam Boulevard the first Tuesday of this month.
The Voyageurs Militaire were treated to a waffles super prepared by Voyageur Uel Ives with able assistance of his wife. Fifteen voyageurs braved the heavy rainfall to attend the promenade.
Voyageur Manley Williams drove all the way from Victoria.
After the waffle supper the regular promenade was held and plans for the Annual pilgimage to the Merci Boxcar in February were discussed.
Chef de Gare Eric Anderson appointed various committees for the Pilgimage. Manley Williams was appointed the High Sheriff to have jurisdiction over the P.G.s who will be initiated into the Forty and Eight at Pilgrimage.
A parade will feature the Spring promenade and Judge Roy Bean will deal out justice and collect fines for those who are guilty and of course no body is innocent in this court.
The proceeds from the fines levied by Judge Roy Bean will go to the March of Dimes or other charity campaign which may be in process at the time of the Pilgrimage.
This years pilgrimage is expected to draw a large number of Voyageurs Militaire from over the State. Voitures having Locomotives and Boxcars will be asked to bring them to the Pilgimage.
San Antonios Voiture will bring their train and gondolas.
Voyageur Adolph Hohertz is State chairman of the Pilgrimage. Travis Posts Stunt Band will be asked to furnish music for this occasion.

Eugene Saunders to Head Past Commanders Club
Organization of the Past Post Commanders Club was completed Tuesday on the anniversary of Armistice Day as past commanders of Post 76 staged their annual breakfast at the Driskill Hotel.
Eugene Saunders was elected president; Alton Fischer, vice-president, and J.E. McClain, secretary.
Since all American Legion posts in Austin have consolidated with the Traivis County Post, all leaders of Post 316 were invited to Tuesdays meeting.
Today, we mourn the passing of one of our life members in Travis Post, the late Capt. John Erwin Stulken, who was called from this earth, to his Heaven Home on December 6, 1953.
His warm hands, and kind heart will be missed by his friends and comrades. May we express our sincere sympathy to the family.

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